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Date with Deziree & Clara, Cafe Exploration Vol 2.!
Been so long since Cafe Exploration Vol 1 right?!
Because I haven't had the chance to meet Dez & Clara!

But well, finally managed to meet them and now it's my turn to bring them to
a Cafe!
They were both late...
Shame them on my facebook page!

Revealing the cafe this time....

Ngak ngak ngak~
Browsing the menu by myself first~

Unfortunately, all the items under Mac 'n' Cheese were not available that day.
bummer =/
Been wanting to try the food here for a long time since I first saw the place.
Almost had it with Tsuriki the other time but *cough* were on tight budget that day so
we skipped this.

Still waiting...

Finally, someone came! Guess who~

Both of us ordered their Iced Chocolate [SGD $7.50]

Yes, creepy girl photobombing me!

Shameless Clara, arriving SO LATE though she works in town!

Since she keep telling me I'm damn scary [cos I'm pissed off what!], I shall forgive her,

The Iced Chocolate tasted too bitter, even for a chocolate lover like me =/
It tasted really rich and thick.
Frankly speaking, I was looking to enjoying a sweet cup of iced chocolate but when it
came so thick and strong [apparently the cocoa % was pretty high, def above 60%]
I was kinda... ugh.
Unless you are a huge pure chocolate fan, don't try this.
Clara was overwhelmed and she actually asked the waitress if there was any syrup or
likewise to be added to the drink to sweeten it.
She advised to eat the marshmallow while enjoying the drink to counter the bitterness.
Clara and her bimbo-ness starts here../

Waitress: We advise customers to eat the marshmallow with the drink.
Clara: So I'm supposed to take 1 bite of marshmallow then 1 sip of the drink?
Me: ....................................................
Waitress: *eyes at me* Er... Ya.
Me: Just ignore her. -_- *hides in shame*

Clara ordered the Hot dog with Bacon


While I ordered the Tokyo Connection under cheese burger [SGD $9.50]
This is the only burger with Chicken filling if I did not remember wrongly.
I am not a huge fan of beef so =/

The time lapse from when Clara's food came and mine was huge.
By the time mine came, Clara's food was almost finished.
I would say, about a 15 - 20 minute wait in between hers and mine.
Halfway through my burger, Deziree finally arrived!
Sorry, I don't have a shot of what she ate.
I was too busy gossiping and noming my food!

For the Tokyo Connection, the fries that came along tasted like... fries from Mos 
Burger; in other words, not very special to have that distinctive "Pique Nique" fries vibe.
The burger was HUGE. I couldn't finish it despite only eating the chicken.
Okay, fact: I am not a huge fan of bread. So I only ate the lettuce and chicken. 
Yes, I don't eat tomato either.
So why am I ordering this? -_-
The chicken tasted pretty good for the first half.
There's mashed potato on top of the chicken, sandwiched between the chicken and 
the top bun. I am a chicken & potato fan so this was a huge plus point for me.
However, about halfway through the food, I started to feel the chewing process a little
tedious; left a little bit of chicken, couldn't finish it!

Okay so after gossiping and laughing like crazy [Dez and her running from camp
stories + pigs were EPIC], we went over to Cineleisure cos I wanted to check out
some caps.
Didn't have any that caught my eye so we went to Artease! [I'm like psychoing 
everyone into loving Artease!]

So lucky that someone left when we arrived!

Deziree - Grass Jelly Milk Tea
Me: Vanilla Milk Tea
Clara: Caramel Milk Tea



We sat there and chatted till almost 12.
Suddenly, Deziree mentioned she wants to watch Captain America and I'm like
"Yea, me too! But none of my friends seem interested" and Clara was like "Yea, I
wanna watch too!" then off we went to check the movie timings.
We decide things on a whim like that, lol.
Lucky for us, there's a Digital Captain America showing at 12:45am!
Went to the restroom before heading up to laze on the couches and we saw....
Steven Lim.

*palm face*

Our luck was really... daebak!
He intentionally walked pass us twice.
Okay, so gross.
He's so damn full of himself, I really wonder where all that confidence came from.
-_- rock?

Anyway, headed upstairs, bought 1 more ticket for Deziree's brother as he wants to 
watch too and we were fine with him joining us. [cough* cos... he can drive us home!]
*rubs duffy's hands tgt* ngak ngak ngak!
Dez was like telling us how we should react when he comes to get on his good side.
Clara & I went crazy over-reacting, hahaha! [before he was actually here, of course!]
Finally at a quieter place, camwhore for my blog's sake!

Didn't bring geek specs out D:


Taken by Clara

she #fail. SO BLUR


Tried to catch us off guard. SPOTTED!

Clara's like some little baby lying on me!

I know you love us... look so happy LOL.

My duffy and shelliemay!

Everyone, do my signature ngak ngak ngak please *rubs hands*

Very good!

Shameless girl, cam-napped my camera and took pics of herself -_-

Trying to catch us off guard again. BUT I CAUGHT HER! [Dez was caught off guard LOL]

muahahaha, she's forever taking blur shots!

Photobomb her again

Okay, back to steady hands ME

Shelliemay looking at camera while Duffy kept looking at Shelliemay!

Tiko Duffy!

Long forsaken wink shot!

We look like controlled mess.

Actually, only Clara was in a mess. [she forever trying to walk the "siaozhabor" route]

Dez's bro came at 12:45, just in time!
& we did not carry out any of the planned (over)reactions.

Thanks to Deziree's brother for driving all of us back!
Let's go movies tgt again next week okay!
Ending off with fail wink shot by 3 of us.


hi himeko!
can you please recommend me some natural coloured lenses to wear?

my eyes is asian eyes, haha black/dark brown colour..
i dont have the confidence to wear those bright coloured obvious lenses.. haha and im more of simple type and would want to have coloured contacts for everyday use.

thank you so much in advance.

also...................... what do you think of EX1 samsung? it has a swivel screen just like G12. I'm stuck between g12 and ex1!!!
|pop0oeeyi|2011/08/09 5:52 PM|
Ahh Himeko you look especially pretty here!!
|Naomi|2011/08/09 7:10 PM|
Aww, thanks dear, so sweet of you!

Hi dear, why not Try the GEO brown and black lenses?
For GEO, I will advise to discard them maximum 3 months
[though the shelf life is 1 year, I always discard within
3 months] for safety purposes.

I'm not sure about Samsung EX1 as I'm no a camera expert.
Just an amateur here, will be good to seek advice from
the professionals/ those selling cameras.
Himeko|2011/08/10 10:10 PM|

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