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[Review] Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration - No. 801 [Amo x Pastel Type A] Review
I realised that I've had this since a LONG time ago [and paid a hefty price for 
this whole collection too] but never came to talk about it other than the
No. 802 so here's another one from ZIPPER x EYEMAZING Collaboration.
[I will look into doing more from this collection]

Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration - No. 801 [TYPE-A Amo x Pastel]


Closer look at the Fake Eyelashes:

When worn:

Upfront View:

45 degrees side view:

Bottom up View:

Visual Easy Rating Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration -
No. 801 [TYPE-A AMO x PASTEL」:

 Volume (7.5/10) - As you can see from the pictures, it definitely doesn't look
that dense on the tray [about 6.5/10] but when worn, it gives a much denser
and fuller look to the lashes so I'm giving it an extra 1 point for volume.

 Length (lash strands) [7.5/10] - It is long but not too long, the kind of 
length that is just right for this volume.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Fits my eyes perfectly, with a little bit sticking
out, just the way I like mine to [illusion of wider eyes]

 Ease of Application [9/10] - One try and I'm out of my house.

 Comfort [8.75/10] - No discomforts experienced while on my eyes but
compared to Dolly Wink, I could still feel it there more than Dolly Wink.

 Reusability [8/10] - I've used this pair twice so far and it's still looking pretty
good. Take care of it properly and not handle it too roughly when cleaning/
washing, it should last me pretty long [at least over 10 wears?]

 Availability [3/10] - This collection was launched pretty long ago but still
hard to get here in Singapore. I am not doing a Pre-order for these right
now too, sorry!

 Price [7/10] - While the price is the same as other Eyemazing models in
Japan, I paid a lot more for it when I got it shipped here [since it's rare in
Singapore, I got ripped off by online merchants in Japan willingly due to the
obsession in wanting things not easily found ._.] but I'm still going to give it a
7/10 unbiased rating. Also, this pair of lash is really unique and pretty durable
so I am pretty satisfied.

 Repurchase - Yes. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would and this is
in brown, unlike all other lashes. Despite being brown, it still blended in with
the eye and make up really well.

  Overall Rating: 8/10  

*Downside is probably the fact that it's hard to get in Singapore.*


[Review] Eyemazing x Zipper Collaboration - No. 802 [Amo x Pastel Type B] Review

I'm so efficient with this collection!
Tried on 2 pairs the very next day upon arrival of my parcel :3
That was how excited I am!
I know this is not new any more, but still, not a lot of people have / know
about it (it's Singapore... what to expect from them, eh?) so I am very excited
to share it with you all!

Eyemazing x Zipper Eyelash in Number 802 [Amo x Pastel]

Closer look at the lashes

When worn:
Upper Lash - Eyemazing x Zipper No. 802
Lower Lash - Eyemazing x Zipper No. 810

Closed eye view

Upfront View:

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing x Zipper Eyelash in
Number 802*:

 Volume (7/10) - It is not what I will classify as dense, perhaps slightly 
denser than natural but definitely not overly dense. The design, if you realise,
looks similar to Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Girl, only that it is tinted brown and
slightly shorter length-wise.

 Length (lash strands) [7.5/10] - Shorter than many other brands of
eyelashes, at a pretty wearable/ natural length!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Lash band extends till the tail of my eye. Just
right for me as it will form the normal "corner" when I put lower lashes.
Does not do A LOT in terms of giving my eyes the "longer" illusion but still, 
pretty long.

 Ease of Application [9/10] - It is softer compared to other eyemazing
I've used [E.g 001, 002, 503, etc...] and thus, easier to apply and adjust.

 Comfort [8.75/10] - I think it's really comfy! Didn't feel any poking/ discomfort
during the 9 hour wearing time :3

 Reusability [8/10] - As usual, I take much precaution in cleaning as these
not easily available! I tend to clean my dolly wink & diamond lash a little
more carelessly due to their availability & many spares available (respectively)
to me. Above picture shown is after 1 cleaning; looks as good as new, yes?
I didn't face any "dangerous" moments like the lash strands are going to fall
off/ get pulled out from the band.

