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[Event] Neutrogena-Cosmopolitan Dinner and Launch
Taking a tiny break from the influx of lash reviews.
About 2 weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend the Neutrogena x
Cosmopolitan dinner and launch of a new Neutrogena product.


Guess who else was there? (:

Cocktail we were served upon entry [Can't remember if it was Baybreeze or
Hydro Boost]
^Fat face

In case you are wondering about the unfamiliar names, these were concocted
to suit the theme of the event!

Pretty and cosy ambience


While waiting for the event to officially commence [and the food *cough*]

We played a mini game!
^Team work!

Le final picture

Shortly, the presentation commenced!
I'm sorry I didn't get shots of them because the lighting made it quite hard to
take clear, good pictures and I didn't want to post those over exposed/ photos
of slides.
I can, however, tell you that 3 people presentated to us ^^;;

1.... (?)
Sorry Doc, I forgot to take your picture >.>
His presentation was very interesting!
I was too absorbed in it and completely forgot about taking his picture.
He taught a lot about hydration and what products you should use for people
with different needs.
For example, do not confuse having oily skin as less need for hydration.
Oil is Oil. Moisture is Moisture!
Same for sweat!
They are NOT THE SAME!
Which is why hydrating products is important.
While paying attention...

The first course came; Hokkaido Corn Chowder

So cute and tiny!


Speaker 2.

Then came our 2nd course, Salad!
[Vine ripened tomato salad with pan seared haloumi, watercress herb salad
and lemon caper dressing]

Looks nice~

Ngak ngak ngak

Okay, still not a salad fan =/

Speaker 3.

Guess what came after the appetizer?

The new product from Neutrogena; Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack!

You know... I've always wanted to try a sleeping pack!

This one smelt good too, and the consistency of the product is very light and
fast absorbing!

I cannot wait to try it!
Posing with the pretty flower~

A little intermission

Though it's blurry, we just had to post this picture to annoy someone.

Oh, this mocktail tasted AWESOME. 
Cream De-Lite [Maple Syrup, Yoghurt, Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream]

Everyone else got served in that slim glass while I got the fat one T.T

After the presentation, there was a little question section~
[To share a beauty tip and they will give a neutrogena wave! Tsuriki answered
and got it ^^]
After that, our main course came!
Ballotine of free range chicken with fricassee of mushroom, pot roasted root
vegetables and duck liver emulsion.

Hickory smoked 200 day grain fed beef tenderloin, with truffle gnocchi, green
and white asparagus tips, sauce chasseur.

Oven roasted miso cod with minted pea puree.


After the hearty main course, we were directed to the back of the venue with
these laid out for us

I quickly spotted our star of the night!

The products were all opened for us to test

I tried the consistency of the hydro boost mousse cleanser and it sure looked
promising! Very fine mousse~ Possibly buying it!

See how there's a short and sweet description for every product?
No lengthy sentences, I like it!

We were called to return to our seats for dessert!
Warm milk chocolate tart with raspberry and butter scotch ice cream.

Pretty or what! [Best part, it's CHOCOLATE!]

Super love it! It's actually warm inside!

With nice food, what's left to want is an awesome company.
I've got the best of both worlds.

After dessert, there was a lucky draw and I won this!
^ See that little card with words?
They did the draw in a slightly different manner
Instead of reading numbers or names of who won, they made sure everyone
went home a winner; everyone had to draw a little card like that from a bag
and they will read out the cards for which prize and those ladies who got
that card will be going home with that prize!

By the end of the night, these were what I brought home with

I have to say, thumbs up to the way the whole event was planned and carried.
It was a fine venue too, very cosy and relaxing.
The flow of the event was smooth, a little talk here, games there and then 
food. It felt more like a gathering, very friendly atmosphere.
Thoroughly enjoyed my night and I went home feeling very much more
interested in neutrogena products than before the evening!



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