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[Sponsored] MSH Eyescream in Lime Green [エム・エス・エイチ アイスクリーム ジェルアイライナー ライム(緑)] Review
^ Noticed it?

If you are a follower of Japanese magazines [almost every magazine I know of featured
MSH Love Liner before!]
you must have seen this brand MSH [popular product - Love Liner]
Here's another clever cosmetic product from MSH; Gel liner!
[See the cute ice cream ^^]

Fairly new in the market [launched this year] but had already received tons of rave!

Packaging for gel liner is kinda weird, yes?
That's because it comes in a "stick" form!

A very important point to note; in order to push the product out, you have to
twist the bottom clockwise. However, do not overdo it as you are unable to
retract whatever excess! [Thus, the label is trying to warn it is a ONE WAY thing]

That's right, this is the part you twist!

I chose lime color because this is a really hot color this year!
With just 1 layer of the gel liner; see how vibrant the color is?

Gone were the days of using the little brush to apply your tub of gel liner!

Convenient and much more hygienic [not to forget, you don't have to wash any
pesky brush after application!]
Also, gel liner tend to have the problem of drying up, not for this!

It is really mad pretty!
Even if you use double eyelid tape, it can glide on top of it very easily!

Full list of products for this look:

Candy Doll Makeup Base
Candy Doll Concealer [Shade 01]
Candy Doll Mineral Powder
Eyemazing Cosmeline Lavender

MSH Eyescream in Ramune Green
TKB Trading Mica in Lemon from Pops! Collection
Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue
Diamond Lash DL51596 フェミニン Eye [Feminine Eye] [Lower Lash]


Once again, with exception of those in italics, everything else can be found
I've blogged about it over HERE.

Impressed with the pigmentation of the product yet?

Here's my verdict for your consideration!

MSH Eyescream in Lime Green
「エム・エス・エイチ アイスクリーム ジェルアイライナー

Manufacturing Country : Japan

Product Weight : 0.28g

Product Ingredients: Stated but I didn't type it all out to slowly translate...

Product Type: Gel/ Creamy

Packaging: 10/10 - That's right! My very first 10/10 for a product. I really
cannot think of any other better way to package a gel liner! This creamy
stick makes it so easy to carry around too! Though it can only be twisted one
way, I don't see a problem with that. I feel that it makes one more cautious
in how much product they push out; imagine pushing too much out and
breaking it while applying, HEART PAIN!

Pigmentation: 9/10 - As seen from the above pictures, the pigmentation is
AWESOME. Just one swipe and that was the intensity I got! No base, what-so-ever!

Texture: 8/10 - Not as smooth as liquid liner but much smoother than gel liner
applied with a brush.

Blendability : 5/10 - It is a gel liner that works HARD. Being an eye liner, I
believe the last thing we want is for it to budge. This one hardly budge unless
I rub real hard [perhaps due to the creamy texture, so before it completely
settles on your lids, it is possible to try and smudge it.] But I can't imagine
why anyone will want to do that [this is not a NYX jumbo pencil-ish product
for you to use as a base anyway...]

Lasting Power: 9.5/10 - It stayed that way for over 8 hours. Yes, that rich
color stayed like that all the way till I removed my make up.

Availability:4/10 - While it is not being sold offline anywhere in 
Singapore [or at least, I have yet to see it in retail stores], BlingAlways has it!
They are selling it for just SGD $22.90.

Price: 8/10 - I am NEVER a fan of gel liner because of the hassle it brings.
However, with the clever packaging [which brings better hygiene & 
convenience] , I will say the price is damn well worth it! 

Repurchase: Yes. I did not have much anticipation upon receiving it 
from BlingAlways, mainly because I never really noticed it in magazines. I only
stare at their Love liner [same brand] and yearn for that due to the very sleek
packaging. I am extremely impressed with this upon my first application! Bring
the gel liner on! I'm actually considering to get a pink one!

Overall Rating: 8.75/10

I think you can tell from the review how happy I am with the product. Try it, 
Remember to quote "Love Himeko" for your free postage!

Go like their Facebook page now!


Wow! You are so cute!!!!
|Nana|2011/11/02 7:22 AM|
Aww, so sweet. Thank you dear!
Himeko|2011/11/03 5:23 AM|

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