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[Sponsored] SANA - Define your eyes!

No, it is not the same picture.
It is a different package [I know they all look the same T.T]
Once again, thanks to, this time I got love sent from...

Tada! It's Sana Eye makeup items!

I'm gonna do a quick makeup look with these [suitable to daily wear and it's
really fast and simple too!]
I'm starting off with a clean eye [except eyelashes which I pasted beforehand]

Now first step~ sweep my hair (笑)

First product I'm gonna use: Sana Super Quick Liquid Shadow EX

Here's how the product look like!

Looks familar?
Well, please do not attempt to "click" the top because no product will be
dispensed if you do that!

You have to twist in order to get the product out ^^


Here's the brown on my hand

It is slightly shimmery, and after testing the consistency of the product on my
hand, I decided not to use an eye primer before it as I do not see the need for
it. I thought that putting an eye primer might cause the product to run easier
as it dries into a layer.

so here we go~

Don't forget to do your lower lids too!
I realise many girls tend to put colour on their eyelids but neglect their lower
lid area. Show em some love too, they complete your eye makeup (:

See a difference already? ^^
The shadow helped to make my eyes pop a little [I deliberately chose to wear
blue contacts here too because I think the contrast of blue x brown really
helps to bring out my eyes]

Verdict for SANA Super quick Liquid Shadow EX: I am pretty happy with
this product. The concept is fairly new to me, and the fact that I did not
have any problem with it creasing is a plus too. I think the trick to this is
that you should apply moderate amount so that it dries fast and after it is
dried, it kinda forms this layer over your lids and thus slipping and sliding
is not possible anymore so creasing does not happen.

Next, Eyeliner! Here I'm using Sana Extra Heavy Eyeliner

Here's what so special about this eyeliner; the brush tip!
Firstly, I will show you an illustration:

Now the actual product; from this angle, it looks thick/ like any other normal
brush tip eyeliner, yes?

Here's where the unique point is; see how flat the brush is!

The thicker line is drawn with the brush's wide angle while the tinner line is
drawn from the flat point/ thinner angle

It does felter a little though, but it's not a big problem for me.

When it comes to eyeliner, I don't usually draw very thick.
I like to do the "invisible" eyeliner trick.
But just for the sake of showing you guys how the liner worked out, I drew it
a little thicker than usual here.

Verdict for SANA Extra Heavy Eyeliner: When I first saw the brush shape, I
was kinda wowed by it [I thought the design was really cool]. It glides on
my eyes really smooth and easily, giving me great control. The only
concern some people might have is that it does felter a little, but that's
not a huge "boo-boo" for me so I'm okay with that. I tried running my
hands under the tap to test the "water proof" attribute and it did not fail
me. As for smudge/ rub test, I had to rub till my hands turned red before
the liner started to get smudged/erased so I will say it does withstand
rubbing pretty well.

Keke, my eyes look so different compared to the first picture, yes?
Now for the final step; Mascara!
Here I'm using the Sana GAFIXX Mascara F101 which was launched last October.

It is said to be able to hold your curls~

Product shot:

Mascara Wand/ brush:

Illustration for the design of the mascara wand/ brush

I'm sure I do not have to teach you guys how to use mascara yes?

Here I have falsies on, so what I did was I made use of the mascara to
"merge" my real eyelashes with my falsies to look more natural.
When you use falsies, the last thing you want is to have your real and fake
lashes looking obviously separated. [Argh, major unglamness!]
I also used the GAFIXX F101 Mascara to coat my lower lashes here.

My eyes look so much better and more awake now!
Eyes are the windows to our soul. It really makes a world of difference for
someone withh and without eye makeup!

Verdict for SANA GAFIXX F101 Mascara: I liked how it kept my real
lashes "stick" with my falsies; I guess that shows the claim of holding up
curls do work since my real lash don't separate itself from my falsies after some time. Another thing I liked about it is that it is very lightweight,
doesn't feel like something is weighing down my lashes after application!

Oh yes, keep a lookout for their new mascara that's coming soon; GAFIXX S302!

^^ It's great for creating a neutral look with these SANA Products!

Now, you can stand a chance to win SANA Products too!
simple head over to there Facebook Page, go under the Contest Tab
on the left [below the profile picture], submit your very own before and after
eye makeup picture!
I wanted to submit the picture for this look that I did in this entry, but decided
to submit something louder because I don't seem to see anyone doing louder
look ^^;;
I'm not a popular girl, so I shall not attempt to fight for the top 3 votes
category, now hopefully my different eye makeup can win me the best eye
makeup category instead ^^;;

What are you waiting for, go get your eye makeup, have fun playing with them
and submit your entry today!
Contest ends 3rd June 2011 (:

[Disclaimer: Reviews are 101% honest based on my personal experience and
opinions and are in no way biased despite sponsorship. I DO NOT advertise for
products which I have not used.]



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