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[Sponsored] Naruko Classic Brightening Night Gelly - Marjoram and Lavender Review
Remember some time ago, I talked about another product from Naruko [Raw 

Well, here's the second product's review!


I think I mentioned before when I attended a essential oil workshop that
Lavender gives calming effect.
*rips the wrapper*

Comes with a little spatula! *thumbs up*

Once again, Niu Er's Naruko promotes recycling (:
Follow the directions and cut the cupboard to reuse it and store your stuff!

Closer look at the actual jar [60ml]

Upon opening the cap, the smell of Lavender and Marjoram was pretty prominent!

Not disliking it but if you are someone who don't really like your products scented, you
might not like this.
Just scoop a teeny weeny bit like this~

It's actually a lot when transferred to your hands! So always remember, don't be greedy
and scoop bit by bit instead of taking too much out [because I'm sure you know it's
not the most hygienic thing to do to put the product back into the jar]

I don't think I need to teach you how to apply on your face, right?

However, I do encourage you to take your time and massage the cream into your skin!
Skincare cannot be rushed!

This is how part of my left face looks before applying the Night Gelly

After applying all over my face, here's how my face looked the next morning.
Here I'm just showing you the overnight effect the Night Gelly has on your skin; notice
how it is supple and full, not having much shine on the face too?
[Shine = oil. Oil can be released when we over moisturize, a futile attempt by our body
to combat the lack of moisture.]

Now, let's talk about the effect and what I think after 2 weeks of daily usage:

The reason why I took so long to do this was because I decided to do it after I stopped
taking all my derma medications. [Seeing derma is a long term commitment. I already
know my skin condition, thus I don't think I want to continue the oral consumption of 
anti-biotic for fear of my skin becoming even worse than before when I stop relying on
the drug [which suppress outbreak by killing the acne bacteria]

After 2 weeks of use, I can see myself waking up with brighter and smoother looking
complexion; this shows that the Night Gelly did a great job and keeping my face
moisturized while I sleep and let the cells repair itself! With my previous night cream,
sometimes I do wake up with slightly oily skin despite the smooth texture of skin.
But looks like I've found a new holy grail product to pamper my skin while it repairs [
while I sleep!] I also noticed that my make up goes onto my face much smoother!
[Which I suppose is partly because my skin is well hydrated]

Overall, I will give the Classic Brightening Night Gelly Marjoram and Lavender a 4.5/5!
I had to take 0.5 points off the the smell as it is indeed pretty strong for most people
whom I had asked opinions from.
But.. it's has calming effect so it's really no big for me.

Oh yes, before I forget... Naruko can be bought offline at the Watsons Store [as listed
HERE] and online at

I can't really go into details about close ups of product or someething similar because
I believe the only close up that's useful when it comes to skin care product is using a
microscope or something, which is clearly not what we are looking at here. Thus I
decided to do this review in such a manner, kinda like a "narration" instead of my
usual "Visual Easy Rating" (:
Hope it is working for ya'll!


Aaaah.. So bad!
I really don't love the smell of the lavender.. But the product look so great! >3<
|Jennifer|2011/09/27 8:16 PM|
How u become so fair????? That time u post ur last time pic quite tan. HOW U BECOME SO FAIR T_T ! TEACH MEEEEEEEE!
|qwe|2011/09/27 8:54 PM|
Heh, I dont love it but since it has calming effect, I'm
not complaining!

I didn't do anything in particular. I guess I naturally
became fairer as I stopped doing sports. >.>
Himeko|2011/09/28 7:27 PM|

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