 Availability [3/10] - This collection was launched pretty long ago but still
hard to get here in Singapore. I am not doing a Pre-order for these right
now too, sorry! 

 Price [7/10] - Compared to other models, it is 50% more expensive.
However, taking into consideration of all other lashes available, I will say it
is still not too bad; well, the color is unique (for this pair at least) so I think it
is money well spend since I definitely don't already have something that looks

 Overall Rating: 7.5/10

*This pair of lash matches really well with natural make up! the brown lashes
compliments very well with browns~ I wore this to school the other day and
my friend commented how natural they looked on my eyes!*

Well, as promised on my facebook page ^^ 
Let me know if you have any more request and I will try to fulfil the reviews
you girls want to see!



Eyemazing Cosmeline by Jun Komori「純小森」- Cheek Color/Blush Swatches
Hello ^^
Yes, keeping up with my schedule!
Firstly, here are the Cheek Color photos :3

I am very pleased to say that my skill was awesome yesterday and pictures are true to product colour in reality!

#1. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Shell Pink

#2. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Sweet Pink

#3. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Miracle Orange

#4. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Lavender

& I think this swatch photo is awesome! [bask in self praise & halo above my head]

L to R: Lavender, Shell Pink, Miracle Orange, Sweet Pink

So my take on the blush so far?

Visual Easy Rating:

Well, it is really flat and compact [albeit cheap looking] but when you look at it from another point, it is simple and clean, totally no frills.

Color Selection [7.5/10]
: I like the colors they offer, very suitable for me [gyaru ftw!] Also, they are not packed with shimmers, so that is a plus plus point for me!

Pigmentation [8/10 ]
:  When I swatched it with my finger, a reasonable amount of pigment stained my fingertips thus I will say color payoff is pretty decent. Only minus point I took off was because when I swatched whatever that was on my fingertips to my hand, I could see that they can be rubbed off pretty easily, which makes me quite doubtful about the staying power.

Blend-ability [7.5/10]
:  When swatched with my fingers, I can already see that the blush can be spread pretty well and thus blending will not be a problem!

Price [5/10]
: The product packaging, as you can see, is really shallow and small. No amount of product is stated too (I suspect is 3g though). I think I'm kinda paying for the brand [& Jun's producing/ endorsing feel

Repurchase [3.5/10]
: I probably won't repurchase it because it is not worth the price. The 3.5 is given because I'm a sucker for collection stuff so I might still be tempted into a unworthy deal *palm face*

Overall Score: 6.5/10*

* Well, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives out there that works equally well [E.g my 28 blush palette, though portability is a little more troublesome] so this is not exactly a holy grail product or a must have. Then again, it's a brand by a model so that slightly justifies for the price. I have not compared this with other model released products [like Melliesh by Yui & 
Candy Doll by Tsubasa] but I'm seeing pretty similar colours. But what I do like about this is that it is not loaded with shimmers [not a big fan of shimmer on face] so it gives off a very matte dolly look; perfect for gyaru! The colors from this collection are very fun colors so I will not recommened using them for work if you are in a formal environment - maybe you can try sweet pink to work, but be careful not to overdo it as it is quite pigmented! I guess all I'm saying is, the price is the main reason for the average score.

Okay, I think I need to revisit this review after I've tried them on my face and more brands from Japan *palm face* 
The fact that there's Canmake [which is alot cheaper] makes these model produced lines seem like luxuries [actually they kinda re in Japan...]

I don't think I was very helpful... sorry!



Eyemazing Haul (New Lashes from Komori & Kyari & Cosmeline blushes)

Title says it all.
Excited to see my purchases?
I really spent so much the last month on Jap cosmetics.
Just blushes and fake lashes though >.<
Oh well, money spent so let's stop talking about it!

