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[Sponsored] Talika Cream Booster Review
Before 2011 ended, I receive this bag from Talika!

Talk about a timely surprise!
Sitting comfortably in the bag was a Talika Cream Booster [briefly talked
about it's launch here] with press release couriered to me!

Closer look at the packaging, the Talika Cream Booster [SGD $179.00/device]


I was super excited about it!

Proudly presented by Talika

Yea baby, Made In Korea.

This device is activated [sensor] upon contact with yuor skin.
This means that only when you bring it to your face, it will activate. No worries
about forgetting to switch it off or having to press a button while using!

After using it for about 2 weeks, I'm ready to tell you my experience!

Visual Easy Rating for Talika Cream Booster:

Packaging8.5/10 - I like how it only activates upon contact with skin; no on/
off button, great for lazy people like me :3 The product is slim and easy to

Ease of Use: 9/10 - Touch sensitive, how hard can it get? Replacing the
battery is an ease [twist the cap at the bottom] and you only need ONE
Triple A Battery!

Efficiency: 8.5/10 - I noticed that my products [e.g. Elicina scar cream] gets 
absorbed faster with the use of this cream booster [say if it takes 8 minutes
to absorb, it now takes only 5-6 minutes before the tacky feeling goes away]
I did not get any adverse reaction after using this device. An important note
to all [I know how many people don't really go through the whole manual], it
is stated in the manual not to use during menstruation and those with 
sensitive skin have to pay extra attention should any allergic/ bad reaction
on skin occurs [afterall, it is using light]

Availability: 6.5/10 - You can find the cream booster from Sephora, selected
BHG and The Spa-Lon [click to see locations]

Price: 5/10 - With the $179 price tag, it is definitely a set back for many.
However, I always believe that if the product is worth it, I don't mind the price
tag on it. I mean, should this device last, say... 2 years, that's 365 days x 2
= 730 days and if you divide $179 by 730, it is not even 25 cents per use!

Repurchase: Maybe. Though I have felt the effect of my products getting
absorbed at a quicker rate, i definitely need a little longer to try and compare
if there is any difference in the long run. I will say, if you have the extra to 
spare, why not give this a try?

Overall Rating: 8/10

Hope this helped you gain a little more insight about the product, afterall, the
last time I only touched on it briefly!
Points taken off mainly because of the price [initial setback]


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