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Korea: 2014/06/20 - 2014/06/26 (TBA)

Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

Japan: 2013/01/18-2013/01/24

Malaysia: 2012/09

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ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第六と七日「第22章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Six & Seven [Chapter 22]
After almost 2 years, I've finally finished my first Japan trip entry.
*cue jeers*


I know, I took so long.
Now that we are already in 2015, I'm aiming to get 2014's Jap trip up then Korea trip.
I'm going to be in Japan this year during winter again!
Flying on the 3rd of Feb, will be there on the 4th to 16th, back in Singapore at night around 9pm on the 16th!

This time, I will not be travelling too far.
The last two trips, I wanted to make good use of my JR Islandwide pass so I tried to squeeze so much stuff and I always end up falling sick within the first few days, mainly due to the harsh weather and that my body cannot adapt well. Therefore, with my body being so weak, I still tried to stress myself out and over pack my activities. Kind of a huge bummer that I cannot fully enjoy the rest of my trip after that due to fever =/ (Yes, happened for both my Japan trips, arghh!) I guess I only have my lousy immunity to blame.

On that note, my day 6 & 7 does not have much pictures because on day 6, I was quite sick so I only went out in the early afternoon, bought some stuff and walked around a little before returning to the hotel to rest. On the 7th, my flight was in the evening so I only had some time in the morning to do some stuff before heading back to the hotel to pack and set off to Haneda.

My day 6 started pretty late, probably around 12noon.
I was sleeping in and intended to do so the whole day because I was feeling horrible.
However, the hotel I was staying at required me to be away from the room between 12-3pm as they needed to clean up. I decided to head down to Ueno's Ameyoko-cho to look for kit kats!
During my first trip, I was obsessed with collecting a variety of kit kats (laughs)
Looking back, I barely ate even 1/3 of the kit kats, gave most of them away a little here and there.
Upon arrival at Ueno station, I asked the station master for directions to Ameyoko-cho.

I thought I was near the shop stated in one of the websites I found while looking for information about the kit-kats when I saw this sign but I was wrong! I still had a bit more walking to do...

Then I was at the middle of a split road. What? The station master did not mention anything about that!
So I approached the lady outside this shop for directions and she was very nice! Kept repeating how to get there to me and adding a little more information each time (laughs)

Following the kind lady's directions, I finally saw the right sign!

Unfortunately, I did not find anything at that shop! I guess the information was outdated.
If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might have seen this post that I did 2 years ago when I got the kit kats and shared some stuff I know about them. Lucky for me, I got almost all the Kit Kats available at that time from this shop in Tokyo Station called Shokoku Gotouchi Plaza (諸国 ご当地プラザ)

Though I was disappointed at that time, I thought that I should just make the best of the situation since I was already out. Also, the hotel will only finish their cleaning at around 3pm so it was still too early for me to go back... (laughs) So I went for a little walk in the park~ Since it was winter, the trees were all naked but I'm sure it will be super pretty when it's spring with all the cherry blossoms!

Random aimless walking~

I even found the Ueno Zoo! However, since I was alone, I was not in the mood to visit.

Instead, I went to where two cafes are right in the middle of the park! One of them is Park Side Cafe 

Another one, also the one I went to, is...

That's right! My undying love for Starbucks. Also, because I want to get the Tokyo edition of Starbucks card (laughs) the cafe was very crowded, so I had to sit outside~

I had not eaten my lunch yet so I ordered some bagels with my Brownie Frap (or something like that... it was a Valentine's day special!)

Even the birds look so cute with their winter coat!


That's all for day 6!
After my stroll and so called lunch, I went back to the hotel to rest. 

I only left the hotel again in the evening to get Mos Burger near my hotel and also bought a bag (laughs)
Samantha Thavasa is so cheap in Japan! With the sale, it's like a crime not to buy please!

