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[Sponsored] Glomax Aesthetics
Hi lovelies~
I was invited by Hazel on behalf of Glomax Aesthetics to try their services.
Thank you Hazel for being incredibly patient with me despite me rescheduling many times due to many last minute appointments of mine.
[P.S Read till the end for a special promo code!]

I like the ambience; It is not very big but feels very cosy.
I actually prefer smaller establishments as compared to those bigger ones; feels more homely.

The staffs were all very friendly and all smiles, making me feel very welcomed.

Upon arrival, I was given a very detailed and thorough consultation.
The main problem with my face is the abundant white and black heads.
Not edited, no make up, close up shot of my face with all my problems!

Basically, blackheads are very visible on the surface of our skin because when the impurities emerge, they oxidise, giving them the black colour and therefore known as blackheads.
White heads lie beneath our skin surface, therefore we cannot see them with our eyes.
We concluded the consultation with the decision to go ahead with the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment [SGD $150] for my visit  that day.
^the white/ yellowish part is the whitehead while the brownish part on the left is the blackhead.

The treament is said to be suitable for problem skin with congested pores and acne, starting with a sonic cleansing that gently lifts impurities and dirt off skin surface before the problem areas are healed with a mild antiseptic high frequency. Combined with acne IPL to rebalance the sebum level, problem skin will dramatically clear up after each session.

I was led into the treatment room to change.

I really like the set up of their room. There are 2 beds in each room but fret not; privacy is retained as there are curtains that will be drawn to give you your personal space.

The walls are pretty too! Can you spot the flowers and birds?
I was given a big cabinet with key to keep my clothes and other personal belongings.

I went without makeup, just sunblock. Okay please don't scream upon seeing this as I did not edit the picture, just watermarked it.

Before the treatment, my therapist, Peishan, did a double cleanse for my face with foam and then milk to remove the sunblock and any other dirt that might be present.
First part of the treatment - Sonic Cleansing.
This was not really painful, I just felt like something was scrapping against my skin surface. I was expecting something a little more painful but I will give it a 4/10 [my pain threshold is probably different from yours though].
Look at the amount of dirt and impurities on my skin surface!

Okay, a bit gross but have to show you the effective results!

That was just the tip of the iceberg.
Then came the extraction.

I have to be completely honest here; it hurts very very badly, nothing I've done to my face hurts this much! I will say rate the pain 8/10! I was quite shocked but I gritted my teeth and went through with the whole thing without stopping Pei shan [yes, if the pain is too much for you to take, you can always stop the therapist any time.] I thought "since I am here, just do it and give my face a good cleaning" and survived!
Look at the sneaky dirt lying beneath my skin!

Right after the extraction, this was how my face looked. [not edited]
^ Very red, swollen and bumpy.

After the extraction, they did IPL for my face which did not hurt at all. They said that I might feel a warm sensation and if I feel uncomfortable or painful I can always stop them. Pain for this will probably be... 1/10? I really didn't feel anything except for very mild warmness. The IPL was done to kill any bacteria and rebalance the sebum level in my skin.
I was quite worried after the extraction because my face looked terrible!
Putting my worries aside, I allowed them to proceed with the next step of the treatment - mask time.

I can't remember what mask mine was but Peishan told me that the mask they do for their customers can differ from one another as they are chosen according to everyone's needs. The mask felt quite good on my skin as it was cold, very soothing for my very raw feeling skin after the extraction.

After the mask, my skin looked a lot less angry!

The redness and bumpiness went down completely in about 2 days.
I'm terribly forgetful to take my after shots but I was really wow-ed by my experience there!
After the bumps and redness went away, I took a good look at my skin and it looked so much cleaner! Many tiny bumps were gone and black heads on my nose were completely cleared.
I am honestly considering to go back again for another treatment to continue purging and maintain my skin.
It really feels super good to see all that disgusting dirt being purged and my skin looking a lot cleaner.

Oh yes, they sell the products they use for you too!
I did spot make up there too~

A familiar product I saw that day - Revitalash [eyelash serum]

Did I mention their tea tasted really good?

Here's a treat just for my readers:

Quote "Himeko Blog" and you can enjoy the above treatment for just SGD $68 instead of the usual SGD $150! 
That's about a 55% discount! I wish I can quote this for my second treatment but... this code is for you guys only~

Here are the information you will need when you want to make an appointment:

Glomax Aesthetics
12 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059819 
Telephone Number: (65) 6225-5193

Guys and girls, I highly recommend you to go for the treatment that I received! You can really see the results and skin condition improving significantly!
I cannot stress enough that facial is not "just for girls!" Guys, you will be surprised to know that we girls actually prefer guys who give a damn about how they look and we don't mind you putting on make up and dressing up (we actually prefer you to do that.) 

Take pride in how you look and present yourself; start feeling better today!


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