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[Event] LEADERS Insolution Mask Launch
A little late in this but anyway~ I was invited to Raindrops Cafe~

What for?

That's right! The launch of LEADERS Insolution Mask!
Before I go any further, there are a few things you must know about this brand:

That's right! By Dermatologists~

Celebrities use it too!
[Top row, first from the left is Han Eun Jeong, First from the right is Han Ji Hye.
2nd Row, first from left is Daniel Henny]

I hope you are feeling more confident about the mask like I do~
That aside, I was served a cup of tea when I arrived~

Menu for the day

Sorry, this time for real

TTJ saved a seat [and protected it well] for me!

Guess whose our lovely MC for the day?

Then, TTJ left me...

She was the model for the day!
Now that our model is ready, time for demo!
Firstly, we have a mask from Brand X

And the Melatox mask from LEADERS

This is the one I'm referring to

So what they did was they halved both mask and placed a halve on each side
of TTJ's face

Oh and Tsuriki arrived~

Sat with me because I was lonely~

Placing Brand X

And the Mela Tox mask


While we were waiting for the essence to soak into her skin, appetizer was
Chunky Mushroom Soap! [love this to bits!]

Eat while TTJ starve!

After we were done with our soup, time for the mask to come off!
^ Can you see the difference?
There is a clear line in the middle!
The picture doesn't seem to show it at all but in reality, the side with Brand X
is actually slightly red!

After the demo, more food!

Anyone curious what these are for?

Before our main course came, we were told that with those materials, we
were to make a "poster/advertisement" for LEADERS Insolution mask!

While everyone was busy making their poster, we were...

Yes, we were eating. HOW CAN RESIST FOOD?!

So, we only started making ours after food, which meant we had lesser time.
Us in panic

Rush rush rush!

I'm sorry, I was rushing and too confused that I forgot to take a picture of my
finished product.... T.T
[It's kinda ugly too so I guess I'm saving your eyes]

After we were done making it, dessert time!
I chose the Chocolate one :3 [obviously!]

Tsuriki was the only one that ordered the Apple dessert.
Not just amongst us... she was the only one in the event that opted for that.

And I had the pleasure of tasting it *laughs*
It was super delicious too!

After the event, we were each given a goodies' bag



A pack of mask [1 each]

Hydrogel Eye mask
^ We were recommended to put this in the fridge before using and we can use
this overnight too!
Awesome or what~ I'm such a lazy person so I love such mask!

Black head kit!
^ Super need this.
My blackheads are ridiculous.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and to be honest, though I have yet to try
any of the mask/ products given, I can't wait to!
The only reason why I am putting it off is because my skin is still in a bad
condition and so I believe it is not going to be very accurate for me to judge
right now [I mean, if I do break out, it does not necessarily mean that it is
because of the mask of anything so just to be safe (: ]

Oh yes, before you rush off to purchase it, here's a chart that will be very
useful for you in the selection of mask!
^ Which one do you belong to? 
I will do the mask reviews as soon as my skin improves!

Oh finally,
don't forget that Watsons is having a promotion for the launch!
Buy any 3 and get 1 free!
Don't miss your chance to get the Number 1 mask in Korea!
[Promotion valid from 1st March to 28th March]
If you are residing overseas, fret not!
Drop cossy an email at (:

For more information, do visit the sole distributor,
Don't forget to like their LEADERS facebook page for the latest news and promotions!

[photos without my watermark, credit to]


Wae, Hime-chan you look so cute, maybe it's only me but I think your dark circles is more minimized! Tsuriki is so pretty too :D I wish I could get hands of these masks too hehe, do you know any online website who sells it ^^?
|CHUcolate|2012/03/04 7:12 AM|
Hey dear, you can drop them an email at to check if they have any requirement for overseas orders (:
Himeko|2012/03/04 6:27 PM|

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