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Melliesh Cheek Color Shade 05 Brown [メリッシュチークカラー 05 小顔ブラウン] Review

Here I am doing another review!
*proud of myself*

Okay that aside.
The product I'm talking about today is a little different...
It's a shading/contouring powder!

Melliesh Cheek Colour Shade 05 [メリッシュチークカラー 05 小顔ブラウン]

Swatched, 2nd one from the left.

When used on face

Melliesh Cheek Color Shade 05 Brown 
「メリッシュチークカラー 05 小顔ブラウン」:

Product Weight : 4g

Product Ingredients: Not stated

Shading powder type: Matte

Packaging: 7/10 - While I loved the simple design and how lightweight it is,
there's a whole lot of extra space between the top of the lid and the powder
itself which I felt was redundant (since it's not like cosmagic where they have
a plastic sheet to separate a brush that comes with it.) However, still pretty
compact and light.

Pigmentation: 7.5/10 - The color really dark on the pan but when swatched,
it comes off as a slightly lighter shade of brown. However, it is still pigmented
and one can easily overdo with the colour.

Texture: 8/10 - Smooth! I did not experience any fallouts :D

Blendability : 8.5/10 - It blends splendidly! You can't really see the harsh lines
; it blends well, giving a smooth transition from my skin tone to the shaded

Lasting Power: 6.8/10 - It lasted a good 4 hours before I had to touch up.
Given Singapore's humidity, it's pretty amazing already though...

Availability: 6/10 - While it is not being retailed in Singapore stores
anywhere, there are quite a number of online sellers who brings in this line to
sell *points to myself*So it's not THAT hard to find if you try.

Price: 8/10 - In Singapore, you can buy them from John Little at $24.90
(buy them during John Little 20% Sale! It will only cost $20!) Buying them
online will depend on different sellers; Price range from SGD $21 - SGD $28
[info aquired from online researching!] I don't recommened getting them
online in Singapore unless the shade you want is out of stock. Come on, just
wait a little for the 20% sale will ya?
You can also join my preorder when I open one HERE

Repurchase: Yes. I love the shade of this shading powder and the amount of
product for the price makes it worth the purchase.

Overall Rating: 8/10

There, my first shading powder review :3
Hope I'm not confusing, kekeke.
You can use shading powder at the sides of nose bridge, sexy side of jaw area
and the area around nostrils.



Melliesh by Yui Kanno Cheek Color Swatches

Hey lovelies!
Here are more blush swatches! *punches fist into the air*
Here are the 6 cheek colors!

Are you ready?

Melliesh #01 - Elegant Rose

Melliesh #02 - Baby Peach

Melliesh #03 - Doll Pink

Melliesh #04 - Sunny Orange

Melliesh #05 - Brown

Melliesh #06 - Clear Lavender

Swatches from R to L, #01 - # 06!

I'm goooooooood at swatch pictures nao!
*proud of myself*
So far, used #2 & #3 out already.
Loving it!

Oh well, off to take pictures of my new purchase now!
Stay tuned <3



Serra Melliesh 01 ドール Doll Review

*Serra Melliesh 01 ドール Doll Review*

Before I get to the review, I need to take pictures!
I'm soooooooooooo excited to do this review!
I hardly am! [You know, it's not exactly easy to churn up an entry!]
Before I get to talk more about today, a shoutout to Karmun,
thanks for your awesome cookies!
You really made and brought for me! Touched~

& Thanks Lily for this~

So about today.
I was at Vivocity today to meet Jaden for dinner [I was extremely late]
and collect the CD and stuff from BABW HFC.
Angie happened to get off work so we left the store together~
she recommended me to try the newly opened bubble tea shop.
One that she cannot stop spazzing about.
So I thought, what's the hype~
Turns out it was really awesome!

Shop Name: Gong Cha

Verdit: I swear that Gong Cha is SO MUCH NICER THAN KOI. I rather queue for
this than Koi. shorter queue plus more variety and taste totally AWESOME.
Everyone go ditch Koi and grab your Gong Cha now! Adding Brown Sugar Jelly
to it was the best best best best BEST CHOICE I MADE. Okay enough about it,
I was too happy drinking it that I forgot to take a snapshot of it.