Day 7:
The day I was bound to return to Singapore!
Since my flight was in the evening, I got up early and went to Akiba in the morning.
I know that we should always exit and go to the electronic side but since I had time and was alone, I felt a little adventurous and decided to venture the other side.
I was SO wrong. There was absolutely nothing there. Just OLs and Salarymen going to work (laughs)
I shall skip that and just start from after walking one big round and landed in front of Yodobashi

Again, I do not know much about this place and was not into anime (I wasn't into One Piece yet at that time so I was not interested in looking at any figurines)
Therefore, I only have a bunch of pictures that I took while roaming around to look for Gundam Cafe.

Well, they are pretty open about what they are offering... (laughs)

Pachinko everywhere...

I even came across a huge Donki! I did not go in that time but I went in to take PuriKura one year later (which was last year) with Tsuriki!

The worship ground (or rather, town) of AKB48.

I finally found my Gundam Cafe!

Unfortunately, the menu was not to my liking and the only milk tea I ordered from there was so bland and not worth mentioning about at all.

I did not get anything from my trip to Akiba.
Felt like I wasted my time going there and spending the last few hours I had before I flew back.
I did not even have any time to eat before I left for the airport so I had to settle for ramen. The ironic thing is that I did not have any ramen during my 7 day trip in Japan though I was in the land of ramen (laughs)

YES. I did it!
I finished the post 2 years late but I did it!

Okay, now to work on my Japan trip from last year.... 
I shall end with some instagram pictures of my Kit Kats!


ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第五日「第21章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Five [Chapter 21]
Hello people!
I've been saying I want to change my way of blogging my travelogues back to pictures and words instead of collages but never got to doing it because I was very stubborn about wanting to complete what I started but I am sooooo busy and never seem to have the hours to sit down and dedicate my time to doing it. I've finally given up on being so stubborn and managed to bring myself to it because I will be going back Japan again next Feb! Yes, going back for my yearly Feb Winter Japan trip! If I don't stop being stubborn, I will never ever get to doing anything at all! I can't wait to return to Disneyland and Disneysea and take lots more pictures! I will be going Disneysea with Tsuriki during my next trip too, sooooooo excited! The last time we met in Feb earlier this year, we went Shibuya for some shopping and then Akihabara to buy her camera and Neoprints. Okay, I'm digressing too far! Thinking about all that and how I will be dying to share when I get back, I "let it go" and got to doing it. It's like liberation! I managed to complete the remaining of my 2013 February Japan trip photos in just one day (although there weren't that much left)! I can finally get to this this year's Feb Japan trip and Korea trip after this! 
Today's post will be about my first trip ever to Disneyland!

I didn't bring my camera for the first part of the trip here because it was raining.
Part of the reason why we decided to go was because it was raining that day, which means less people will go!
Usually you will require one whole day to clear all the rides in the part but Karmun and I only took half a day (around 3~4pm we were already done!) so I will say it was a great decision!

I have quite a lot of pictures of many different mascots but I will only show those that are more popular/ I like.
This duck is so cute! Nobody wanted to take pictures with him so he started banging the wall (laughs)
After that, children started queueing up for a photo with him!

Popular Daisy duck

Pluto! (I still don't know why is pluto a dog on all fours while goofy is not)

Goofy trying to play peek a boo but he is kinda bigger than the pole... (laughs)

The wildly popular Mickey Mouse.
The queue to take a photo with him is even longer than some rides!

The villains whom no one wanted to take pictures with (laughs)
The little kid is so cute to approach them when they acted upset~

SEE! This is why you need to go with a group of friends.
You can do silly things like this!

I don't know who that wolf is... But they were entertaining the crowd so I took a picture.

The cute pigs! I made a collage in the order of the story~ Straw, sticks and brick house!

I didn't take much of the surroundings but all the store displays were so pretty!

The castle~

A statue of Walt Disney and his fine creation, Mickey Mouse.

They had these pretty artwork lined up in the order of the story of Cinderella
The horrible stepmother and poor Cinderella sweeping

Appearance of her fairy godmother

Cinderella running from the ball because time is up and everything's gonna revert back!

The prince found her!

Prince returning with Cinderella, yay!

The cute seven little dwarfs! They were chasing each other and dancing around, super cute!!

Stitch and Angel looks kinda weird to me...

