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Diamond Lash DL51593 がーリ Eye [Girly Eye]

You guys are so lucky~
I'm in such a lash mode again xD
Here's the star of today:

DL51593 Eye がーリ  Eye [Girly Eye]

Overview of lashes

Close up on lashes

Upper Lash: Diamond Lash DL51593 がーリ  Eye [Girly Eye]
Lower Lash: Diamond Lash DL51591 クール Eye [Cool Eye]

In Flash

Side View of  lash

Closed eye view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Girly Eye*:

 Volume (6/10) - Volume wise, it is pretty dense but because the lashes are
made to have lash strands longer towards the tail, it don't look that volumious.

 Length (lash strands) [6/10] - Love the way the strands are made! The side
that starts from the inner corner of eye is short and slowly lengthens as it
goes to the tail. I didn't think of using this pair because I thought I should
leave it for days when my eye make is more obnoxious but when SY darling
came over my house to try on my cosmetics, she tried this on and it looked
gorgeous so I was like "OMG I HAVE TO TRY IT TOMORROW", which I did ;D

 Length (lash band) [7/10] - This doesn't feel as long as the other diamond
lashes~ Though I love lashes with long lash band, I think it is very well made
because it turns out looking great too!

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes!

 Comfort [8/10] - Very comfy as always! (That's what I love about the all
the lashes I buy!)

 Reusability [8.5/10] - Yes, yes, yes! It feels pretty strudy too! I think the
fact that the lash strands are very densely packed made the lash band much
strudier compared to other diamond lashes' lash bands. Though I only used it
once so far, I like what I'm feeling [feels like I'm molesting the lashes xD] and
being someone with so much lashes, I can tell you that my judgement is pretty

 Price [8.5/10] - Most definitely since it's so reusable and so strudy!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*I feel that this pair is very versatile and can be used with many different types of eye make!*

That's all for nao. 
I'm so into doing lash reviews again (laughs) 



Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]

Did you see that right?
Eyelash reviews are making a comeback!
I figured it's about time I fulfill all the request regarding the new falsies I have
[actually not new anymore since I stopped eyelash review so long ago~]

So here's a new eyelash review to kick start the whole series again!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]

I've been using this pair alot!

Close up of eyelashes

So I'm sorry for lousy shots.
The lighting just wasn't/ refused to work!

Upper Lashes: Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]
Lower Lashes: DL51596 フェミニン Eye [Feminine Eye]

How the false lashes look on eye

45 degree view

Blurry, but you can see the lashes naturally curl upwards.

Side view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Beauty Eye*:

 Volume (6/10) - Not really providing much volume, but significant enough
to tell you are wearing falsies. Thin strands between thick strands.

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - Pretty long as you can see from the side view
and I really like that xD It helps to make my eyes look bigger when I push the
lashes up, giving the "open" effect to my eyes.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Like all other diamond upper lashes, the very
long lash band creates the illusion of your eyes being longer. And with the
long lash strands, it balance out and give a larger eye effect.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes!

 Comfort [8/10] - Very comfy as all my lashes are (Why I LOVE Japanese

 Reusability [7/10] - Definitely reusable. However, since the lash strands
are pretty thin and the lash band feels kinda more vulnerable compared to
the hot pink and purple tray lashes. Extra care must be taken when cleaning
the lashes!

 Price [8.5/10] - CHEAP. About SGD $22 for 5 pairs [Japan quality!], if you
think this is still expensive, go shoot yourself!

Overrall Rating: 7/10

*This pair is very compatible with natural makeup!*

That's all for nao. I'm so happy to be doing an eyelash review after so long!



Diamond Lash DL51595 フレンチ Eye [French Eye]

been a long long time since the last review yes?
Main reason being I bought them to make myself happy but don't really
feel like wearing any of the new ones I bought.....
I don't know, I guess when they came my interest died a little.
Now that it (japanese cosmetics in general) is coming back, I am here with
yet another review!

Today I will be talking about....

