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[Event] Talika Cream Booster
Hi loves!
A little late to talk about this but as usual, better late than never, right?!

2 weeks ago, I was invited to the Talika Cream Booster event; to introduce
the new product and upcoming launch :3

It was being held at the Conrad!
Our speaker of the day! 
[he specially flew down if I did not remember wrongly!]

The lovelies on our table!
[L to R: the 2 ladies from Alexis Mag, TTJ & I]

So, here's the product in the limelight.

See those 3 "bulbs"  there?
This makes use of the increasingly popular "light therapy" concept to boost/enhance
the efficiency of our products on our skin!

Here's a brief idea of what I mean by that.

I believe the idea is kinda like using the light to "pave" a route for our products that are
sitting on our skin surface to travel deeper into our skin

The light helps stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis!
[I don't need to tell you guys what good collagen do, right?]

The product will vibrate upon touching our skin [the metal area will sense and
activate itself]

So, what will the cream booster help you to achieve?

Here's what I meant by the cream booster will activate itself!
When the metal area below the oval with the "bulb-like" things is touched...

There will be vibration and light!
It's actually pretty cool because you don't have to "on/off" it or anything like that.

The event was a really short and quick one, after the introduction and explanation of
the technology the cream booster adopts, it's refreshment time and we were free to
ask any questions we had.
It's retailing at SGD $203, in case you guys are curious.
IMHO, it is indeed a little pricey and many are probably skeptical about this "light"
therapy that many skincare boosting products/ acne treatment devices are adopting.
Let's just say, there is a reason why it's increasingly popular.
It's non-invasion, you don't have to exert pressure/ do any thing which is of much
hassle.Of course, the effects are proven, thus no worries about that. Not to forget, the
chances of you being sensitive to the product is like... almost non-existent.

So instead of spending a huge amount on visiting the derm or luxury skincare
products, or should I say ESPECIALLY for those who spend on luxury skincare
products, you should get the best out of your products with this cream booster;
maximise every penny you spent on your skincare product!

Some pictures of the refreshments


Pizza thingy?


What I took!

The refreshments tasted good :3
After the event, we had a goodies' bag with Talika mask and Bust serum.
My hard disk is not here beside me right now so I will update this part with the pictures
of the serum and mask ASAP!

Once again, thanks for the invitation :3
Not forgetting, these lovely ladies who kept me company!



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