The 3 cute aliens! They really need mascots too!

I have been maintaining in this post with no selfie so far so allow me to spam some while I was waiting for my delicious waffles! (Thanks to Karmun who went to queue and buy them!)

Her brown sugar waffle (with something else that I can't remember 'cos it's too long ago >.<)

Mine is chocolate, as usual!

I loved this picture but her photobomb ):

I guess I will settle for this!

Best part is that it tasted as amazing as it looked!

After that, we went to sit by the track where the evening parade was going to commence on.
I had a video but it is not clear so I decided to share some pictures.
They look so much prettier in real life, my pictures don't do any justice (cries)
Anyway, below are just lotsa pic spams of the parade!
I tried to cut down by a lot but it still end up with a lot (laughs)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (who I didn't capture earlier)

Alice on her Cheshire Cat

This innocent looking dragon...

Breathes fire! (in this case, I guess it is just fuming, no pun intended)

Snow White!

Peter Pan and the crew!
I couldn't capture the handsome face of the guy dressed up as Peter Pan T.T
He looks soooooo good looking!

What's this? 


Dimming the lights...

To change the Genie into another color!

So gloriously pretty I can't even...

Aladdin and Jasmine

See how meticulous they are with the details?

Winnie the Pooh!

How can we forget about Toy Story?

Nemo! (So sad that they don't have Dory with it)

Well, if you count the really tiny and non flashy ones with the turtle

I didn't catch the front of Sully and Mike because I was trying to soak in the awesomeness as well as take photos at the same time that I eventually fell behind time =/

But I still managed to catch the cute Boo!

Cinderella, one of my favourite princess!

See how her dress changed! Using lights is such a brilliant idea!

The prince is so funny! He was busy turning left and right showing off the glass slippers!

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck's love train!

Okay, maybe it's no a love train because there are other people on it.

Mad kawaii pigs! 

Do you know them?

Chip and Dale! I used to watch them a lot when I was young!

Can you see Stitch?

The last one was Marie from the Aristocat!

That's the end of the whole parade~
It lasted quite long but I was never bored!
Usually there will be fireworks after the parade but there wasn't that night ):
Sad! We were looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the beautiful castle!
But overall, it was a magical experience!

To be honest, the rides in Disneyland are really kiddy.
It's really a place to let your inner child run wild.
So don't expect any thrilling rides; they are mostly (or rather, all of them I think) slow and mild rides.
I know that there are some characters that kids these day don't even know!
How sad is that?!
It's still a long way before I blog about my DisneySea trip earlier this year but Disneysea is definitely a place for the older crowd to get tons of fun from the rides.
Next post will be up in either a day or two.
I will be combining the last few days of my Tokyo stay because I didn't take much photos in Tokyo since there really isn't any fancy or sightseeing places in Tokyo - just buildings everywhere.
Till next time!

ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第四日「第18章から第20章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Four [Chapter 18 to 20]
I was just browsing through my day 4 photos and I realised there are not a lot taken that day so I decided to edit and do this post up spontaneously. I spent 4 straight hours filtering and editing because my laptop was giving me problems (laughs)
Anyway, it's 4.17am now, will probably be around 4.45 by the time I get all the photos uploaded and pasted here with translations...
Well, here you go, Day 4 of my Japan trip last year (I know... trying to rush through as you can see, so I can get to this year's two trips!)

Chapter 18: Harajuku
Day 4
We woke up early so we can get to Tokyo early.
I am alone for this part~
Of course, my first stop will be Harajuku!
It's time for some shopping!

Chapter 19: Mitaka
I only had around an hour of alone time so I couldn't finish my shopping.
I did not buy much. I only managed to head down Takeshita Street and Laforet Harajuku.
I didn't get to walk around Omotesando... Such a pity. Well, it's okay.
I will definitely return during my next trip to Japan!

