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[Review] Dolly Wink Otona Style Collection No. 12 - Feminine Girl「ドーリーウインク(オトナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 12ーフェミニンガール」

I'm being productive, yay!
I did not take pictures personally this time, shall try to do that when I get
home and replace these official ones so you get a more "real" (?) experience.
I'm still in Malaysia and the boxes are back home in Singapore~
I know some people might be skeptical about studio taken and released

Dolly Wink No. 12 - Feminine Girl 「フェミニンガール」 

Closer look at the lashes

Close up on the lash

When worn:
Upper Lash - Dolly Wink No.9 - Natural Dolly 「ナチュラルドーリー」 
Lower Lash - Dolly Wink No. 12 - Feminine Girl 「フェミニンガール」 

Upfront View:

45 degrees side view:

Visual Easy Rating for  Dolly Wink Otona Style 
Collection No. 12 - Natural Dolly「ドーリーウインク(オ
トナめライン)アイラッシュ  No. 12ーナ フェミニンガー

 Volume (6.5/10) - The lashes are uniquely and boldly criss crossed,
definitely not impressive volume but gives off an effect that it is denser than
what it really is! Not a design I've seen before in other brands [Diamond lash
does have a similar one released before dolly wink otona but that one is a
tad bit denser than this.

Length (lash strands) [7.5/10] - It is pretty long [probably the longest from 
Tsubasa's eyelashes lines thus far] but it is not overwhelming thanks to the 
criss cross design which made the sparse lashes look dense. I'm pretty sure if 
a few more criss crossed sections were added, it will look much more intense.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - It is pretty much the same length as her 
previous dolly wink bottom lashes and luckily for me, it fits my lower lids

Ease of Application [9/10] - This new line definitely reiterates the point for 
superb ease of application. I always gets it right with one try, even for bottom 
lashes :3

Comfort [9.25/10] - It is barely there, really. No instances of it poking my 
eyes, whatsoever. Dolly Wink lower lashes got to be one of the best I've tried!

Reusability [7.5/10] - As I have only used this pair twice [I had just gotten 
mine last week] I cannot really tell how long before it wears off. Just note that 
the usual applies; do be gentle when cleaning your lashes [I soak them in tap 
water for about 3-5 minutes then I will peel the glue bits off] and so far my pair
still looks as good as new after 2 washes. I do have to emphasize that I am
EXTREMELY gentle when cleaning these babies as it is really difficult for me to
repurchase them and I don't want to have a few stalks missing this early into
using them!

Availability [2/10] - This collection was launched back in November 2011, but
they did not start shipping/ taking orders to/from other countries until January 
2012, which is why I only got mine last week. I am not doing pre-order for it 
any more as it is pretty tough to hit the supplier demands for this [need 40 
orders] or else I will have to raise my selling price of the lashes as the price
will be much higher should I not hit their minimum request.

 Price [7/10] - Compared to other brands out there [e.g diamond lash has
5 pairs in a box at a price even lower than dolly wink, which has just 2 pairs 
per box], it is definitely not a happy price. However, I do love the quality of 
dolly wink lashes so I am willing to pay for them [and for collection
This rating was given after taking into consideration that while I am
willing to 
pay, there are many others who might feel it is not worth it. But
really, dolly wink bottom lashes is a MUST-HAVE for every gyaru.

 Repurchase - Yes. This pair is really unique and I really loved wearing it!

  Overall Rating: 8.75/10 

*I was SO tempted to give it a 9 due to the comfort level, unique lash design
which does not make it unwearable with natural make up but I think the
unavailability here in Singapore is a major setback for many. This pair of lashes

is very versatile, be it natural or darker eye makeup, go ahead and explore!

I am definitely on a roll roll roll!



Those false-lashes are so adorable! I want to prove it!!
But I really like your hair here >.< Really like it!
NaTT|2012/01/25 10:08 PM|
Yes dear, I absolutely love them! Thanks ^^
Himeko|2012/01/27 4:55 AM|

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