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[Sponsored] Leaders Insolution Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit & Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
Hello guys,
Remember I blogged about Leaders Insolution event the other time and how their products were developed by a team of dermatologist [how reassuring!]

I have 2 new products from them and they are
1. Leaders Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit [SGD $15.90/box]

2. Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch [SGD $15.90/box]

Let's do this one by one, yes?
I will start off with No. 1, the Leaders Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit.

There are 10 nose strips per box and a tube of pore tightening serum

I use it once every 2/3 days.
Basically, what you do is you first apply the nose strip on wet nose

This is how the strip should look on your nose

After about 10 minutes [when you can feel the pore strip dry and slightly harden], remove it and apply the pore tightening serum.

What happens in step 1 [nose strip] is that your black/white heads are removed from your nose.
Then at step 2, you tighten the now "empty/cleared" pores with the pore tightening serum to prevent dirt from filling the pore up quickly again.

Effectiveness of this against other pore strips I've tried: 9/10.
I can really see the blackheads on my nose becoming visibly lesser! 
This was how the nose strip look before use:

This picture was taken before using the pore strip
^ I've used about 5 strips by the time I took this picture, therefore you can see my nose is quite free of blackheads.
I thought I won't be able to capture anything on the pore strip when used in that state but...
^ Still have some stuff to be pulled!

My nose looking red after pulling the strip off~

I still have about 2 strips left and lots of the serum! I will probably continue using the serum on my nose after I've finished the pore strips. I will definitely want to repurchase this product!

Now let's move on to the Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy patch.

There are 5 packs in each box, so far I've used 2 packs.

I am lazier when it comes to things like mask, much less can be said for eye products - I honestly do not use eye products, never used any eye mask before!

Therefore, this eye mask is my very first eye mask used and so I have nothing to compare it against. 

But just look at the impressive ingredients:

That's right, dermatologist tested once again and own 2 international patents!

That being said, my rating for this will be 9/10.

I've been sleeping around 6-7am everyday for the last 2 weeks but I still can't seem to get terrible dark circles or eyebags for photo purposes... so I just took these the other day before using my 2nd pack.

Upon tearing the packet, this is how the mask are packed:

I'm not sure if I did it correctly but I tried to place it as close below my eyes as possible ^^

I really like how my eye area brighten up after using this and the puffiness is slightly reduced; even till the next morning, I can see significant improvement in the puffiness of my eye area [much less puffy]! I can't speak for dark circles since even though I'm forever in sleep debt, I never seem to get them.

I really can understand why Leaders is so well liked in Korea. [They have the best selling mask in Korea!]
The other day my friends came over my house and asked me about leaders and I realised I have nothing but praise for the products!

Now, information that will be really useful to you after hearing me rave about these - where can you buy these awesome products?
The Leaders products are exclusively available at selected Watsons outlets:
- United Square
- Center Point
- Forum Galleria
- Marina Bay Financial Centre
- Telok Ayer Street
- City Square Mall
- Anchorpoint
- Sun Plaza
- Beauty World Centre
- West Mall Plaza
- Choa Chu Kang Lot 1
- Yew Tee Point
- Serangoon Garden
- Bedok Point
- Tampinese Mart

I've bold the 2 stores in town area in case you are not living near any of the other malls. Hurry up and go grab the Number 1 mask from Korea!
Do remember to "like" Leaders' Facebook Page for latest updates and promotions.

To reward you for reading everything, I some Leaders products to giveaway for you to try!

All you have to do is "Like" my Facebook Page and leave a comment "I want to try these awesome products!" on the status which I post on the page with link to this blog entry!

I will choose 3 winners and each winner will get 1 Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch, 1 Nose strip as well as 1 Leaders Insolution mask [Collagen Lifting/ AC Dressing/ Aqua Ringer].

This is open to all Singaporeans and if you've been reading my blog, you probably have liked my FB page already so the effort needed to join this giveaway is like... 1/10?
Winner will be chosen by next weekend and I will contact you via facebook message.
What are you waiting for? Fight your Monday blues and join my give away!

Do remember to "like" Leaders' Facebook Page for the latest promotions, news and updates from them. [Psst, I know they have new products coming soon!]
Go grab these from the selected stores now!



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