Peek peek~

Firstly, John Little had 20% over the weekend again.
Angry because they stated Kose was one of the participating brands but when
I went to pay for this, they told me this item is not included in sale and asked
me if I still wanted to buy it.
Well, the queue is so long & you spoke so loudly... I'm already at the counter
so how can I reject it?
I actually rather buy from Sephora if there'sno discount but... Argh, got it anyway.

& Behold!

By the way, you can expect alot of Japan Cosmetics this week because all my
items are arriving!
Ahh.. all the cosmetics piling up, mostly unused and yet more are coming >.<
I really need to sit down and use them properly and do my reviews up soon
I really need more time in a day!

New releases by Jun Komori for her eyemazing line~
Eyemazing 004

Eyemazing 005

Eyemazing 006

Let's see the ones from Kyari! 
I am not very familiar with her but she looks ultra cute so I got sucked into
buying it ^^;;
Eyemazing 501

Eyemazing 502

Eyemazing 503 (she looks so sexy here!)

& Here are the Blushes from Eyemazing Cosmeline (also produced by Jun Komori)


Shell Pink

Sweet Pink

Miracle Orange

However, I was pretty disappointed by the size...
They are really really tiny.
If you are not a sucker who loves Japan like crazy & adore the models &
everything they produce, I will say do not get them.
The price, with shipping, works out to be considerably costly for a blush this
But oh well, it's for collection in my case (I'm a sucker) T.T

Tada~ I took them out to keep in my cupboard but I can't bear to throw away
the boxes xD

Looks abit cheap, okay wait, I think it is cheap.
Let's just call it clean & simple design.

That's all for this post!
I will get to swatches soon but reviews definitely will need some time...
I still have to do canmake blush reviews first since the swatches are already
up >.<
I will prolly do either the swatches tonight or a canmake blush review~
Gotta get all blush reviews up before I can do a comparison review >.<
Omg *palm face*



Eyemazing 202 Review

Little shoutout to Mirai & Naomi, I've replied the comments ^^ You can see
under comments at the the left side bar~ You girls are so sweet!

About time I do another review, yes?

Used the same pictures from the Diamond lash review of DL51153!

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash エンジェル Eye DL51153
^ Lower Lash - Eyemazing 202

Left Eye

Right Eye

Side view

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing 202*:

 Volume (8/10) - I like how the front is pretty bare while towards the end,
the volume is denser. I am not really good at lower lashes yet, like what type
of design is meant for what purpose~ but it made my eyes look very
"complete" and not too heavy despite the thicker strands at the end. Kinda
balance out?

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - They are pretty long~ and they are curled!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Just right!  from corner to corner ^^ Frames
my eyes really well with my upper lashes!

 Ease of Application [8/10] - Pretty easy to put on~ However I have this
weird belief it depends on luck xD Some days lower lashes really give me alot
of trouble putting them on~ But so far, no problem with this pair!
 Comfort [7/10] - I can hardly feel they are there unless they get into my
vision. But personally, I find that pretty much the case for my other lower
lashes because in terms of weight, they are alot lighter thus I can forget
about their presence sometimes ^^;; Occasionally it touches my lower eye
area since it's curled [which, by the way, I LOVE IT.]

 Reusability [8.5/10] - Definitely. I used it like over 5 times already, still going
strong, not looking like it's gonna fall apart anytime soon ^^

 Price [8/10] - It's definitely worth for something that durable!

Overrall Rating: 7.5/10

*hardly any eye makeup left, but when using them I will recommend less
intense makeup around your face as the lashes really helps the eyes to
scream for attention and thus you don't want to go too heavy on other parts
of your face or you end up too loud.*

That's all! My first lower lash review!
I had so much trouble doing this because... I don't know what to say!
T.T I need to do more research on lower lashes~
more of my diamond lashes arrived today oh~
Post the pictures up tomorrow alright ^^

Lastly, if you have a facebook account, help vote for me okay?
You stand a chance to win eyeshadow worth $32.90 too~ ^^
Please help me to "Like" the Anoiv International Fanpage here:

Then go to my photo here:!/photo.php?fbid=454607688961&set=a.452519948961.244216.299367688961

and like my photo!

