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[Sponsored] Liese Free Arrange & Super Hard Hair Spray Reviews

Good girl is good, updating again today!


[Sponsored] New Liese Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink Review
Hi everyone, I've blogged again ^^
I'm being hardworking as promised to make up for the lack of updates and the extremely delayed Japan Trip part 2. 
You can tell that I put in much more effort now, yes? 
So I hope I am forgiven!

This time, I will be talking about one of the newer color addition to the Liese Bubble Hair Dye available...

It is in an unique shade called Jewel Pink!

I sincerely apologize about the lackster end result as my mummy's hair remained black so I didn't see a point in taking a picture of that since it an unfair judgement to say that the product did not work at all as my mummy just dyed her hair in natural black 2 days prior to using the bubble dye. I have used Liese Bubble Hair Color for some time now because it works well without damaging my hair so I believe my constant support for the product can be a good testament regarding the efficiency.

Do drop me a comment if you guys like my new way of blogging with pictures instead! However, do pardon me if I made any grammar/ spelling errors as sometimes I do not save the soft copy in PSD so I can't edit them unless I redo everything. I will try to be careful!



[Sponsored] Style it up with Liese!

Look what's here again~

Excitedly peeled it off revealed~

^ The instruction sheet for bloggers :x

Alright, here's the real beef.
Liese products!
Not Lizzy, not Lis, but "Lee-Zay!"

So, how should I teach you to pamper your hair with these?

I chose the Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturising Hair Serum - Peach & Prune Extract!

Notice how there are two layers?
This is because this serum is using a revolutionary bi-layered serum consisting
of Nourishing Water [Bottom layer] and Anti Frizz Oil.
Cool or what! Two in 1 awesomeness!
Want to see how it works compared to other normal hair serums?
Click HERE to the web, followed by clicking on Dual Layer Secret!

Remember to shake it shake it before using to mix the serum well till like this:

^ Looks delicious ^-^''

Not forgetting to smell it for some "aroma therapy."

Peach and Prune put together is such a great combination in scent!

Prepping my hair for the coming damage~ [runs finger through hair, help in
spreading the serum.]

Is it ready now?

*Sniffs, I think is is~*
The Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturising Serum with Peach & Prune extract helps
to control the frizz on my hair [too much diy bleaching which made it dry and
frizzy!], leaving my hair with a fruity scent and non greasy texture! It makes
the curling process easier as there are lesser stray hair getting in the way
of curling!

Of the many styles, what should I do today?

Time to bring out the styling tool for today; Curling Iron!

Setting the temperature~

& Bouncy curls here I come!
Turn inwards~ [do NOT turn in the opposite direaction of where you are
clipping makes the hair very ugly!]

Turn turn turn~

Big bouncy curls!

Be very careful not to burn yourself, most likely your face!
So DO NOT bring it too close to your face/ curl too much into your scalp!
It makes removing the tongs hard and burning your face with a 130 degree
tong is not one of the things I will recommend you to try.

But in order for it to last, I gotta depend on the Clear Cube Wax!

I am using Number 5! Choose the right strength according to your needs!

Blue & Pretty~

Opening up unveils the white wax [smells good too!]

Check out the texture! Not too sticky nor thick! I managed to apply it on my
hair totally hassle free! No tacky feeling on my fingers after application, no
sticky hair mess in bundles, no white looking substance on hair after use!
The product is able to be applied and blend into the hair so easily! Strength
05 really helped me to hold my curls and last all day! Here's the best part:
It does not even make your hair overly hard/ unmanagable!

There are 2 ways to using this for me.
1. To apply each bundle of curled hair individually.
It takes alot of work~ But sometimes I will do this because I'm afraid that I
might be too slow in curling or make mistakes that by the time I get to the last
bundle of hair, my first one already straighten! This is because my hair is
naturally super straight, topped with the fact that I maintain my hair with the
awesome serum provided, so the curls die off real quick~

Onto the next bundle! Do remember to alternate the direction you are curling
because curling them all in one direction makes the end effect look strange~
Trust me, I tried it and you don't want to end up going for bath no. 2 just to
redo everything!


And more curling...
See how I don't go all the way up? That's because you don't see people with
big curls like mine sticking from the top of their scalp! It's always prettier to
stop midway (:

After struggling with about 5 bundles (I have very thin hair! Not little but thin!)

See how much difference that made?
Now onto the right side of my head!
Here's method 2 [dubbed as the lazy/ in a rush method xD]
I will curl all my hair quickly [which only happens when I'm running late]~

Then apply wax on them just like that!

And behold~

As you can see, there is not much difference in the curls of both sides, but
since I did left side first, the wax actually helped me to hold the curls till I
was done with the right side! I actually think that waxing my hair in bundles
actually helps to hold the curls longer~
This is a impossible look for me to create by myself without the help of the wax
as the curls probably dies into a straight mess in less than an hour!
Loveeeeeee my bouncy hair!

Compare them!

& That's how I style my hair with the help of Liese!
Curious where to get them?
You will not believe how convenient it is for us to grab the product!
It is available in Major Supermarkets/ HyperMarts like Giant & NTUC,
Watsons & Guardian!

Here's the "Liese Family Protrait":

Liese Bubble Hair Colour priced at $19.90 per pack.
Liese Hair Cocktail & Smooth Cocktail priced at $15.90 per bottle.
Liese Juicy Shower priced at $14.90 per bottle ($16.90 for refill).
Liese Clear Cube Wax priced at $6.90 for 29g, $12.90 for 65g.
Liese Wave Up Foam priced at $6.90 for 50ml, $12.90 for 150ml.
Liese Designing Jelly priced at $6.90 for 50ml, $12.90 for 150ml.

Need more Information?
Visit Liese's webpage HERE and Liese's Facebook page HERE!

Now to reward you for being so patient and finish reading this whole entry,
vote for me on thesamplestore's Facebook page, under Contest and stand
a chance to win 1 of the products from Liese!
If my brother can win a bangkok trip out of the blue with thousand others,
what harm will it do for you to just go vote for fun and you might win
something useful back! ^^

And lastly, here's something new from Liese!

How much easier are they going to make life for us?
You know you can never go wrong with LEE-SAY (Liese)! (:



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