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[Sponsored] Elicina Snail Cream from Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab (Review)
About 1 month ago, I received a package~

It was from Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab!

Inside there laid...

TADA! The famous Snail Cream; Elicina Plus!

Quality sealed!

Upon opening... the cream filled the whole tub well! [You know... some products have
such a huge packaging but the amount of product that actually is inside is just so

See see!

Behind all this makeup, I do have a lot of scars D:
So I'm super excited about this cream, as to whether it can save me!

To be honest, I used this before last year!
But after 2 tubs, I stopped as my doc advised me to take a break from scar cream 
after you've used it for some time as it might lose it's efficiency if I keep using it all
the way.
That being said, I used TWO TUBS prior to this, so if it wasn't effective, I wouldn't
had bought a second tub right!
But unfortunately, though the cream worked for me, I did not take progressive pictures 
then as I never really thought about doing a proper review of it.
I have snippets here and there though~

My first tub of Elicina Plus in 23rd Dec 2010  [Blogged it on 24th Dec 2010]

Here's after I've used it for about 2 weeks, 3rd January 2011
Yes, face looks terrible!

After about using 1.5 months [from day 1] of elicina plus, slight improvements!

Then bought my 2nd tub in 6th Feb 2011! [blogged it on 7 Feb 2011]

A little over 1 month of 2nd tub~ I think you can see major improvements as compared
to when I haven't used it back in 2010!

I finished this tub around late May but thankfully, my skin just continued to improve
even without the scar cream!
This is taken in July 2011~

See the huge improvement?!
From this back in Jan 2011:

To this in July 2011! [Left Side Of Face]

Being sponsored this this time round, I was determined to do a good before and after
assessment for you!
Firstly, the smell is kinda generic, just in case you think that it's gonna smell weird
or slimy just because it's a "Snail Cream," it will not!

This snail cream has a mild exfoliating effect as well.
Thus in a week, I use it once a day for 5 days and twice a day for 2 days, just to be on
the safer side as my skin can be a little sensitive at times.
[Note: For the first 2 tubs, because I did not know my skin very well so I applied them
twice a day everyday, thus they finished up so quickly! After I learnt more about my
skin type and condition, I am more careful in how I administer products on my face (:]

This was taken 1 month back [in late Sept]

And this is taken just 3 days ago.

Do note that for here, I am focusing on the RIGHT SIDE of my face since the
left side has pretty much "recovered."
I will say, the scars' appearance reduced by over 80%?
So I don't see the need to be showing you guys the left side of my face for this 
elicina log.
While for the right side of my face, though there were improvements but it was not as
significant as compared to the left side of my face (:

Compared to July, there are new scars [because I've started to break out again],
but there's definitely slight improvements as compared to September.
Bare in mind that this is taken just 1 month after I restarted the Elicina Plus.
I am very sure I will be able to see even better results in the next 2 months!
Using it once a day [most of the time], I still have so much product left after a month!
I think this tub will be able to last me a good 3 months at least :3
If you are interested in the progress of Elicina [like you want me to update my
condition after 2 months and 3 months of usage], please leave a comment and let me
know and I will note it and do it!

Hope this post was helpful to you~
I believe there are many people like me who want to know how to remove irritating
acne scars and I'm happy to say I've found a product that genuinely works on the first
try (:
I am not doing any Visual Easy Rating for this because I think my pictures can
tell you a whole lot about how it worked well enough. Description will not get anywhere
when it comes to showing you the efficiency of the scar cream as it takes time to
show result!

You can purchase Elicina Plus from Renaza Website or head down to any of their
shop to purchase it offline at:

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896  

Go like their Facebook Page [33k likes!] for the latest promotions :3


aww sounds really good (:
might just try it! :D

andd.. can i ask what lashes you're wearing?
you look so cute ^-^
|candyyyyyyy|2011/10/23 3:45 PM|
Hey dear, I think that was dolly wink no.2 sweet girly!
Yes, it really worked very well on me, highly recommend
this product (:
^^ Thank you for the compliment
Himeko|2011/10/26 4:08 AM|
hey,can i ask does it work too on the black spots? like when we squeeze a pimple and it turns brownish in color. i wanna remove them so badly. does it removes it? or do you have other solutions? thanks for the help(: <3
|SuWei|2011/11/08 12:05 AM|
Hey suwei, I have the same problem!
As you can see from the pic,nome of the brown spots are due to me
Squeezing my pimples in the past and it did work ^^ however, do
Remember that the result may vary for individuals!
|Himeko|2011/11/10 6:15 PM|

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