Diamond Lash DL51595 フレンチ Eye [French Eye]

Yes, I think this is the first light pink tray I've tried!
(I know right, I bought these months ago >.<)

Closer look at the lashes

I decided to present the pictures in a different albeit easier to look at way!
(an effort to proof I'm less lazy xD)
sidenote: look at how pretty the sparkle blue from tkb is!

Side view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - French Eye*:

 Volume (4.5/10) - Well, don't expect volume from this! This one is pretty
much of a "natural" look eyelash, with exception of the tail of lash (which gives
off the "layering lash" effect)

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - Not outrageously long, pretty natural looking
as you can see!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Given how the effect of the lashes are
supposed to give (which is natural), I think the length of lash band is just
right. If it's a little longer, it will not look natural anymore and kinda weird I

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes!

 Comfort [8/10] - Very comfy as always! (That's what I love about the all
the lashes I buy!)

 Reusability [/10] - Definitely! I was quite careful with cleaning this because
for the light blue tray ones I used, they seem to be not up to standard and
vulnerable... So I'm quite happy with this that the standard is back to usual!

 Price [8.5/10] - Most definitely since it's so reusable and not very fragile!

Overrall Rating: 7/10

*Using this pair with neutrals will be very good to give off the natural look!*

That's all for nao. Blog later when I'm home! 



Diamond Lash Light Pink & Blue trays


Added the pictures!
And bottom of each post, jugem now has the share on FB button!
Cool xD I can just share it to my FB in future~

Hello lovelies.
I finally got the annoying video up.
Ultra long but I didn't do another intro or smth...
I didn't even do an ending T.T
So I just squeezed the 2 new series into a video (laughs)
Maybe that's why windows live movie maker hates me for so long.
That aside, I'm at work now so I will just put up the embedded video here.
Pictures from the video will be uploaded and put into this post when I'm home (:

Here are the close up of lashes.
Credit me if you take it or I'll bite.
And I'll know!

Diamond Lash Light Blue Trays

DL51586 セクシー Eye (Sexy Eye)

DL51587 リッチ Eye (Rich Eye)

DL51588 セレブ Eye (Celeb Eye)

DL51589 キュート Eye (Cute Eye)

DL51590 チャーミング Eye (Charming Eye)

DL51591 クール Eye (Cool Eye)

Diamond Lash Light Pink Trays

DL51593 がーリ Eye (Girly Eye)

DL51594 ビューティ Eye (Beauty Eye)

DL51595 フレンチ Eye (French Eye)

DL51596 フェミニン Eye (Feminine Eye)

DL51597 ベイビー Eye (Baby Eye)

DL51598 モデル Eye (Model Eye)

I love my camera, captured the lashes really clearly!
So if you are very interested in them and want a good look of it, my pictures
serve that purpose well! (beams)

That aside, look out for my Bio Essence post tomorrow or later!
Have yet to upload the pics but the event was pretty fun.
Met nice people there~ (laughs)
And some familiar faces too!

It seems like I will have reviews piling up soon (glooms)
Catch you laterr.

I have another new year resolution to add on:
keeping my word to blog what I am supposed to (laughs)
And also to treat myself nicer (no more retail therapy please T.T)



Diamond Lash DL55104 ラブリー Eye [Lovely Eye]

been quite some time, yes? (laughs)
More lashes that I ordered are coming soon, probably within 2 weeks.
So I thought I should try and clear some reviews xD

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL55101 ゴージャス Eye [Gorgeous Eye]
^ Lower Lash - Diamond Lash DL55104 ラブリー Eye [Lovely Eye]

Left Eye

Right Eye

Side view

Closed Eye top view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Lovely Eye*:

 Volume (7/10) - I really love this pair! Kinda looks like the Eyemazing lower
lash, which I love too! (laughs) Volume for lower lash usually ain't crazy, or
at least I don't make it too crazy looking (if you realise I don't like to stack
lashes, be it upper or lower lash)

 Length (lash strands) [8.5/10] - Pretty long ^^ but then again, just like
my other lower lash (laughs)

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Just right for the enlarging effect, but there is
still room to be longer (for those with bigger eyes~ since my eyes are tiny)

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes ^^

 Comfort [8/10] - Wear it properly and there will be no problem. Did not
cause any discomfort at all.

