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[Sponsored] ChocoMarvel - Fret no more, Embrace your time of the month!
Have you ever had days that you felt like this?

^ That translates to:
1. In a daze
2. Don't feel like doing anything
3. Don't even bother to put on any makeup
4. Don't want to talk to anyone
5. Just want to lay on bed whole day
6. Want the whole world to leave you alone

Yes, just want to keep sleeping, keep lying on that bed and want to be treated like
the queen of the world with everything served to you.
You are having your time of the month; period.

You feel like an active volcano.
The SMALLEST thing irritates the bananas out of you.
You erupt into a huge mess over the fact that the stall owner from the Wanton Mee
gave you 2 wantons instead of the usual 3.
And worst part is if you are having cramps.

Okay, gotta be honest here.
I don't get cramps.
Nope, never in my life, yet.
So I really can't understand the pain many girls go through; crying, fainting, whining
about it, I just don't get it because I don't suffer from cramps.
Neither do I get that "menses period mood swing" thing.
Very seldom, I do get it [like when your menses feels like it's coming but refuse to come?]

But I do get my off-days too!
Don't feel like doing anything at all and just feel so irritable, yes it happens!
Go out with no makeup, looking like a mess, a fashion disaster, it does happen okay!

So here's a *solution for you which can help in your cramps and also boost your skin

A box contains 8 sachets! [SGD $19.90/box of 8 sachets]
You can take it once to twice daily; so if you only take it when you have cramps,
I think 1 box can last you 1 - 2 periods [provided you don't have cramps everyday!]

But even if you don't have cramps like me, you can still drink it cos it can help to 
replenish the iron lost and keep you energetic all day! :3

And now, I'm going to show you how to prepare this drink!

You need 2 things: a cup and 1 sachet of ChocoMarvel

Now, I understand you have a lot to rant and ready to bite anyone's head off but please
do not do this

There's a little tear for you to rip it open. [Sorry, cam out of focus, didn't QC the pic]

The contents! Yes, brown in colour! [It's called chocomarvel yo, of cos there's chocolate]

Taking a whiff, it smells kinda weird.
Like there's this weird mix of bitterness amidst the chocolate-y  fragance.

Anyhow, pour the contents into the cup!

Pose with it *laughs*

Add hot water!
This is the part you must take note!
[I'll tell you why later![

Then, stir well and you are ready to drink!

For my very first sachet, I added too much water and there's a bitter after taste.
So this time, I added lesser water, hoping it will taste better.
AND YES, Adding less water does make it taste sweeter and the bitter after taste
less prominent!
And you can enjoy your snack with Chocomarvel to double your happiness!

You can buy Chocomarvel from:
John Little, Sasa, Watsons, Guardian, OG, Unity & Robinsons!

I've gathered feedback from girls who already redeemed their FREE Chocomarvel 
sachet that it really works in helping the cramps!
What, you haven't redeemed your FREE SAMPLE?!
Here's what you have to do:

Step 1: Like ChocoMarvel's Page in Facebook

Step 2:  Click on the Free Chocomarvel Sample Tab

Step 3: Fill in your Particulars! [I can't show you this step as I've already redeemed

No postage charges either!

Go on, taste and test Chocomarvel!


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