Thanks love, appreciate it <3


Himeko (I love this wig!)

Eyemazing 003 Review

I am really tired and feeling so lousy.
But since I have not been keeping any promises recently, thought I should
at least try to fulfill this~
So here's the long overdue review!

Eyemazing 001 can be found HERE


Left Eye:

Right Eye:

Side View:

Closed Eye View:

Both Eyes:

Actually that's the result of doing my own variation of this...

Which obviously didn't go too well since I didn't prime my lids, thus less
pigmented colours and I don't have any lame glitter to be as bling as her T.T

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing 003*:

 Volume (5/10) - As you can see from the photos, the volume is along a
more everyday use look. I don't think it is going for a natural look though,
perhaps to just enhance your eyes slightly, for a milder, tamed look.

 Length (lash strands) [6/10] - Not too long! This is something I will wear
to work~ The length is not too overwhelming and just right! Gotta say once
again that it is really good for a everyday use!

 Length (lash band) [7/10] - It is the same as the other Eyemazing 001
review that I did. As forementioned, lash band is a little stiff at first use. After
some flexing and on repeat use, it becomes better. [which is why this gets a
7 instead of a 6.5 that eyemazing 001 got... I should change that rating to 7

 Ease of Application [8/10] - After using falsies for some time, I am pretty
used to them! [I still haven't tried cheap lashes before, so I don't really
know if I'm over rating it >.<] Apart from the initial slight difficulties with the
slightly stiff lash band, everything else is awesome!

 Comfort [8/10] - It's barely there! With lesser volume than the eyemazing
001, it is even lighter! I don't even feel anything weighing down my lashes,
but since the lash band is thicker than that of dolly wink's, I am giving it a
slightly lower point. [P.S: Thin lash bands like that of dolly wink's can actually
make it hard for some people, especially beginners to work with. I will
recommend starting out with thicker lash bands (: ]

 Reusability [8/10] - I've used them for so so so long! I will say that these
are definitely less delicate compared to dolly wink (: With my clumsiness, I've
already harmed a few pairs of my dolly winks... [heart pain over the price and
unavailability of lashes even if I want to restock the destroyed pairs] I can
clean these with much lesser stress as compared to handling dolly wink as
there are not coiled around the lash band, they are ON the lash band itself.
But you still have to handle with some care as the lashes on the lash band
can still drop off if you pull them (obviously...)

 Price [8.5/10] - Compared to other "branded" lashes, it is still relatively
cheap I guess? At least for me xD [Of cos, diamond lashes are probably
cheaper, but I have yet to test them out so it's too soon to speak of the
quality x price!]

 Overall Rating: 7/10

*Rating based on "Winter makeup" xD But it was a fail. I realised the previous
Eyemazing 001 was photographed with "winter x spring" make up ._. Me and
my winter coincidences~

It's getting late, shall catch my sleep now.
It's a virus season now, take care and don't fall sick!
Keep a lookout for the Essentials blog post soon!


Eyemazing 001 Review

I decide to organise my old review post a little, so here's a repost from 100813

So here's just a little review for you!

The pair I tried on today was Eyemazing 001 by Jun Komori.

According to the chart, it's supposed to be for a "sexy" look.
I phailed at that, obviously.

Some shots before I get to the wordy thing.

Left eye:

New shot-

Right Eye new shot-

Side view

Closed eye view

Comparison between naked eyes & with falsie.

