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[Review] Dolly Wink Otona Style Collection No. 13 - Baby Girl「ドーリーウインク(オトナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 13ーベイビーガールー」
Say I'm awesome!
I've realised that before this wave of Otona reviews, my last review was way
back last November! That's about 3 months ago!
Gosh, I'm such a slacker.
I remember I wanted to be a "lash" review-er, thus my obsession with lashes
started and as you all know... I have so much that I bought and haven't even
tried on [some of which I bought at least 1 year ago...]
Okay, digressing too far!

Dolly Wink No. 13 - Baby Girl「ベイビーガールー  

Closer look at the lashes

Close up on the lash

When worn:
Upper Lash - Dolly Wink No. 10 - Sweet Cat 「 スイートチャット  
Lower Lash - Dolly Wink No. 13 - Baby Girl 「 ベイビーガールー  

Upfront View:

45 degrees side view:

Closed Eyes:

Visual Easy Rating for 
 Dolly Wink Otona Style 
Collection No. 13 - Baby Girl「ドーリーウインク(オ
トナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 13ー ベイビーガール

 Volume (6.75/10) - Thin stalks, thick stalks, thin stalks. I like the
interchanging volume of lash stalks which makes it pretty balanced and look
much more natural. Thumbs up to that! Most lashes are either thin stalks all
the way or thicker stalks towards the tail.

Length (lash strands) [7/10] - It is somewhere mid-long, just right in my
opinion; maintained the natural lash style while still being able to be used for
slightly louder looks.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Again, same length as her previous dolly wink
bottom lashes and well, lucky me, it fits my lower lids perfectly :3

Ease of Application [9/10] - Once I put it on, I'm ready to leave the house.
No re-adjustments needed.

Comfort [9.5/10] - It is barely there, almost non existent. [However, to give
benefit to other brands of lower lashes, most lower lashes are small, light and
short enough to give the same comfort]

Reusability [8.5/10] - So far, I've used it just once and I was able to clean
the lash with much ease. I do take extra care in cleaning bottom lashes
because most of the time, for upper lashes, you can still wear them if a stalk
or so is missing from the lash but in case of lower lashes, it is very obvious 
when a stalk is missing.

Availability [2/10] - This collection was launched back in November 2011, but
they did not start shipping/ taking orders to/from other countries until January 
2012, which is why I only got mine last week. I am not doing pre-order for it 
any more as it is pretty tough to hit the supplier demands for this [need 40 
orders] or else I will have to raise my selling price of the lashes as the price
will be much higher should I not hit their minimum request.

 Price [7.25/10] - Compared to other brands out there [e.g diamond lash has
5 pairs in a box at a price even lower than dolly wink, which has just 2 pairs 
per box], it is definitely not a happy price. However, I do love the quality of 
dolly wink lashes so I am willing to pay for them [and for collection
This rating was given after taking into consideration that while I am
willing to 
pay, there are many others who might feel it is not worth it. I do feel
that dolly wink bottom lashes are a MUST-HAVE for every gyaru, be it
collection or for wearing. 
An extra point for the unique design of this pair of
bottom lashes.

 Repurchase - Yes. 70% for using it and 30% for collection sake. Looks
normal and boring but very versatile [besides, being normal is actually weird
when it comes to these Japan lashes, don't you think?]

  Overall Rating: 8.75/10 

*As you might have realised, pretty high rating again. This is because of how
versatile I see this pair of lashes, not because of Tsubasa!



you can get them here
I got mine before Christmas!!
AdoreBelleRose|2012/01/28 12:59 AM|
Hey, thanks for the link! Pretty expensive though =/
Himeko|2012/01/28 3:18 AM|
yeah I know :P hahaa but it does include shipping ^.^
AdoreBelleRose|2012/01/28 5:07 AM|
Looks very nice~! &#9829; Thank you for reviewing. I love your coord.
Wen|2012/01/28 4:48 PM|
Thank you for the information!

Thanks dear, glad you enjoyed it!
Himeko|2012/01/28 7:38 PM|

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