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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

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Malaysia: 2012/09

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[Sponsored] L'oreal Perfect Clean Review

Hey lovelies!
Here's a new product I want to share with you girls!
In Asia, Singapore is the only country that sells this!

Yes, right here in our sunny island ^^

Why don't we do a little interview with our lovely VIPs [Very Important Products]?

Himeko: Miss Soothing, can you tell me a little-

[Pink] Soothing: I am part of the L'oreal Perfect Clean range, foaming cream
wash for dry & sensitive skin! I am, well, PINK. Don't all girls love pink? So I
think I have the most number of fans!

Himeko: I think they buy products according to their skin type....

[Pink] Soothing: *Pretends not to hear* Well, I am white and creamy and
foam upon use! Frangance free and soap free too!

Himeko: Please smile for the camera!

Himeko: Hi Miss Purifying!

[White] Purifying: Umm, I'm white- I mean I'm Purifying, from the L'oreal
perfect clean range. My nature is a foaming gel wash with Salicylic acid, most
suitable for Blemish Prone Skin.

Himeko: Yes! I've tried you before and I'm happy to say I love how you
make my skin feel after wash!

[White] Purifying: Thank you... I am oil free too.

Himeko: Yes, I love the refreshing cool feeling on my skin after using you!
And the soft velvety touch on my skin! Now smile for the camera!

Himeko: Hello Refreshing!

[Blue] Refreshing: Refreshing from L'oreal Perfect Clean here. I am a oil
free foaming Gel Wash just like Purifying, but I am more suitable for
Normal/Combination Skin.

Himeko: Well I-

[Blue] Refreshing: I smell good too, and have the prettiest packagin-

Himeko: Yes, Miss. I -

[Blue] Refreshing: I have this-

Himeko: OKAY. Smile wide for the camera!

Himeko: Last but not least, Miss Exfoliating!

[Orange] Exfoliating: Hi! I'm the Foaming Gentle Scrub that is suitable for All
Skin Types from the L'oreal Perfect Clean Range!

Himeko: I noticed how nice you smell!

[Orange] Exfoliating: Oh, thank you! Many people tell me that I seem to have
this peachy smell!

Himeko: You said you are a scrub.

[Orange] Exfoliating: Yes, but not to worry, I am so gentle that you can use
me everyday!

Himeko: Wow, thank you very much! I should have realised that when I
felt how smooth my skin felt after wash! Let's smile for the camera!

Himeko: What are some of the similar points you girls have?

All: We all have this Scrublet that comes with us, and we are suitable for
daily use, even to remove make-up! However, we do not recommend using
us on the eye area as it is a very delicate area!

Himeko: Scrublet you said?

All: Yes! It looks like this.

All: You dispense us onto this scrublet provided, then massage onto your
face in a upward circular motion and foam will start to appear!

Himeko: Thank you very much for your time! I'm sure everyone will love you!

Here's a little video review I did for these!

Notice how it's in HD where everything is so crisp and clear?
Thanks to Flip Camera for providing the camcorder MINOHD, I was able to
record the review with such awesome quality!
Their cameras' casing are customizable! How cool is that?!
Check out their web HERE!

Here comes what you people have been waiting for.
If you saw till the end of the video, you will know this.
Yes, you can grab these lovely items at Watsons/ John Little at only $14.90
JUST $14.90! Can you believe it?
I know I have to do a double take at hearing the price!

I hope you guys enjoyed the review.
I am trying my best to be less boring here!
Do visit L'oreal Singapore's Facebook page for latest updates!



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