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[Review] Diamond Beauty Cheek Color in Number 3, Honey Orange 「ダイアモンドビュティ チークカラー 03: ハニーオレンジ」
Yes, I'm grumbling at the start because I had to redo this WHOLE review PLUS
ingredient translations.

Diamond Blush in Number 3, Honey Orange
ダイアモンドビュティ チークカラー 03: ハニーオレンジ

See how pretty it is off pan!

This swatch was taken about a year ago?
The colour in the middle

Without further ado, let's jump in straight.

Diamond Beauty Cheek Color in Number 3, Honey Orange 「ダイアモンドビュティ チークカラー 03: ハニーオレンジ」

Product Weight : 6g

Product Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Iron Oxide,  Red 226, -Sorry I will re-translate
the ingredients again when I have time, currently busy with studying for my

Blush type: Shimmer

Packaging: 7/10 - I felt that Sho-bi could have done a better job at packaging.
Sure, the transparent packaing is really pretty but it is also tad bit heavier than
other brands and with just the word smacked across the top [well, there is a
little diamonte at the "I"], it is something many will over look.

Pigmentation: 9/10 - The color looks just like the photos; rich and pigmented.
I thought it might look a tad bit dark but when I brushed it over my cheeks, 
but it came out look fabulous!

Texture: 8/10 - Smooth but slightly more fallout when brushed compared to
candy doll. I'm guessing it is not pressed as tightly? Not a biggie since I use
a blush brush anyway. 

Blendability : 8.5/10 - It blends with my foundation easily, does not make me
look like there are 2 ovals of blush slapped on my cheeks. I can easily lighten
the colour by blending it out.

Lasting Power: 8/10 - I always wear this blush when I go clubbing [because
it suits my eye make-up best] and by the time I get home, I can still detect
colour on my cheeks. That is about 7 hours?

Availability: 2/10 - I bought it long ago, shipping it over myself from Japan.
I am not doing preorders for it as of now too so I really don't know where else
can you get it besides shipping it at an exorbitant price.

Price: 8/10 - I think I paid about $21 after shipping. Can't really remember
because I bought it so long ago!

Repurchase: Yes. It's so versatile, I use it at least once to twice a week!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I was very reluctant to do this review because I had actually translated
EVERY single ingredient from katakana and kanji to english... Painstakingly 
typed them out only to get everything(including the review) deleted when I
published it due to unknown reason. Nonetheless... I really like this product
and it is one of my holy grail so I sat down and redid the whole thing.

Hope you guys like it!




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