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[Sponsored] Achieve Gorgeous hair with Sunsilk! (read till the end to win a leave-on conditioner!)

Hey loves.

Remember I went for an event some time ago?
Well, it was held at Ben & Jerry's at Vivocity!

And it was for....


So, who haven't heard of Sunsilk?
I'm sure even if you live under a rock, you must know/ heard of Sunsilk before!

Do you know...

Many famous celebrities have been the face pf Sunsilk?

For instance,


If that's not cool enough, how about...


And the legendary (>^-^<)

Marily Monroe

Come on, these style icons are still not enough to convince you?!
How about The Famous Five facts about Sunsilk?

They were:
1. First to introduce the one-wash shampoo in 1954

Where were you back in 1954?!
And can you imagine all the time and hassle that a one-wash shampoo saved us?
It's all about fast and convience these days [a good example will be the BB Cream
craze; it's overtaking asia because of it's "one-step" claim] and Sunsilk realised it
way back in 1954!

2. First to introduce products for specific hair types in 1962

Ladies, our hair is just like our skin. There NEEDS to be specific formulation for
the many different HAIR CONDITION each has! Can you believe that way way
back before Sunsilk introduced this, everyone just used one type of shampoo
for all kinds of hair? Just imagine, hair taming shampoo for frizzy and unmanagable
hair used on someone with oily scalp and flat hair.
I can't imagine what that person's head/ hair will look like in the long run.
Already so flat, still tame?!

3. First to add olive oil to products to condition, soften and tame hair in 1966

I bet those people back then never imagined or explored on the idea of using
the oil which they use for cooking to be used in/ on other things besides food!

4. First to introduce the two-in-one shampoo in 1987

Once again, TIME SAVING! First, they shed some time off our hair regime with
one-wash shampoo. 33 years later, they shed more time off with two-in-one

5. First to work with world-leading hair experts to co-create products in 2009.

Do you know that Sunsilk worked with SEVEN Hair experts?
They are:

1. Rita Hazan - Colour Care Expert
- appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show
- Clientele include Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel
- Appaered in Elle, Glamour and Vogue

2. Teddy Charles - Shape & Length Expert
- Worked with Photographers such as MArio Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Karl Lagerfield & more
- His flare for contemporary femininity & Glamour with an edgy bohemian sensibility made him and obvious choice for Calvin Klein and GAP.
- Clientele include Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere.

3. Thomas Taw - Dry & Damage Expert
- After his stint as Senior Creative Director at Aveda, he opened his Soho Salon
(BOBSOHO) in 2007
- speaks at educational seminars
- His team's work regularly grace the pages of fashion bibles like Vogue and Elle.

4. Yuko Yamashita - Smooth Expert
- Created "Yuko Hair Straightening". If you haven't heard of it, I'm telling you now!
It was created by Yuko in the early 90's and awarded a Japanese Patent in 1995.
The Yuko System Hair Straightening made it's debut in US after it was awarded
a US patent in 2000.
- This system is actually PERMANENT. Majority of clients who did this
did not see their original curl re-appear in the treated hair.

5. Ouidad - Curls Expert
- First stylist to open a "curls-only" salon in USA.
- Trusted expert in Cosmopolitan and Shape
- Appeared on Today Show & CNN

6. Jamal Hammadi - Shine Expert
- Clientele include Heather Graham, Linda Evangelista, Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Maya Rudoph.
- Evangelista actually FLEW HIM OVER TO LONDON to style her hair for a Vogue Cover shoot!
- Chanel, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano are part of his impressive credentials!

7. Dr. Francesca Fusco - Scalp Care Expert
- Graduated from New York Medical College in 1985
- Expert Dermatology resource for CNN, Eyewitness News, CBS News, Inside
Edition and Fox News 5.
- Medical advice appears regularly in NY Times (voted Best Doctors 2008 &
2009!), Elle (Beauty Genius Award), Women's Health (Consultant on
Advisory Board), More Magazine, Cosmopolitanm Better Homes and gardens,
Marie Claire, Shape, Health, Glamour, The New York Times Sunday
Magazine, InStyle, Allure and more!

Now, enough of introduction, to the fun part!

