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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Before I go into a few reviews...
Yes, I still have a few more review posts coming up.
Before you accuse me of only blogging when I have product reviews to share, I shall bribe you with my handsome Hikaru.

Hikaru is changing coat very slowly so he is not very handsome!
I still love him, hurhurhur.
Most important thing is that he gets healthier soon!
I have no idea why but he knows he must pee at the pee tray yet he likes to sleep with his upper half of the body on the pee tray and the lower half on his mattress -_-
Super annoying because he is like lying on his pee!

Since most of my pictures were taken for sponsored post, I don't have much "spare" shots.
Have I shared some of my old drawings from my Polytechnic days yet?
Okay, I will just throw them in.

Back when I was still into Kpop and 2pm.

Wooyoung [still my favourite!]



When Jaebum was already out of 2PM, but the fans still did a chibi version of him if he were in.

I drew this before I quitted my job at Build a bear workshop.

Don't know why I drew this.

This was done during my intern-ship at my workplace, lol.

This too... Okay so I drew and slacked during my intern-ship but I still managed to become the first student (in their history) sent to the company to receive an "A" so don't judge me! Quality and action speaks louder okay!

I think this was done during the 3rd year in Poly.

I think I drew these because the day before I was watching some anime with lotsa cakes... Maybe it was Antique Bakery? [Yes, that's yaoi.]

Okay can, abrupt ending for you.


Himeko x Hikaru
So cute >w<&#9829;
Zuly|2012/08/26 1:48 AM|
Thank you!
Himeko|2012/08/28 1:29 AM|

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