 Reusability [8.5/10] - Definitely with proper care. However I get very
paranoid about pulling the strands off the band these days because that seem
to happen more frequent now... (I think because I am getting lazier to clean
my lashes after use T.T)

 Price [8.5/10] - Too cheap to be real! (But yes, it's real and awesome quality)

Overrall Rating: 8/10

*hardly any eye makeup left, but when using them I will recommend less
intense makeup around your face as the lashes really helps the eyes to
scream for attention and thus you don't want to go too heavy on other parts
of your face or you end up too loud.*

lallala, that's all!
Back to playing Causality!
I just realised they released so many special editions!
(Yes, I'm bored at work, laughs)



Diamond Lash DL51152 キャッツ Eye [Cats Eye]

Have been some time since the last upper lash review yes?
I've been busy being lazy and setting the spree page.
Spree will start this saturday, so ladies please get your wallets ready (beams)

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL51152 キャッツ Eye [Cats Eye]
^ Lower Lash - Diamond Lash DL55105 ヌーディ Eye [Nudy Eye]

Left Eye

Right Eye [Sorry, don't have right eye only. Forgot about the close up]

Side view

Closed Eye top view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Cats Eye*:

 Volume (7/10) - It's kinda light but heavier nearing the end~ Looks quite
natural [maybe because I stuck it close to my lash (laughs)]

 Length (lash strands) [7.5/10] - Pretty long, just like all the other lashes (:
It accentuates the eyes!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Covers my whole lid length till the very end just
right! Love it!

 Ease of Application [8/10] - I'm wondering if I really need this section T.T
the ratings are always the same! I really need to try some lower end lashes
to see if there really is a difference x.x

 Comfort [7/10] - Definitely! [I think I'm sounding like a broken tape recorder]

 Reusability [7/10] - Like what I always say, proper care will ensure your
lashes [be it cheap or expensive] to last long (: I've used this for 5 or 6 times
and it's still going strong~

 Price [8.5/10] - $22 for a box of 5 pairs, what more can you ask for?!

Overrall Rating: 7.5/10

*Eye makeup all faded by the end of the day~ Despite being pretty long and
all, I think it still looks very natural! (:

My brother is back from Bangkok! He bought a few things for me.
I'm gonna post it later when I get home~
Feel so lazy to transfer to the computer, what's wrong with me T.T



Diamond Lash DL55105 ヌーディ Eye [Nudy Eye]

It's time for another review [since I'm at work, can't upload the pictures from

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL51152 キャッツ Eye [Cats Eye]
^ Lower Lash - Diamond Lash DL55105 ヌーディ Eye [Nudy Eye]

Left Eye

Right Eye [Sorry, don't have right eye only. Forgot about the close up]

Side view

Closed Eye top view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Nudy Eye*:

 Volume (6/10) - Not anything outrageous, thickness of each segment is well
evened out.

 Length (lash strands) [8/10] - The lash strands are actually pretty long~
Especially towards the tail of the lash whereby it gets longer.

 Length (lash band) [7.5/10] - Slightly shorter compared to other lower
lashes I have used.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - Pretty decent (: nothing fussy, no problem with
the lash band.

 Comfort [7/10] - Quite comfortable, but occasional poking on my lower
eye area, above cheeks as the strands are pretty long at the end and
slightly curled.

 Reusability [8.5/10] - 4 uses, still as good as new ^^ Need I say more?

 Price [8.5/10] - Average out to about $5 per pair, it's cheap cheap cheap!
you get 5 pairs in a tray, so no worries about spoiling and not being able
to get the same model! [which I always fret over :x]

Overall Rating: 7/10

*hardly any eye makeup left, but going for a nudy look so not a big problem.
However maybe because it's slightly different from other lashes I used
[like dolly wink real nude, length of lash band] thus I might be a little not
used to it~

Okay, there you have it! My 3rd lower lash review *jumps around*
I'm so tired that I keep getting palpitations.
I was so so SO tired from doing my website yesterday but once I'm done with
it and time for bed, I get all energetic again. What's wrong with me! T.T

And you can buy the lashes from me some time this weekend here & here (:



Diamond Lash DL55101 ゴージャス Eye [Gorgeous Eye]

Decided to do a review today since I have nothing very interesting going on~
At work now actually (laughs)

Sorry I did not do a front shot of both eyes x.x
but at the end of entry you can see a picture of me in them too.