The event to let us know more about Sunsilk was a fun/ free & easy one!
Shawn (Brand Manager) and Shuyun (Brand Executive) gave us some tips on
hair care and some cute demonstrations!
Using the silky smooth & manageable as an example,

(in case you are curious)

Teaching us how we should apply our leave-on conditioner.

First, on his imaginary hair

Then he realised it will work better with his "Hair model"


Giving a conclusion to the fun session

Then, it's time for us to mingle around and throw questions if we have any!
We were allowed to choose whatever we want and play inside to create our own
ice cream!

Choosing the ice creams~

And so... I picked my mix!

Tsuriki and her selection


I'm a happy girl with mine!

Adding more stuff on top for that extra flavour~

Sorry I didn't manage to take pictures of myself because I had to hold my ice
cream so self camwhoring is a challenge.
So more Tsuriki for you.

So here's how mine looked like in the end!

Her's looks nicer visually (I was only concerned about throwing all that I want and
eating it ASAP xD)

Of course, some shots before we get to eating.

After this relaxing time spent with everyone, we each got to bring home a bag
of goodies! [gotta pardon the bag though....]


Out came...

Press release

The products given to me!
[plus points for them being in PINK! They are from the Silky Smooth & Manageable

2 Sunsilk Co-Creations Silky Smooth & Manageable 350mL Shampoo [SGD $6.70 Each]

1 Sunsilk Co-Creations Silky Smooth & Manageable Conditioner [SGD $6.70 Each]

1 Sunsilk Co-Creations Silky Smooth & Manageable Treatment [SGD $7.90 Each]

4 Sunsilk Co-Creations Silky Smooth & Manageable Leave-on Conditioner [SGD $4.75 Each]

Now, remember these?

Usually I will test products out for at least 1-2 weeks before giving you any verdict/

For this, I didn't need to.

While you might think it's just an advertorial.... It's actually a product I swear by.
Or should I say, my family swear by.
Just... look.

Told ya!
I didn't have to give my hair time to adjust/ try the product.
My hair is awesome like this:

Because I've been using them since forever ago!
I don't remember when I started using, but my mum have been using this her
whole life and I just used whatever she bought so...

Awesome hair for you, despite all that damage I inflicted on my tress with all that
bleaching! [Now maybe that's why my hair is naturally straight, as if they went
through rebonding?]

As you can see from above, I've been using the shampoo and conditioner from
Sunsilk my whole life.
I did tried the leave-on conditioner briefly for a few months about 1 or 2 years ago
[once again, because my mum bought them] and loved it!
Though I changed my leave-on conditioner a few times now [actually, I don't
even use any now, too busy to add that to my regime!], I started using these
again for the purpose of this post and needless to say, I loved it like how I did 2
years back!

1 thing, however, was new for me.
That is the treatment!

I was a little afraid of using such product because I fear they will make my
oh-so-flat-and-straight hair even flatter [is that even possible?!]

Thankfully, this didn't do that!
I thought it might make my hair/scalp oily but it worked out fine.
It's like hair mask to pamper my tresses once a week!
The scent is not too bad too (:

Now once again, I shall show off my pretty and awesome conditioned hair to you!

Don't be jealous, you can have hair like this too!
If you are afraid of trying something new/ of change, fear that the product might
not be suitable/ useful for your hair, why not grab a FREE SAMPLE to try it out
a little bit?
When I say FREE, I meant it in a "no conditions attached" way.
All you have to do is:

Step 1: Like Sunsilk's Facebook Page HERE.

Step 2: Click on the Free Sample as shown

Step 3: Fill in your address and other required particulars in the form and...

Your sample will be sent to you within 2 weeks, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Yes, there's no postage charges too (:

Just be patient and you will find these cute travel sized babies in your mailbox in
no time!

Now, on top of having these for free, you can win a free Leave-on Conditioner from
me too!

All you have to do is:

Step One: "Like" my facebook page HERE.

Step Two: Comment on my Facebook Wall why you want the conditioner.

As easy as that!

Sadly, both the free sample and my giveaway here is only open to Singapore
Residents ):

So, start redeeming & commenting now!

If you have any enquiries about your hair and which shampoo you are suitable for,
don't hesitate to drop a comment on Sunsilk's Facebook wall or if you are really
shy, you can leave a comment in my blog and I'll find out for you!



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