Then we went to the Estee Lauder road show to grab the skincare products
(ex)boss needs. She spent pretty much & had a 8 pc gift set and bag.
she gave me the lippie inside~
A great big shoutout [which she probably will never see] to my lovely boss
Angie for the Gong Cha treat & the estee lauder Lippie.

Next, we head over to Chanel & Mac to take a look at the new range
[which, by the way, is really awesome and pretty, especially the MAC Tartan]
(ex)boss was very amazed and curious about brushes~ So I brought her down
to Watsons at Vivocity!
Oh yes, I said I said I am gonna avoid that evil place because I always spend
money right?
But today I went there because I wanted to introduce my exboss to the
Ecotools brush which I totally LOVE and can't live without them now!

Guess what I saw?

They are back in Watsons, this time at Vivocity!
Dollywink at Watsons in October/November, awesome right!
[I'm not sure if they have it at NAC though, going town tomorrow, will update]
When I saw it earlier on, there were just 3 boxes of Dolly Sweet [No.2] and 1
box of Baby Cute [No.6], as well as 1 last tube of Dolly Eyelash Fix. I almost
bought that but reminded myself I got my lashgrip recently and yet to even
start using it.
Also, the other Japanese brands at Kawaii Corner like Sana, Heavy Rotation,
Heroine Kiss me, Canmake, Kate, etc~ are well stocked!
Other regular drugstore brands like L'oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Bonjouris are
there too (:
I took a picture!

Might have been here some time since so little stocks are left?

alright I shall go take the pictures quickly and get rid of all the makeup.
Doubt they are helping my dying skin by staying there -_-

*Serra Melliesh 01 ドール Doll Review*

Lashes in limelight:

Both Eyes:

Upper Lashes: Serra Melliesh 01 - ドール
Lower Lashes: Dolly Wink No.5 - Real Nude
[You can see how bad and painful/dry my skin is.
Everyone ask me if I had sunburn on my face. No I DID NOT!]

Left Eye:

Right Eye:

Side View:

Closed Eye View [sorry shaky hands]:

Visual Easy Rating for Serra Melliesh 01 - ドール Doll*:

 Volume (7/10) - This pair I am using is going for a natural look, thus don't
expect too much from it volume wise. But I felt it looked really natural and
compatible with the pathetic amount of makeup I had for the day since my
skin is in a pretty bad condition.

 Length (lash strands) [8.5/10] - Long and light! I thought the length was
able to satisfy me~ Long but not too overwhelming since this pair is a
"light wear" kinda lash. [About Texture will be below]

 Length (lash band) [9/10] - Long long long! Just like dolly wink, the length
of lashes band allowed me to create a long tail at the end, making my eyes
look longer than it really is! I really love making this effect since I have such
small eyes!

 Ease of Application [9/10] - It's so easy, you wouldn't believe it. I think
it's a draw between dolly wink & this. I really can't decide.

 Comfort [9/10] - It felt like it wasn't there. Like it's part of my lashes. Yes,
that amazing! Super comfy, does not poke/irritate my eyes nor vision!

 Reusability [9/10] - YES! I was a little rough with removing the glue just
now [accidentally of course, you know how much I treasure my lashes?!] and
THANKFULLY, nothing came off the lash band! Easy enough to peel the glue off
after soaking in water for 5 minutes!

 Price [8/10] - For what I am getting, I think it's worth every single cent.

 Overall Rating: 9.25/10

*Duo eyeshadows from hip series made me want to do a gold x dirty blue
look. Also because I am trying to console myself for being unable to join
the Hip-notizing lo'real contest on time..... $%$^$&%*

I think this is probably the most natural looking pair of lash I have used so far!
Extremely lightweight and comfortable, the texture totally blew me away!
The lashes are SO, SO, SO SOFT. I think it's real hair [supposingly.] But the fact
is that, YES, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN TEXTURE. Ahh~ I can just touch it all
day you know~ I really adore it! I think it matched really well with my Dolly
Wink Real Nude lower lash too! I did not use another pair of Serra bottom lash
because it was arranged all the way inside my cupboard and I was in a rush,
thus lazy to take it out and rearrange everything xD
I can use the same pictures for Real Nude review too, so I will probably do
it tomorrow or something. Too tired now to do it, I fell asleep before
completing this post, I purposely kept myself upright to finish this entry!

Lastly, something random & Cute that I managed to capture~



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