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[Sponsored Review] Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash
Hey ladies!
I received some love 2 weeks ago!

From none other than The Sample Store!

Inside the big envelope, there's...

The new Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!

[Ahem, pretend you didn't know though the title tells it all]

As some of you might know, I have been using Holika Holika's Egg Soap for some 
time now.

The staff will give a complimentary foaming net upon purchase.

Why do they give you a foaming net and not tell you to just rub the soap on your face?

That's because foam allows us to clean our face "better!"
What do I mean by "better?"

Assuming you are 60cm wide all round, the door in front of you is just 20cm wide.
How are you going to pass that door?
Impossible, right?
It's the same for our skin!

Many people don't know that when they just rub their cleanser on their skin, they are
merely cleaning the SURFACE of the skin as the bubble size is too large to enter
our pores to clean out all the dirt. However, for a good foam, the bubble size is smaller 
than our pores, thus able to penetrate deeply and clean all the dirt inside.

Sure, you can argue that you will just lather your facial wash or get a foaming net
and foam it up yourself.
But,, here's the keyword: Good Foam
What is "good foam?"
It means it has to be dense [does not drip with flipped upside down], consistent
smooth and bouncy and has very small bubbles.
We all know that when you lather with your hands, the outcome will be flat and
when you use a foaming net, the foam is inconsistent.
Furthermore, why go through all that trouble when Biore has it all packed in a
bottle, ready to be pump out for use?

All you have to do with is just grab a bottle of Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash
[SGD $13.90/ 150ml]

Remove the plastic stopper.

Pump it out from the bottle while keeping the bottle on a flat surface.

There you have it! Good foam!
Remember what I said about Good foam?



Smooth and bouncy


I don't have a microscope to show you but the size of the Biore Marshmallow Whip
Facial Wash ultra fine foam is less than 200 microns [size of pore]!
What's more, it is enriched with Collagen (+ point) which moisturize our face!
Not to forget, collagen is also an important component for skin cell to repair.

Now that you have your foam....
Time to cleanse!

The foam is super soft!

Spreads easily :3

It does not leave skin feeling tight after wash too!

I have been a foaming net user for a long time but now that I have Biore, all the hassle
is AXED!

Hesitate no further, go get your bottle now! [You can get it from Watsons and many
other stores like super markets]

I wanted to give it a 4/5 but decided on 4.5/5 because of the pump!

Oh yes, before I forget, stand a chance to win SGD $300 H&M Voucher with their
facebook game!
Go to
You will be greeted by the instructions screen

Click "Ok" and start the game!
I'm still trying my best to grab that $300 voucher!



Thank you for the review Himeko! I love your hair colour here, you dyed it a different colour yeah? :D Looks gorgeous on you dear! <3
Phuju|2011/09/12 2:20 PM|
YOU DYE YOUR HAIR???????????????? What colour?? Very nice!!
|heyy|2011/09/14 1:36 AM|
Hello ^^ yes I've dyed it ash green (: Thanks for the compliment!

Yes, I dyed it ash green! Thanks for the compliment!
Himeko|2011/09/15 4:09 AM|
Where did u dye ur hair? & how much was it? its only dye right don't need to bleach right?
|heyy|2011/09/15 11:36 AM|
Hi dear, sorry but my hair was sponsored so I didn't pay for it. I blogged about it!
Himeko|2011/09/16 4:37 AM|

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