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[Sponsored] Introduction to LB Cosmetics 「エルビー」and Reviews
Hello sweets!
I am back today to introduce a brand that just landed here in Singapore last month!
That's right, as you can see from my title, I'm talking about LB Cosmetics!

LB cosmetics brings you affordable high quality eco-friendly cosmetics to the mass market. Products are well made in Korea, keeping up with the market trend. Prices range from S$16.90 to S$29.90. LB symbolizes LadyBird, the European culture beliefs, Ladybird brings blessing and luck. When a Ladybird lands on you, it symbolizes “HAPPINESS, dream comes true” A Dream Comes True, bringing HAPPINESS by the magical touch of LB cosmetics and debut the true beauty within you. LB cosmetics wide range of variety, complete your daily makeup need. A total of 63 products, you'll be spoilt for choice!

LB Cosmetics is a relatively new brand even in Japan. I'm glad that it is available here in Singapore so quickly! Best of all, it is being endorsed by one of my favourite model, Lena Fujii! I remember seeing her on the ViVi cover and that was what that attracted me to grab a copy of the expensive magazine (laughs) You can't blame me - she looks like a goddess! 

M.O.S.S (S) Pte Ltd sent me some products from LB [and one box of their "Heroine Eye" lash from Diamond Lash's latest Nudy Couture Series]

Excitedly, I put on all these to give the products a try!

I'm only going to focus on the LB products for this post today.

They sent me 3 products from LB, namely:
LB Sheer Matte Mineral Pact UV  [SGD $29.90]

Super cute packaging, right?! The astronaut bunny is sooo cute!

Made in Korea~

I got the shade in Natural Ocre

It fits my skin tone perfectly!

I'm actually using all the products in my look for this post.

I am SUPER in love with this foundation! I didn't expect a mineral foundation to have such great coverage. The finish is so smooth and natural looking! It has SPF25/PA++, which may not be very high but is great for when I go give tuition since I will be indoors most of the time but want to look less "dead" so I won't scare others on the street (laughs) This gets a 9/10 from me!
Next, I will be talking about the LB Jewel Shine Rouge [SGD $19.90]

See the cute Ladybird!

Love the polka dot packaging which is just like how the ladybird looks!

That's right, made in Korea again!

My pretty lipstick in the shade Diamond Pink

Closeup of the lipstick

Swatch on my hand

So, my take on this?

LOVE IT TOO. Upon seeing the swatch being so sheer on my hands, I was kinda bumped out because I have been into bright, vibrant colors lately. However, upon putting it on my lips, it made my lips look so naturally pink and dolly! Best of all, it was super moisturizing! I had this on for hours and my lips still felt very moist - as if I had just put on lip balm! 9/10 for me again!

LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil [SGD $16.90]

Kawaii bunny again!

I was sent the pretty pink one, which was a pleasant surprised since I am really into pinks/nudes for my eyes these days.

Of course, made in Korea as of other LB cosmetics

The sharperner is attached to the end of the gel pencil, which seems to be a trend these days.

Swatch of the best selling product from LB cosmetics

My review?

Once again, LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is waterproof and extremely smudgeproof! About a minute after application, it felt like a thin film on my hand. I tried rubbing it really hard to test if it will come off and it didn't! Performed exceptionally well; a lot better than what I had expected actually! This is definitely one of my favourite eyeliner ever! 9.5/10 for this!

I will review the eyelash another time as it is a different brand. 
Overall, I am really pleasantly surprised by all the products I was sent! I didn't expect I will come to love every one of them so much! I actually hope to try more of their products, especially the other type of lipstick, lip lacquer, gradient blush pact and more gel pencil!

These products are available exclusively in Watsons. Do check them out, you will not regret it!
Remember to give LB Cosmetics Singapore Facebook Page a like for the latest news and updates!


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