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[Sponsored] Protect your hair and style with Fuwarie 「フワリエ」!
Today I will be sharing with you guys an awesome product that I came across some time ago! 
It's called... Fuwarie!

See that familiar face?
It's Jun Komori 「小森純
You would have seen me mention her quite a few times because she is one of the
models that produce makeup for Eyemazing!
From their Japan website, I also see that Rola is a model for Fuwarie!

So I got this box...

So inside this box that Eternity Inter-Trade gave me, it contained...

Ichikami Samples!

I was told to choose between straightening products and curling products and I chose
the latter.
So I was given...

Fuwarie Curly Styling Mist [SGD $12.90]

Do you know it's very important to coat your hair with such heat protection mist 
because direct contact with the curler/iron will cause damage to your hair?
All the styling mist from Fuwarie has a unique heat styling formula to prevent hair
burn! It double coats the hair cuticle with heat coat protein PLUS resin, and also
contains oil which penetrates hair cuticles to strengthen the hair from within!

3 types of mist, all at SGD $12.90 only!

Fuwarie Soft Arrange Jam [SGD $12.90]

There are 2 types of arrange jams

I chose the soft arrange jam because I want to create soft curls that will give me a
softer look [act demure]
Both jams contain collagen to moisturise and amino acid to repair hair damages.
No only that, it has UV protection too!

I did a video on me using the products and some explanation too~

My thoughts on using them:
Fuwarie Curly Styling Mist -
Firstly, the fact that my hair is being protected when I exercise such heat on them
gives me great comfort. Because of my hair colour [ash blonde] which is pretty
damaging to dye, and I always blow dry my hair with a hair dryer [always late!] so
this is a MUST for me whenever I want to curl my hair.
The heat from hair curler is very very hot thus a lot more damaging to hair [very quickly
Secondly, the smell! It actually smells good; fruity, in fact! But of course, that doesn't mean I will inhale it on purpose...
Thirdly, after I spray my hair with the mist, it does not make my hair harden. [I tried
another brand's mist before, my hair was quite stiff and hard to even comb through
to separate my hair into segments, thus I had problems in curling because of that]
Fourthly, UV protection! Need I say more about this? UV can not only damage your
skin but hair too!
Finally, it does help my curls to last longer. Because of the nature of my hair [read:
extremely straight because it's really thin], my curls cannot last. I can spent like 10 -
15 minutes curling and then the curls become straight in less than an hour.
Extremely annoying. I won't say this mist works miracle but it does help to extend the
time [say about 4 - 5 hours].

Fuwarie Soft Arrange Jam -
First time using such a product! I am extremely lazy, so I don't go the extra mile to
use wax or similar products to style/ keep the shape of of curls. Another reason
why I dislike using more products to coat my hair is because they usually make my
hair too stiff. This arrange jam, however, has a consistency that is not too viscous.
That means it is easier for me to work with and once again, fruity scent! Oh, and the
fact that it was formulated with Collagen and Amino Acid makes me feel like I'm
actually doing something beneficial x 2 [make my curls look more awesome + nourish
my hair]. UV protection again so that's beneficial x 3! From the video, you can tell
my hair looks a lot airy-ier (?) and voluminous!
Love love love it!

As mentioned in the video, I bought 2 products on my own after I used the 2 sponsored
products because I really liked them!
They are...
Left: Fuwarie Airy Curl Keeper [SGD $9.90]
Right: Fuwarie Up-style Keeper [SGD $9.90]

For the up- style keeper, I have not really used it enough to comment.
However, for the airy curl keeper, when I use it together with the styling mist, my hair
can last up to 6 hours [sometimes more!]
So I really like it ^^
Doesn't smell bad too, fruity scent!
It does not have the smelly "I gonna be killed by hairspray" kinda generic smell.

It used to be only available at BHG if I'm not mistaken, but guess what~
Our local [well loved] drugstore Watsons have recently started carrying them too!
So it's readily available in a store near you now!
Go grab them, the stock run low really quickly!

Oh, don't forget to like Eternity Inter-Trade Facebook Page for latest promotions,
discounts and their other products!


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