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[Advertorial] Quality is essential when it comes to fashion; Sixxandseven
As seen from the title,
quality is essential when it comes to fashion, especially when you are living in
sunny Singapore.

Let's face it, because of the boring weather patterns we have [rain or shine],
there are many types of clothes deemed "unsuitable" to be worn.
Think of:

The Winter Coat, with fur trimmings.

The Trench Coat for fall/autumn.

The Leather Biker Jacket for that tough style.

The Cute Wool Blazer donned over spring wear.

Sweaters which are slightly thicker

Of course, if you know me, I don't actually give two cents about the "socially
correct way of dressing" here in Singapore.
I still wear my pretty coats, trench coats, faux leather jackets, sweaters...
Anything that makes people turn and look at me twice for wearing such apparels
under the hot sun; yes, I don't care.
Call me anything but the "typical Singaporean blogshop style girl."
No offence but I hate that.

Which is why QUALITY is really important to me.
Good quality clothes can provide you the look you want without suffocating
you in our sunny weather.
Thus, I am recommending you to grab some style essentials from the shop

I mean, look at this:

You are sure to turn heads when you wear that wicked jacket in here.
Looks warm? Hot? Stuffy? Thick?
Well, it's none of the above!
You see, the material is similar to a wind breaker

While the fur looks luxuriously abundant,

It is, in fact, not that case at all!
^ See when I actually press it down, it is just that thin!
This makes the jacket extremely light, despite looking quite the otherwise!

The texture of the jacket is velvety smooth

With cute double zipper design

2 functional pockets

Even the zippers at the sleeves has the cute key shape!

Adorable or what!
Best of all, it is extremely comfortable; keeps you warm in the mall while not
making you sweat like a pig under the sun.

Call me biased but I believe part of the reason for the good quality is because
all their jackets are made by a Japanese company, ICHIOKU

I really really LOVE this Biker jacket!

I had a faux leather jacket back in poly but because it was of pretty lousy
quality, it cracked within a month ):
Look at the quality of this jacket!

Note: the 2 zips are functional but NOT pockets

Once again, the cute lock and key zipper!

This one comes with a belt

Also, all these designs are uniquely theirs, designed by Deehellsix!
You will NOT find them anywhere else but at Sixxandseven!
Their label on all their clothes!

The Leopard Jacket I wore above is the Long Sleeved Double Zipper Leopard
Print Jacket [Unisex]

RTP: SGD $129.90
Right now, the price is slashed to just SGD $40.00!
Great deal for a jacket with extreme comfort!

As for the leather jacket I donned above, it is the Leather Jacket W/ Belt:

RTP: SGD $56.90
Right now the price is slashed to a mere SGD $23.00
I am not sure about you but when I saw the slashed price, I was shocked.
How can something so awesome be sold at such a bargain?!
It's a crime to think twice if you have dibs on it.

I mean, why let the weather restrict your fashion?
Why care about how people look at you or judge your sense of style?

What you wear defines who you are.
Show people you are unafraid of being unique and stylish, unfazed by
their close minded opinions!

Hurry up and head over to Sixxandseven to check out all their jackets
[All of them are SLASHED to unbelievable prices!]

Come on, every one needs a biker jacket and fur trimmed jacket in their closet.
You know, for the sake of style.
Personally, I have more jackets than clothes. [Last counted was about 30]
Jackets are the first things that catch my hair in any clothing store!

Oh yes,
Don't forget to "like" their facebook page for the latest updates!


I love your lepord jacket!! But they dun have larger size. :(
Emily Chia|2012/04/02 3:25 PM|
Aww, it's really pretty and super cheap! Such a waste!
Himeko|2012/04/03 12:50 AM|
do sixx n seven have any outlet ?
|kuri|2012/06/12 12:02 AM|
Hi dear, unfortunately they don't.
You can drop them an email for your orders!
Himeko|2012/06/14 2:49 PM|

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