Next venue was Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka! The tickets go on sale a specific dates and 
you can purchase for specific dates and time. Also, do note that you will not be able to use
the ticket you purchased to enter on any other time or date besides the one stated on your
ticket. Therefore, to everyone who is interested in heading here, do remember to buy your
tickets in advance. You can purchase it at LAWSON. Do buy and print your ticket using the
Loppi machine in the LAWSON convenience store~

Top left is the timetable for the bus to the Museum from Mitaka Station.
Note that the museum does not allow photography inside.
Such a pity because it was really pretty inside.

Before this trip, I have never seen snow before.
Therefore, I was very excited during that time whenever I saw snow!

After the Studio Ghibli Museum, it was some alone time again.
In other words, shopping time!
I went to the popular Shibuya!
Super excited!
Only after I arrived at Shibuya did I realise that I have yet to eat anything for the day.
Therefore, my first place was...

Ma Maison's Pasta and Ice chocolate were delicious~
To be honest, I love shopping alone (laughs)
When I am shopping alone, if I see something i like, I will buy it immediately.
I do not need others' opinions at all.
It is definitely not lonely at all!
Am I weird?
Doing this (shopping alone) makes me feel free and I like that.

After I was done with my own shopping, I went to the WC store to help Tsuriki get
some stuff. Before I returned to the hotel, I went to see the Hachiko statue first.
Happy~ (laughs)

Today's Get!

There you go, day 4!
I didn't do much photo taking because firstly, the museum did not allow it and secondly, I don't think it is polite to be snapping away in a shop when you are shopping.
Also, do check out this link for those interested in heading over to the Studio Ghibli Museum.
It shows you how to purchase the ticket from the Loppi machine in Lawson.
I will recommend those who want to head down to buy the ticket on your first day in Japan (you can only purchase the ticket in Japan) as you can only buy tickets within 10 days from the date itself if I am not wrong (E.g if you are there on the 4th, you can buy tickets for 4th - 14th) and there is also the risk of tickets being sold out (only limited amount of tickets are up for sale each day).
Also, note that if you purchased tickets for, let's say 4th of August & entry at 2pm, you will not be able to use the ticket to go at any other day or time. 
Sorry, I am very sleepy now on top of having fever so I don't even know if I am typing right (laughs)

Alright, goodnight!


ヒメコの旅日記 - 京都第三日「第11章から第17章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Kyoto Day Three [Chapter 11 to 17]
I know, I've been dead.
So to make up for that, I will stop doing collages for my travel diary because I am WAY behind time.
I'm still at last year's Japan trip when I have already gone to Japan again this year as well as Korea!
I am surprised at my inefficiency as much as you guys...
I look at other bloggers who can balance work and blogging plus have a social life (some even have kids!) and I feel so ashamed that I got motivated to get my ass back working (laughs)
So here you go, chapter 3 from my January 2013 Japan trip.
Next chapter onwards will go back to slapping the pictures with captions below them so I can get them up ASAP.
I might backtrack and remake them into collages in future if time permits.

Chapter 11: Kyomizudera
Day 3
Breakfast is very important!
The food from Mcdonald in Japan really looks like the pictures!

It was really early in the morning so all the shops were closed.
There was absolutely no one... except for this cute dog.

We are here!

Everybody's wish...

Many types of charms

This place was much bigger than I thought.

It is a must to have ice cream in winter!

Chapter 12: Silver Pavilion
Compared to the Golden Pavilion, the Silver Pavilion looked less impressive.

Where are we heading next?

Bear date? Cute bear family~

In such a cold weather, warm canned soup is the best!
The corn potage soup was delicious!

Chapter 13: Yasaka Shrine
Did you guess correctly?
Our next stop was Yasaka Shrine!

Candy apple! No no, I meant Candied fruits!

Karmun is in the picture again (laughs)


This looks good but it wasn't delicious at all...

Chapter 14: Kodaiji
Thanks to this couple, we managed to find our next destination.
We got lost trying to find Kodaiji and this kind couple walked us to the shrine!

Chapter 15: Gion

Chapter 16: Kyoto Station (Sorry, picture has a mistake, it still says Gion and I'm too tired to change now.)
Kyoto's Tsujiri is the best! Super delicious~ Compared to the one in Singapore, this is slightly
more bitter. However, I actually prefer the Kyoto version.

