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[Advertorial] KARA 1st Fan Meeting at Causeway Point

Okay, it has been some time since I last talked about Kpop, mainly because it is getting too "mainstream" here in Singapore. 
I first got into the whole "Kpop" thing back in 2007 when I first saw an episode of the "Banjun theatre" starring all 5 members of DBSK. [No, Changmin and Yunho will never be DBSK!] I've always been more interested in Jpop and Japanese guys but when I saw how dashing the guys looked, I was immediately swooned [Yes, superficial & I know it!]

Anyhow, thus began my obsession with Koreans and I started to pay attention to a few other Korean groups like SS501, Super Junior, Epic High.
I remembered some time during Christmas in 2008, I came across a girl group singing this song and I thought, "Hey, that song is pretty adorable and catchy!"

Some of you may be familiar with the song but for those who aren't, that song is "Pretty Girl" by Kara.
Sure, the English in the song definitely can do better but hey, I was going for the catchy rhythm back then and admit it, it is catchy!
That was when I started paying attention to Kara, who quickly became a favourite in my list of girl groups I love.
I first thought that these 2 members were really lovable; Jung Nicole & Park Gyuri.
Park Gyuri, also the leader of Kara, is just so pretty!
Many host in variety shows always refer her to having beauty parallel to a "goddess" and I absolutely agree.
Jung Nicole? Gosh, I just LOVE that girl!
She was involved in one of the sections in "Star Golden Bell" [one of my favourite variety show too!] called "Level with me," where she had to describe a given word to the guest for them to guess.

^ Just look at how adorable she was! I like how creative she was, splitting up some words in the cutest ways to explain. [I really meant it when I say she split the words up; she even dissects the korean character by itself]
I thought she was really amazing; when she landed the gig on the show, she had only learnt Korean for like, 2 years? Yet she was so good!

Kara won their first multizen on M Countdown with "Honey", followed by on SBS Inkigayo.

This song is still one of my favourite even till today; the sweet catchy tune, that concept totally worked for them! They found much success in the above mentioned song which made them one of the "top" girl groups in Korea.
After Honey, they had many other hits like:


Mister [The famous butt dance!]

Lupin [Where they won their first Multizen on Music Bank]

After concluding promotions for Lupin, they advanced to Japan and got smashing success with their first Japanese Single, Mister.

With their debut and success in Japan in 2010, they were named the #1 Rookie Artist by Oricon! 
Fast forward, Kara sold over 450,000 copies of their latest Japanese album, Super Girl.

Okay, so why am I talking about Kara out of the blue?
That's because the group will be in Singapore for the KARA Showcase 2012, on 10 July, at Resort World Sentosa and will hold one autograph session in the official mall during this visit, to promote the launch of their new fragrance. 

Best part is... I have a pair of tickets to their showcase!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to be invited to their showcase!
On top of that, I have never been to Resort World Sentosa before ^^
[No, not even the Universal Studio. I never felt like going since I'm going Japan next year, intend to visit Universal Studio in Osaka]

KARA is also the first Korean artiste to have their own premium fragrance line. Incidentally, this fragrance will be launched at Metro stores.
Honestly, I am really curious about it!

Kara will be having a Meet & Greet session with the first 80 fans with their Showcase Ticket!

How & Where to obtain Limited Edition KARA showcase poster

The first 80 fans who present their tickets at our Level 2 Customer Service Counter (from 11am - 9.30pm) on 9 July, will receive a Limited Edition KARA showcase poster, to be autographed by KARA.

Date: 9 July 2012 
Time: 7pm 
 Venue: Causeway Point Main Atrium outside Metro 

Fans who have not got their tickets to the showcase can stand a chance to win them in Causeway Point. Simply spend a min of $150 and present any receipt from an F&B outlet (Up to 3 combined receipts, inclusive of at least 1 F&B outlet receipt) for a lucky dip chance to win a pair of 1 KARA tickets worth up to $151 each on top of a $10 Frasers centrepoint voucher! The Lucky dip includes chances to win Kara Merchandise and other Korean goods too! 
Important Note:
Days for the lucky dip are from 6th - 9th July, 1 redemption per pax per day.
There are a total of 26 pairs of showcase tickets to be won!

Fans who present the cut out coupon found on the MyPaper advertisement on 6 July will be eligible for a double dip chance to win more prizes!

Life size standees will be available for photography with Kara in Causeway Point from 26th June onwards.

A little about Causeway Point:

Causeway Point is located in the heart of Woodlands Regional Centre, next to the Woodlands MRT station and bus interchange. With more than 250 shops, it is the largest mall managed by Frasers Centrepoint Malls. The mall is undergoing its last phase of upgrading works, welcoming a brand new look and a host of new stores to its mix. Anchor tenants are Cathay Cineplexes, Cold Storage, Courts, Food Republic, Kiddy Palace, Metro, POPULAR Bookstore and Uniqlo. 

The wide range of stores available are suitable for adults, teenagers and children!

Keep an eye on Causeway Point’s Facebook Page for exclusive offers and new promotions daily! 

Kara Fans, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone if you need to do some shopping and join in the lucky dip should you spend SGD $150 above [including 1 F&B receipt]. Check out the full list of shops in Causeway Point here.



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