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[Event] THEFACESHOP 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration

I'm sorry for MIA-ing again.
I was on such a good momentum in July then everything went down again in August and September because the bunch of Primary 6 kids I was giving tuition to were having their PSLE that month and I had to do a lot more extra lessons with them which ended up in me having no time for myself at all. On top of that, school has started for me, which means more stress and I need time to re-adjust back to my schedule.
However, I am currently not taking so many tutees at the moment and armed with N's Alienware, I get to edit my photos and videos much smoother now so I'm hoping to jump back into blogging again!
I have like a gazillion products I have yet to review that I hoarded in the last few months from Korea.
Do follow my Instagram as I usually update there once I get my hands on my new splurges.
Talking about video, I have yet to even do a haul video for my Japan trip back in Feb (OMG) and Korea trip back in June (double OMG)

Oh yes, I will be ending my Japan trip post from last year very soon (IKR, last year wtf am I doing?!) as my days in Tokyo last year weren't all that exciting. After last year's trip is wrapped up, I will be talking about this year's trips in a different format - Part 1 & so on instead of Day because I think it's easier that way and also some days I really did not do much/ take any photos.

Okay, I'm digressing too much.
Everytime I blog, I feel like I have so so so much to share but my motivation to edit and crop all the pictures are down in the abyss once I close my browser. Anyway, Today's post is to share with you guys my recent attendance for...

The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration!
The celebration was for products from their award winning Raspberry Roots range that has sold over 1 Million pieces to date! I think I must be living under the rock because I actually didn't know about it and really wish I had sooner (I will tell you why later)

I mean, 1 million pieces is very impressive! Congratulations to The Face Shop for this milestone!

The event was held last weekend at 1-Altitude.

I was there with Kiyora and Karmun (my plus one for the day, very thankful that they allowed me to bring Karmun along with such short notice!)

Talk about one hell of a view! I have acrophobia so being at like level 2 is already very scary for me (my close friends will know how extreme my fear is) but when I was all the way up at level 61, I could not help but want to get a good look at the amazing landscape in front of me! (while going "OMG, so scary" like every few seconds)

We were gushing about how we can even see the whole MBS and how much smaller MBS looked! 

The place was very classy and the ambience was great!  the drink they were serving (unfortunately I forgot to take a snap but you can see a cup on our table in the foreground) was some sort of raspberry concoction which tasted awesome (I love berries). 

There was a mini contest held which involved making our own sign. Sadly, there is absolutely no artistic side of me at all so I did not participate to save myself the embarassment (laughs)

They will even print photos when we tag ourselves with #thefaceshopraspberryroots

Many people took pictures with their friends at the event and of course I couldn't miss out the opportunity too!

Took one with Kiyora! (Karmun is very camera shy)

They even have Ice Cream available!

Lo and behold, the new ambassador for The Face Shop is the incredibly popular Kim Soo Hyun! (I first noticed him in Dream High was felt his acting was very impressive!) The Face Shop really know how to capture attention of the ladies - I mean who can miss a dashing Kim Soo Hyun looking at you?!

Soon, the night fell and what do you know, the view got even more amazing!

At the same time, the very lovely ladies started to give us a short presentation to give us some insight into the products from the range.

All the very attentive and attractive ladies!

In case you think I haven't been paying attention and just spam photos, I did okay! In fact, I was quite surprised to know that their depuffing gel from the series was actually an idea from the Singapore office! Singapore branches received feedback from customers and gathered that we would really love an eye gel for ease of use and portability so the management team here gave the feedback to Korea and that's when the Depuffing Eye Gel was born!

They has some games (something like Pictionary) and a lucky draw (a bottle of Moet!!) which I did not participate in (stage fright) nor won (not that lucky) but congrats to all the winners!

Oh yes, We were all given with a goodies' bag at the start of the event.

Everything packed nicely in a box instead of just thrown into the bag - thumbs up for that!

My favourite thing about products coming in a box is that I get to unveil the box! (cheap thrills, I know!)

I see more boxes in the box!

Let's talk about the Sleeping Mask first!

I was extremely excited to try this on because I have been wanting to try the Laneige's one for the longest time BUT I heard that some people with sensitive skin had problems with it as the product was too rich for them. Being the worrywort I have always been, I was afraid I might be one of the unlucky few so I held myself back from buying it everytime I pass by the counter. However, I was very intrigued by the one from the Raspberry Roots range since it was made from Raspberry, one of the few fruits I love. Without hesitation, I slapped this on right after I got back from the event despite having lived under a rock and only heard of it on the evening itself.

The product dispense is a viscous gel which is kinda translucent white. The pump head look so cute please!

My verdict?
The product gets absorbed very quickly without leaving a heavy feeling on my skin. I have always struggled with sleeping in an air-conditioned room because no matter what I do, I always end up waking up with a very dry and tight face (insufficient moisturizing) or new breakouts (too moisturizing that I break out). This product actually falls in the balance between those two, giving me just the right amount of moisturizing I need without breaking me out. You have no idea how excited I was when I woke up the next morning with fresh and supple feeling skin and kept gushing to N about how great it is to finally be able to sleep in with the air-con without worrying about my face drying out! Definitely will repurchase this on my own again! Really slept my way to beautiful skin the next morning!

Next, they had a small special kit which included a travel size version of the sleeping mask (YES! I CAN BRING THIS WHEN I GO BACK TO JAPAN/ KOREA DURING WINTER!) and the depuffing gel as well as a pair of collagen eye patch.

I have yet to try the collagen mask but for the depuffing gel, while I do see a difference in the puffiness of my eyes the next morning when I wake up, I will have to use it for a longer period to see how it works out in the longer run.

I'm hoping these products can help me sleep my way to beautiful skin!
With that, I shall end my post here~
Once again, highly recommend the sleeping mask to you guys!

Look forward to talking to you guys very soon again! I am currently drafting another post with all pictures edited and ready to be inserted so it will not be too long a wait for sure! In the meantime, stay beautiful everyone!


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