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL55101 ゴージャス Eye [Gorgeous Eye]
^ Lower Lash - Diamond Lash DL55104 ラブリー Eye [Lovely Eye]

Left Eye

Right Eye

Side view

Closed Eye top view [sorry about the bush on top (laughs)]

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Gorgeous Eye*:

 Volume (6.5/10) - This pair is really pretty! Going a a more natural look, thus
the volume is not too overwhelming! Perfect for a light makeup/ paired with
neutral colours!

 Length (lash strands) [8/10] - It's long and... how do I put it; flirty natural
kind of look? Makes my eyes look more gentle & feminine.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Like the other Diamond Lashes, extends out till
the tail of my eyes, making my eyes look a little longer, but not as long as
dolly wink.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

 Comfort [8/10] - Barely felt it!

 Reusability [8/10] - Definitely! As what I always say and emphasize on,
proper care for your falsies go a long way!

 Price [9/10] - Though I bought it slightly more expensive, but there are
people selling a box of 5 pairs at unbelievably cheap price now. Consider the
fact that many models from EGG and JELLY are using this and how reusable it
can be with proper handling, I would say this is by far the BEST brand of
eyelash economical wise versus "performance"!

Overrall Rating: 8/10

*hardly any eye makeup left as it was already end of the day when I took
these shots ^^;; But anyway, this pair of lash with light makeup goes really
well so I guess everything worked out xD [besides I had neutrals on anyway]*

I figured I talk too much under each component, but there's actually just so
much you can say about them. Especially when talking about same brands ._.
Things like Lash band and strands are pretty much the same. So from now
I will probably write shorter comments. just focus on the ratings xD

Also I had suggestions to try on cheaper lashes for comparison sake because
I realised my ratings are always pretty high T.T I will buy them when I have
spare cash... [but the fact that I like to go after "branded" lashes deters me
from doing so (laughs)]



Diamond Lash DL51153 エンジェル Eye [Angel Eye]

Took these some time ago, decided to do it (:
Pictures first, shall we?

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL51153 エンジェル Eye [Angel Eye]
^  Lower Lash - Eyemazing 202

Left Eye

Right Eye

Side view

Closed Eye top view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Angel Eye*:

 Volume (9.5/10) - The volume is just amazing! I was a little afraid to wear
it our after putting it on, but because I was running late, I just left the house.
I had 2 people from the shops I visited asking me if they were eyelash
extensions! That made me ultra happy ^^

 Length (lash strands) [9/10] - From the side view picture, you can see how
long it is and how it curls by itself. I really love that! Saves me alot of trouble
thinking of how to curl my falsies~

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Like the other diamond lash, it fits my eyes
snuggly and with the transparent lash band, I can't ask for more.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - Easy to use! It takes me a mere 10 second or
so to put it onto each eye! But that could also be because I'm quite used to
putting falsies by now~ x.x

 Comfort [7/10] - Seeing how long and thick they are, I think you can
expect this coming. While it is not exactly heavy, it did make my eyes tired
after long hours of wear. It's not a hindrance to me during wear, but when I
get home after the long day, I want to peel them off right away as the
tiredness incurred from the day out makes me more conscious about the
weight and they suddenly feel very heavy [albeit unfair judgement though.]

 Reusability [7/10] - Like any other lash of such, it requires much care and
patience in peeling the glue off after use. The wrong dose of strength can
result in tragedy. Other than that, I don't see problems with lash dropping
off the bunch. Used it 4 or 5 times so far and I still don't get any problems with it.