Chapter 17: Shinseikai
Our last stop was Shinseikai~

But we didn't find it very interesting...

We forgot to eat so we ended up having bento (laughs)

That concludes my third day!
I will probably post a few reviews before I get the 4th post up.
Anyway, I will hasten all the travelogues (:
Oh yes, and I have a ridiculous amount of cosmetic reviews coming up!
I bought a lot this year compared to the last two years.
I'm sure my older readers will remember the days when I bought eyelashes like no tomorrow.
After that, I kinda got bored and realised I have way too much to finish anytime soon so I stopped buying
cosmetics for about 2 years.
Cosmetic crazy monster is back.


ヒメコの旅日記 - 京都第二日「第7章から第10章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Kyoto Day Two [Chapter 7 to 10]
Sorry for the almost 4 months delay from part 1 to part 2.

Anyhow, it is extremely warm right now, spent a long time staring at my photos, filtered the pictures from 160+ to this amount and seriously, I am so cock-eyed right now I can't feel my eyeballs. 
So I deserve to get a nice cold bath at 2.30am before updating with English translations.
Hold on tight, I will be back with translations soon but meanwhile, feel free to read it if you understand and correct me if I made mistakes (which I am sure I did).
I'm sorry that the sentence(s) got shorter because honestly, my eyes are so cocked I didn't even felt like writing anything but I still made an effort to offer at least a line so forgive me.

Translations updated!

Kyoto Station is huge! I was shocked! If I were alone, I will definitely freak out~ Thankfully, I wasn't alone! Karmun was my saviour! So relieved!

Chapter 8: Kinkakuji
Did you guess correctly? Isn't it beautiful?

My skin was in a terrible condition... depressed.
The bird (?) is feeling cold too? (laughs)

I bought a lot of charms for my family and friends!

Having ice cream in winter is the best!

Chapter 9: Arashiyama
Next stop is Arashiyama!
(Moon Crossing Bridge - direct translation)
(Hozu River)

Limitless sky...

There are all sorts of music box in the Music Box Museum. I did not take any photos inside... They were really pretty but I am not a big fan of music box so I did not buy any. Looking back, I feel a bit regretful.

Why did we come to Arashiyama?
The reason is: Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama!

The hike was really frustrating... Painful... Difficult!
Actually, you can deposit your bag(s) at the bottom of the mountain but I did not know! Karmun forgot to tell me. I had to carry my bag. My bag was really heavy! 6KG at least! I wanted to die!

Monkey: What are you looking at?
Splendid view...

I know I've said it countless times but I am going to say it again: I want to go back!

Beside the girl : I did not notice it at that time... It's dangerous! Where are her parents? Seriously...
Beside the sign : Did I really climb 160 metres?
Monkey: What are you looking for?

what are you looking for?! 
But they are adorable!

I want to eat~
Give it to me~

Left to right, Top down.
1. Bully!
3. Scary!
4. Another enemy?
5 & 6. Fighting SFX.
7. Got it!
8. Run!!

Cool monkey? Eating Leisurely~ (laughs)

Monkeys Right to Left:
1. Mr. Monkey, what are you doing?!
2. Run!
3. See no evil...

The fluffy clouds look like cotton candy.

Hungry~ What should we eat?

The meat croquette was delicious!
The one at the bottom was so-so though...

I'm not too sure but I think she is a Maiko.

Once again, I am eating maccha!
We shared a cup!
The taste was no bad but compared to Tsujiri, the latter was better.

Green Tea Au Lait : Tasty!
Black Honey Maccha Tofu : It was only so-so.

Chapter 10: Kyoto Station
The lights on the stairs made it so pretty!

Looking down from the top of the stairs was really scary!

Walking in the Skyway at night feels great~

The last thing I saw before heading back to the Hotel.
I was relunctant to leave but for the sake of another long day tomorrow, I had to go back to the hotel.


All about Kit Kats from Japan
It has been about 3 months since my Japan trip and as you can see, only part 1 is up so far. I'm having exams in less than 3 weeks so I don't have the time to do up that photo diary.