New shot of both eyes:

Sorry but this review ain't gonna be theme based.
Since I'm going out tomorrow, I will use these again and do a part 2 to this

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing 001*:

 Volume (6.5/10) - Not overwhelming! When I saw the lashes, I thought
that it will probably provide equal or similar volume as dolly sweet, but I was
more wrong than ever! As you can see above, it is not too heavy on the
eyes visually. Perhaps if the strands were shorter, it will look very natural!
(But you know how I always want to "open" my eyes right~ So long IS good!)

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - As seen from the side view, though not as
long as dolly sweet, it is still pretty long. I want to go for a eye opening look so
I have ZERO issue with the length at all!

 Length (lash band) [6.5/10] - It is still longer than normal, but the black
lash band is actually not very soft. Not that I'm saying it's hard too. It's like in
between the lash band of Dolly wink and Canmake. A little stiff, yet easier to
adjust to fit the shape of your eyes as compared to Canmake which I totally
cannot make it fit my eye shape...... Ended up chopping the Canmake falsies shorter. Help to extend my eyes a teeny bit. However if going for a natural
look, I will recommend to trim the band (:

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As forementioned, slight problem with the
lash band, other than that everything was good. Another worthy mention is
that I am using fingers since I've got no tweezers, so if you have tweezers,
it might be even easier? I don't know, I never used them before! Need to buy~

 Comfort [7.5/10] - Though it doesn't make you feel like your lids are being
weighed down by an umbrella, I believe it might get a little heavy if you are
going to wear it for long hours. While it's presence is not exactly very evident,
you still can feel that falsies are there.

 Reusability [8/10] - Since I've only used it once, I will say this as of now.
It can change over extended use, so do keep a lookout (: But like I said, as
of now, I am experiencing no problem nor any feeling that the lash will be
falling apart when I cleaned the glue from the lash! 

 Price [8.5/10] - It is definitely a steal! There are 3 pairs! The lashes are
pretty smooth, not really plastic too. But I won't say it is extremely soft either.
The look that it gave my eyes was something that I am satisfied with! Topped
with the fact that it is reusable, I really wonder what are you waiting for
instead of grabbing a box like, NOW.

 Overall Rating: 7.5/10

*Rating based on "no theme, just being lazy" xD



Eyemazing Overview

It's here it's here!

Some pictures for you to feast your eyes with:

Came home with this on my table~
Delivered right to my door step, free or charge!
[Purchase(s) above $50 entitled to free door delivery]

A little feedback about the webbie:
It was a great, or rather FANTASTIC experience shopping with them.
Very hassle free, the fact that I can pay with credit card too.
When in doubt, all I had to do was to pick up the phone and dial their service
hotline [Awesome right? There's even a service hotline!] and I get my enquiry
answered right away! The staff who picked my call was friendly and there was
no insane waiting time for my call to get attended to [you know how all the
mobile phone operators make you wait like a fool, yet there's nothing you can
do....] So if anyone is interested to purchase things there, hesitate no more!
& no, I am not paid to kiss their buttocks.
The website for Singapore is

Japan Eyemazing False Lashes by Jun Kumori!

Did not buy 201 because I get no tweezers~ But kinda regretting now... my collection =/

In the plastic & packaging, 101!



202 [lower lash]

Advice on applying the uppper lashes

Advice on applying the lower lashes

Took a pair out for photo purpose~
Shall review this pair it tomorrow, wear it when I pop by Bugis at night!
Eyemazing 101

Eyemazing 102

Eyemazing 103 [ The most natural looking one]

Oh did I mention something tragic happened to my glasses last night?


that's all for today!
Went by really fast since I was working in clinic today~
Sorry to Liwen for not realising the sms =/
& I saw Kar Mun without her mini bun!

You can look forward to lip balm review soon.
Got an email from fss to do an honest review of the popular lip balm from Japan.
I love freebiessssssss.
*cheapo mode*
What brand is it?
You will know it next week!
Hopefully they are really good since I always had dry lips problem since young!



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