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[Event] An evening with Red Ken
Okay honestly, I do not know what to call this.
It's not exactly an event, but I had to categorize it somewhere so there you go.
It's going to be brief with pictures everywhere [I love it when there's no obligations]
Anyhow, TTJ invited me to go with her for this session with Red Ken at their office [somewhere around Lavender]
We were extremely late, but just before they started ^^;;
We missed food because we were late ):

For this session, they actually have the Jorge Joao, the Lead Stylist for Red Ken from the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto with us!

Jorge actually has his own hair studio back in Toronto! [If my memory did not fail me, it's called Koi Hair Studio]
He first shared with us his experience during the Toronto Fashion Week.
I was very entertained by his stories~ things they do to the model, haha!

In this session, I learnt quite a few stuff about hair care from Jorge.
For example when you curl your hair...

Do you curl it towards or away from your face?

You should curl it away from your face!

Also, we were taught how to create a simple look under 5 minutes [note: this look is actually used by a lot of stylist when creating looks for the runway]
Firstly, when you tie your simple ponytail, always look up instead of down.

This is because when you face down, when you are back in the normal upright position, there will be this "bump" at the bottom.

So remember, UP is the right way to go!

After you are done with the pony tail,

Conceal the rubber band with your hair and a bobby pin.

Now, tease/ backcomb your pony tail!

Tease a little, then secure parts of your hair with a bobby pin.

Repeat the pinning...

Until all the hair is up!
^ This gives texture to your hair. The contrast between the simple and neat look from the front and the spiced up texture at the pony tail itself is what that brings out this hairdo. All done in just 5 minutes!

Also, we all know how braids is in trend now, yes?
but what happens if you are bad at braiding?

Our head stylist here HATES braids, which caused him to come up with a way of "braiding" that is easy to do.
Firstly, take a section of your hair,

Split that into 2

You know how you tie knots? Yes, do that to your hair.

No, it's not painful, I tried it. Just keep repeating the step above by picking up a new section of hair from whichever direction you want your "braid" to go.

And then, Viola!

Can you see? It's so pretty and easy to do! [Come on, you all know how to tie knots, right?]

From the front

Another notable mention from this session is their new chromatic dye that contains zero ammonia.

Look at the wide variety of colors available!

Oh yes, at the end of the session, we were given a goodies' bag.

Inside there were:

Fashion Work 12 hairspray

Look at how huge the bottle is! It says that it has humidity resistance, looking forward to see how it will perform on me since Singapore is fairly humid.

Powder Refresh 01 [what some of you might call "dry shampoo"]

I have used this and I got to say, I LOVE IT!
I used to wash my hair everyday but now that my hair is getting way too long, it takes up to 2 hours for it to dry naturally so it's kind of a hassle. On days I skip washing my hair, I will use this; it makes my hair baby smooth!
I don't know how but it does! Also, no white residue left on your hair and it absorbs oil, making your hair look fresh.

I raised a question on volumizing hair and they gave me this
Body full instant bodifer
^ Always annoys me because my hair is extremely fine. I learnt a few tips to volumize my hair during the session too, can't wait to try them with this and see what difference it will make.

Last but not least, there's a Rough Clay 20.

I have not tried this product since I don't use clay or things like wax...
I'm thinking of letting my brother try and see how it works.

Overall, it was a very fun and somewhat educational session for me. I definitely learnt a bit more about hair and haircare.
Oh, all the above products are from RedKen.
If you are interested in any, do pop by any salon that carries RedKen product and ask them about it/ for reccomendations!
[I'm sorry but I do not know the prices of all the products]



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