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[Review] Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration - No. 801 [Amo x Pastel Type A] Review
I realised that I've had this since a LONG time ago [and paid a hefty price for 
this whole collection too] but never came to talk about it other than the
No. 802 so here's another one from ZIPPER x EYEMAZING Collaboration.
[I will look into doing more from this collection]

Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration - No. 801 [TYPE-A Amo x Pastel]


Closer look at the Fake Eyelashes:

When worn:

Upfront View:

45 degrees side view:

Bottom up View:

Visual Easy Rating Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration -
No. 801 [TYPE-A AMO x PASTEL」:

 Volume (7.5/10) - As you can see from the pictures, it definitely doesn't look
that dense on the tray [about 6.5/10] but when worn, it gives a much denser
and fuller look to the lashes so I'm giving it an extra 1 point for volume.

 Length (lash strands) [7.5/10] - It is long but not too long, the kind of 
length that is just right for this volume.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Fits my eyes perfectly, with a little bit sticking
out, just the way I like mine to [illusion of wider eyes]

 Ease of Application [9/10] - One try and I'm out of my house.

 Comfort [8.75/10] - No discomforts experienced while on my eyes but
compared to Dolly Wink, I could still feel it there more than Dolly Wink.

 Reusability [8/10] - I've used this pair twice so far and it's still looking pretty
good. Take care of it properly and not handle it too roughly when cleaning/
washing, it should last me pretty long [at least over 10 wears?]

 Availability [3/10] - This collection was launched pretty long ago but still
hard to get here in Singapore. I am not doing a Pre-order for these right
now too, sorry!

 Price [7/10] - While the price is the same as other Eyemazing models in
Japan, I paid a lot more for it when I got it shipped here [since it's rare in
Singapore, I got ripped off by online merchants in Japan willingly due to the
obsession in wanting things not easily found ._.] but I'm still going to give it a
7/10 unbiased rating. Also, this pair of lash is really unique and pretty durable
so I am pretty satisfied.

 Repurchase - Yes. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would and this is
in brown, unlike all other lashes. Despite being brown, it still blended in with
the eye and make up really well.

  Overall Rating: 8/10  

*Downside is probably the fact that it's hard to get in Singapore.*


Thanks for the review! I haven't seen brown lash reviews before, but they look so nice ^^
|THT Christina|2012/03/03 5:25 PM|
Are they brown lashes? I think that looks lovely :)
|L|2012/03/03 10:39 PM|
@THT Christina
They turned out a lot better than I expected ^^

Yep, brown lashes! Something different!
Himeko|2012/03/04 7:10 AM|

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