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[Advertorial] Where do I get my Japan Cosmetics? Try

this is the question I always face.
In the past, because of the many people who keep asking me and are as
passionate about the cosmetics [*ahem and Tsu-chan] as me, I decided to open
up a little humble spree page to help everyone get the make up I import.

To be really honest, I am not earning anything from there.
Sometimes, I even have to fork out from my own pocket when there are not
enough orders to meet the shipping...
You might say "oh, she's selling at this price, it's more expensive than that shop
so she's SURELY earning."


Selling the same product as others doesn't mean I am earning.
It depends on where we get our products from, our supplier, our agent, our
shipping charges.

Thankfully, all the people who spree-ed with me have been nothing but really
patient and understanding towards me, and I am really thankful for that.

However, I decided to stop helping to take orders for items like Candy Doll, 
Eyemazing, Decolog Who's Lashes, Dolly Wink Eye Shadows.
Reason being: I've found a shop that offers the products at a price LOWER than
what I can go.

Since my purpose of setting such sprees was to help everyone get the
products and try to do so in a pocket friendly way, I figured the best thing for
me to do is introduce that awesome shop to you guys so you lovelies can save

Here's how you can save more with this website I'm going to introduce to you!

*drum roll please*

Type this in the address bar of whichever browser you are using.
Or you can click here ->

When you reach their homepage, you will be greeted by the news of what's hot/ latest
addition to the items spree-able.

The website is really easy to navigate!
You can browse the whole list of products they carry by clicking on the Full Products List

And they are sorted in alphabetical order!

They have all the products that I previously bought on my own [with much hassle!]
I mean, I had to deal with agents, suppliers, blah blah blah.
Worst part was that for newly released items [like the candy doll base items back then],
I had to wait till I actually have a friend that is flying to Japan to get it back for me!
[because the local sellers are selling them at OUTRAGEOUS PRICES]

You guys have it easy, man!
They have the Candy Doll Base Series too!

Candy Doll Liquid Foundation [All 3 shades available at SGD $38.90 Each]

Candy Doll Powder Foundation [SGD $36.90]

Candy Doll Concealer [Available in shade 1 & 2, SGD $23.90 Each]

Of course, they also carry the first few Candy Doll products!

Candy Doll Cheek Colour

Candy Doll Mineral Powder
Available in the Original and Crystal Pearl [SGD $29.90 & SGD $30.90 respectively]
Below shown is the Original Mineral Face Powder [not shimmery]

Candy Doll Lipsticks

Now of course, these are not the only products they carry.
As I've mentioned earlier, they have Decolog Who's Lashes, Eyemazing,
Dolly Wink, Shiseido Integrate, and many many more!
go browse youself!
They have such a wide variety, one post is NOT ENOUGH to talk about them all!
I'm sure you will see something you like there.
I'm SURE. [I mean, if you love Japan make up :3]

When you've decided on all the items you want to purchase,
just drop them an email, addressed to :

So this is where I come into use :3

Yep, just quote "Love Himeko" upon ordering to receive FREE POSTAGE!
She has very kindly extended this promotion specially for my readers!

She allowed me to choose some products from her shop too!
Here's what I picked :3
4 dolly wink eye shadow palettes & 1 candy doll concealer [to complete the previous
candy doll base items that I've already bought!]

Yes, all 4 dolly wink shadow palettes!

I've been DYING to get my hands on these.
I mean, Watsons sell them at $32.90 and being a collection crazy girl here, I want to
get all 4, which will cost $131.60.
But because I have too many 88/ 120/ 180/ a gazillion tkb trading pigments,
I just can't justify buying them...
I bought my 120 palette at $20+ or something... so I thought 120 colours cost lesser
than just 4 colours, I shall not do it!
Besides, SGD $32.90 for a palette with 4 colours? Way way WAY too steep even for
a model released Japan product. [Sorry, Tsubasa T.T]

But when I saw Michiyo with them, I was totally sold.
They look so CUTE.
Yes, I'm superficial, bite me.
Then I actually realised that I do not have any eyeshadow palette to bring out for
touching up because my 88/ 120/ 180 are just TOO BIG and BULKY!

And guess what?
BlingAlways made them are TOTALLY AFFORDABLE.
Watsons: SGD $32.90
BlingAlways: SGD $25.90

Do the math, that's like a whooping 21% CHEAPER THAN WATSONS!
You save: SGD $7.00 PER PALETTE.
If you buy all 4, you save SGD $28.00

You know what you can do with that money?
You can buy a mascara from Dolly Wink from BlingAlways too!

Watsons: SGD $29.90
BlingAlways: SGD $24.90

You still have $3.10 left for lunch! :3

They are currently opening a spree for all their items again and the spree will
close on 29 August 2011.

I am really really tempted by the Love Liner!

It's been raved and used by so many models from popteen, popsister, etc.
Just to name a few models you might know that use them:
Komori Jun [Eyemazing], Kanno Yui [Melliesh], Hoshino Kana [Jewerich], Funayama
Kumiko/Kumicky [Cosmagic], 

And Chacott Loose Powder!

But I have like 10 eyeliners and 6 loose powders waiting to be used.
[Don't ask why I have so many...]
But the packaging is so sleek and pretty and so many models have it!
*Inner battle with myself*

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to BlingAlways and start shopping!
Oh, don't forget to "Like" Their facebook page for previews to new products
that they will be bringing in!


Hellozx ~ Is dollywink eyeshadow palette like shimmery or non-shimmery?
|heheee|2011/08/23 3:59 PM|
Hi, Himeko!
I`m a silent reader of yours, and I was wondering..Do blingalways ship international :D? Or just Singapore?~
Sorry if I bothered you, and always keep your good blogging! :)
|jenny|2011/08/24 12:54 AM|
Hey dear, the palette contain colours which are slightly
shimmery [the shimmers' size are small!]

Hey dear, Last time I checked with her, she only ship
locally [Singapore]. Try to email her and check ^^
her mail is
Himeko|2011/08/26 2:08 PM|

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