Anyway, I uploaded the pictures of the Kit Kats I bought about 1 month ago, which meant I actually edited them at the end of Feb and I completely forgotten about them...

So since I haven't posted in a while, I shall just show you guys what I got if you haven't already watched my youtube video.

Before I start, you can visit Kit Kat Japan's Website HERE.

The Small boxes [the ones I got from Kyoto] contains 5 Minis while the bigger boxes contain 12 Minis. I didn't buy any Premium box as each Premium box contains 10 small boxes, each containing 3 Minis [therefore, a total of 30 Minis in 1 Premium Box], which is just way too much. From what I know, there are only 3 Premium Flavours - Sakura Maccha, Uji Maccha and Wa-Ichigo. As for the pricing, I can't be 100% sure since my memory is not the best thing about me but I vaguely recall the price of the box of 5 Minis to be around 380¥, box of 12 Minis at 840¥ and the Premium box at 1600¥.

The places I bought the Kit Kats from does not mean they are the local specialty. You can see which Kit Kat belong to which Prefecture/ area HERE.

Bought From Gifu Prefecture 「岐阜県」

Chilli Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 八幡屋礒五郎一味 」

Shinshu Apple Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 信州りんご」

Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ ブルーベリーチーズケーキ味」
Bought from Kyoto Prefecture 「京都府」

Hojicha Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 伊藤久右衛門ほうじ茶」

Uji Maccha Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 伊藤久右衛門抹茶」

Cinnamon Biscuit Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 聖護院八ッ橋」

The rest are from Tokyo Station First Avenue, Shokoku Gotochi Plaza[shop name] 「東京都」
I think it's located at B2? I'm sorry but I can't remember!
Anyway, if you are looking to buy Kit Kats in Japan and you are only heading to Tokyo, you can get most of the flavours available in Japan at this shop.
The ones below are all bought from there, the ones I bought above can also be found there.

Citrus [Lemon, Orange, Lime] Golden Blend Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 柑橘黄金ブレンド 」

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ ストロベリーチーズケーキ味」
Azuki Sandwich Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ あずきサンド味 」

Brown Sugar Syrup Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 榮太樓黒みつ」

Rum and Raisin Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ ラムレーズン」

Sweet Potato Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ 紅いも」

Amaou Strawberry Kit Kat 「キットカット ミニ あまおう苺」

There's another Uji Maccha (as pictured below), which I did not buy because I wasn't sure if there is any difference from the Uji Maccha I bought from Kyoto itself [FYI, Kyoto is famous for Maccha] since they are basically called the exact same thing. Therefore, I decided not to waste my money and buy the Premium box and end up with 30 mini Kit Kats just because I want to satisfy the curiosity of whether there is any difference in taste.

Uji Maccha Kit Kat [from the Premium Box]
Picture from Google Image Search.

I got a box of the Wa-Ichigo and Sakura Maccha from Karmun and another box of Wa-Ichigo again recently from the very lovely person who bought Shiroi Koibito and Tokyo Banana for me when she went to Japan.

Wa-Ichigo Kit Kat 「キットカット 和苺」

Sakura Maccha Kit Kat 「キットカット 桜抹茶」

I only took 1 Wasabi Mini Kit Kat 「キットカット わさび」from Karmun cos I wasn't planning on eating it at all, just for photo purpose.

I do know there are quite a few more flavours of Kit Kats but I'm not sure if Japan still has them or that the shop ran out of stock. Some examples that I didn't get to buy and know of are Yubari Melon Kit Kat, Soy Sauce Kit Kat, Almond Tofu Kit Kat, Edamame Kit Kat, Lectier Pear Kit Kat, Tokyo Skytree Edition Orange Kit Kat. However, the first 3 are not listed on their official website so I'm not quite sure if they are still in production.

In Japan, Kit Kats are really popular. Behind each Mini Kit Kat, there is an area for you to write your message to whoever you are giving it to. This is because in Japan, Kit Kats are given to friends, especially high school students taking their examinations, as a symbol of good luck/ success because in Japanese Kit kat is called "Kitto Katto/キットカット", which sounds close to "Kitto Katsu/キット勝", meaning "Win without fail/ definitely succeed." 

