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[Review] Dolly Wink Otona Style Collection No. 10 - Sweet Cat「ドーリーウインク(オトナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 10ースイートチャット」
Yet another Dolly Wink Otona Lash review!
I'm reviving my blog~ ^^y

Dolly Wink No. 10 - Sweet Cat「 スイートチャット 

Closer look at the lashes

Close up on the lash

When worn:
Upper Lash - Dolly Wink No. 10 - Sweet Cat 「 スイートチャット  
Lower Lash - Dolly Wink No. 13 - Baby Girl 「 ベイビーガールー  

Upfront View:

45 degrees side view:

Closed Eyes:

Visual Easy Rating for 
 Dolly Wink Otona Style 
Collection No. 10 - Sweet Cat「ドーリーウインク(オ
トナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 10ースイートキャ

 Volume (7.5/10) - The lashes are criss crossed and gradually straightens
towards the tail of the lash. Since the front is shorter [lash strand], it does
not make the lash look too dense, only towards the tail does it look dense.

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - I was procrastinating between 6.5 and 7 but
settled for 7 to be fair to the longer strands from the middle towards the tail.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Once again, love the length as she kept it
unchanged [I believe all her upper lashes have lash bands this long] meaning
it fits my eyes perfectly while giving the illusion of my eyes being wider.

Ease of Application [8.75/10] - While it still is very easy to apply, it fell short
just a tad bit, I had to spent an extra 3 [or so] seconds in adjusting the inner
corner. Definitely not something you should make a bit hoo-ha over but I
thought I should still mention it.

Comfort [9.25/10] - As I've said before, Dolly Wink lashes remains as one of
the top lashes I've used thus far in terms of comfort.

Reusability [7.25/10] -  I've used this pair thrice so far and while I do not
see any signs of it falling apart any time soon, I have to say the cleaning
process is slightly more tedious and thus I foresee some girls cutting slack in
the cleaning process or being overly concerned about cleanliness and thus
exerting too much pressure on it, damaging it. Due to the design of the lash
stalks (?) being pretty tight on the lash band and the criss cross pattern, glue
bits might get stuck, be extremely stubborn and thus hard to remove. Extra
patience needed when you handle this pair!

Availability [2/10] - This collection was launched back in November 2011, but
they did not start shipping/ taking orders to/from other countries until January 
2012, which is why I only got mine last week. I am not doing pre-order for it 
any more as it is pretty tough to hit the supplier demands for this [need 40 
orders] or else I will have to raise my selling price of the lashes as the price
will be much higher should I not hit their minimum request.

 Price [6.5/10] - Compared to other brands out there [e.g diamond lash has
5 pairs in a box at a price even lower than dolly wink, which has just 2 pairs 
per box], it is definitely not a happy price. However, I do love the quality of 
dolly wink lashes so I am willing to pay for them [and for collection
This rating was given after taking into consideration that while I am
willing to 
pay, there are many others who might feel it is not worth it. I did
notice that the general design of this lash is similar to Diamond lash's light
pink tray's DL51593 Girly [Review here] which is why I gave this aspect a lower
 Repurchase - Yes. I will say, 60% for using it and 40% for collection sake.
Not because I don't love this pair, but because I have too much eyelashes to
choose from. 

  Overall Rating: 8/10 

*I think that her whole (new) collection is made for natural looking eye make
up which is why this pair does not look too outrageous when worn. That
being said, I do see the possibility of it being used with, say Dolly Wink
pink/gray palette, and still able to rock the look*

While you are reading this...
I'm probably on the way to Singapore!
I will changed the pictures once I've taken them when I'm back in Singapore :3




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