 Price [8.5/10] - It's incredibly cheap for something you see on EGG/ what
many models love/ many japanese like.

Overrall Rating: 8.5/10

*hardly any eye makeup left, but when using them I will recommend less
intense makeup around your face as the lashes really helps the eyes to
scream for attention and thus you don't want to go too heavy on other parts
of your face or you end up too loud.*

Hope that was helpful in some way!
I found a place that sells the whole collection of the light pink and blue trays...
T.T Shoot me someone.
I will NOT buy it till next year at least, I promise.
I need to learn not to give in to temptations...

Oh yes, check out the mini spooktacular post below! (:



Diamond Lash DL55102 フェアリー Eye [Fairy Eye]
The overdue entry. The one I was really excited to do on.
You'll find out why it is a "was."

Lashes in limelight:

Left Eye:

Right Eye:

Side View:

Closed Eye View [sorry shitty but the best I could get that lazy day]:

Both Eyes:

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL55102 フェアリー Eye [Fairy Eye]
^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL51155 プリンセス Eye [ Princess Eye]

It was taken at the end of a long day so... eyes are pretty much gone case
for the makeup and I think I might have had too much fun with contouring xD

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Fairy Eye*:

 Volume (9/10) - Though the volume is pretty dense, but suprisingly easy to
carry off the look with it! I really really like how the "tail" of my eye looks so...
I don't know, glam? It's like dense and kinda flirty-light too. It's just amazing!

 Length (lash strands) [8.5/10] - Long, but compared to some others I have,
still not that long yet. However it serves its purpose equally well!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - It fits my eyes just right. I'm a sucker
for transparent lash band too, so that gave it extra points too. However I
would have really loved it more if it was just a little longer. You know how I
like long lash bands to lengthen my eye width right~

 Ease of Application [7.5/10] - It's probably somewhere between dolly wink
and Eyemazing. Easy because of the soft lash band, but that can also bring
problems at times.

 Comfort [8/10] - Not uncomfortable upon use, and after wearing it for over 10 hours, I still feel great. It's barely there! Though the volume towards the
"tail" is denser, there isn't a big difference in comfort or weight.

 Reusability [7/10] - Somehow I feel that this a more delicate than dolly wink
and eyemazing if you don't take alot of care during washing. If you read my
previous entries, I oversoaked this a little to aid in glue removal and... a strip
of the transparent lashband came off. I know I'm stupid to soak for so long but
with dolly wink and eyemazing, I made the same mistake before too. And not
just once too! Yet they are still fine and well! So if I gotta compare the
reusability x care, eyemazing will top as the easiest to care for, followed
by dolly wink [delicate lash assembly and can easily be pulled out from
corners if not careful or rough like me] and diamond lash [lash strands seem
to come off easily with little tugging and oversoaking can lead to a big big
tragedy!] tying for 2nd. (Though I think this will be banished to 3rd when
Serra Melliesh arrives :x)
Still, bottom line is you pay the price and you better care for it well.
*bangs my head on wall*

 Price [8.5/10] - May I remind you that the price you pay is for 5 pairs?
So well, yea. It's hella reasonable! Price wise, Diamond > Eyemazing > Serra >
Dolly Wink.

 Overall Rating: 7.5/10

*There's like zero eye makeup and I was too tired to touch up... T.T*

Though I REALLY loved the end result after putting the falsies on, I though that
I will probably end up with a 9.5/10 score for this pair when I started on the
review, the part about the length of the lash band and most importantly the
amount of effort and care you have to give for the lashes [considering how the
lash strands dropped off easily] eventually got me to give it a rating slightly
lower. But well, it's just the first pair I've used so I don't want to judge. This
review will still be subject to changes as time goes (:

There, I kept my promise ^^
I'm feeling much better already.
Tomorrow will be last day of resting and Sunday I will get back to busy bee.
Oh yes I'm already midway Season 3 for Gossip Girl.
Guess I will be one of those that wait till their neck is long for a new episode
of GG S4 every week (:
Chuck being so sweet gives me the chills sometimes...
Nate still suits the golden boy image better ^^;;


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