Trust Japan to market something like that, yes?

Alrighty, turned out to be a post longer than I expected. I was intending to finish this post in 15 minutes but then I started typing more and more -_-
I have yet to open any of my Kit Kats because I am caught in the dilemma of which to open first. So far, I've only eaten the Wa-Ichigo, which is awesome by the way, since I have 2 mini boxes. I'm looking forward to ripping the boxes soon - that is, if I can even do that.


ヒメコの旅日記 - 大阪第一日「第1章から第6章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Osaka Day One [Chapter 1 to 6]
Yay, my travel diary for my first day in Osaka, Japan is here!
Everything is in Japanese.

It's almost 4am now, I only had 4 hours of sleep the day before and I have to wake up in 2.5 hours for school so I'm not going to post the translation till I get home tonight from school & work [which will be around 10pm so check back at 10pm if you can't understand!]

I've updated with English translations below each collage!

Chapter 1: From Kansai Airport to Osaka
First Shinkansen Ride

During the ride, I was super excited!

This is my travel partner, Karmun. You will see a lot of her backview in my photos!

Chapter 2: New Osaka Hotel to Minoh Park.
A small incident happened during the Hankyu Train ride. We thought we board the wrong train. Actually, it was the right one...
(I forgot to mention in the collage that we got down from the train and changed to another train when actually, the first train was also correct)

We have arrived! Why were we so happy? The reason is simple~
It was snowing! You can't really see it in the photo... I am satisfied though!

Chapter 3: Minoh Park

Chapter 3: Minoh Park. First Stop: Cafe and Bar Hashimototey
My Matcha Cake was a new item! Delicious!
My friend had New York Cheese Cake. It tasted very fluffy. Tasty!

Chapter 3: Minoh Park
I love the vending machines! Super convenient! I can have the milk tea that I love anywhere thanks to the vending machines!

Freezing! That temperature that day was 2 degrees! I felt that this place will look nicer if it was Spring.

Snow~ That was my first time seeing snow! I can die without regrets now.
Finally, we arrived!

It was really pretty! I forgot all my tiredness when I saw the waterfall. Can you spot the rainbows?

How is it? Pretty, isn't it? I want to go back~
Ah! Before you leave Minoh Park, remember to try the fried maple leaves! Very tasty!

Chapter 4: Umeda and Shinsaibashi
The truth is, I was really beat and hungry after Minoh park. I was not in any mood to take photos at all. Sorry! The items in the photo above were bought in Umeda and Shinsaibashi. The bag was really cheap (50% discount!) but the cosmetics were really expensive!!

Chapter 5: Minami (Namba)
One Piece Exhibition!! I was surprised when I saw the poster! It was such a pity because I did not have the time to visit the One Piece Exhibition...

Kani Doraku and Glicoman!

Takoyaki was super delicious. Really, really tasty! This is no doubt the best Takoyaki I've had so far!

Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba! It was not extremely tasty but as compared to Singapore, it is still much better here. I forgot what I drank though...

Chapter 6: Hozenji Yokocho - Last stop: Meotozenzai
The last stop for the day was Meotozenzai! We went to Hozenji Yokocho just for the sake of the zenzai. I felt that it was too sweet so I didn't really liked it.

There, all done for the first day! I'm sorry if some parts of the translation sounds stupid or didn't make a lot of sense (this is directed at the grammar nazis out there) because I tried to phrase them as close to the Japanese version as possible. For example, in the collage with the cakes, first I used "Umai", second I actually used "Oishii". Direct translation from Japanese to English can sound quite stupid at times because it can't convey the true "emotions" behind... I'm sure those of you who understand Japanese know what I'm saying!

Anyhow, short and sweet! I know I said I will be doing a FAQ Post for my trip as I received quite a few emails asking me about how I got around Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo but that will have to wait as there are quite a lot of grounds to cover and I figured if I want to do it, I might as well do a more comprehensive one so it can help any readers who want to travel to these places in the future.



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