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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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[Sponsored] The monthly torture
I'm sure you know what am I going to talk about in abit.


Well you see.....

Every month, there will be these few days in this certain week (and for alot of
woman, these few days are the same few days every month) whereby we turn

Yes, that's how you know we are having our menstration.
It's not our fault, really!
Hormones are to blame (laughs)

But fortunately, I don't have such problem with menstration.
I am one of those lucky girls who don't get crazy hormone problems, resulting
in me being emotionally unstable (i.e. evil temper) or those menstration
cramps (I really don't understand how other woman can be in so much pain
till they cry or faint.... sorry!) so yea, you girls can box me now. (laughs)

But despite me being one of those lucky ones, it is still a pain in my ass.
The feeling of having to see the mess when we go to the ladies turns every
one off.
Despite the constant improvements made to let us feel better while wearing
the sanitary pads, they are still in the same 2 colours; blue and white.
What they always focus on is the absorbance, thickness, texture, comfort
of the sanitary pad, yes?
Well, they always leave out the visuals.
Did they forget that we (at least for me) buy things irrationally?!
As long as they look good, we are sold!
I mean, why do you think girls pay so much for cute looking things (including
intimates) that no one but ourselves can see?!


And thankfully, Kotex realised that!
Introducing Kotex Luxe Sanitary Pads!

Truth is, I was really skeptical about it before I saw it.
I mean, how pretty can a pad look?
And even if they look pretty, so what?
I didn't have a very good first impression of Kotex so I have to admit that I
thought this is just another tactic to make up for their incompetent product.
Pretty is one thing, but the other factors when we use them is very very VERY
Coincidentally, I was having my period when these arrived so I thought,
"Ahh well, since I will be blogging about it, I ought to use them and see how it

I was really really impressed!
Kotex has really improved over the years.
The first time I tried it was in Secondary Two (I remember I took it from Michelle!)
I really didn't like how it felt on me.
But last week when I gave Kotex another shot, it was really impressive.
I can't believe it is indeed the same brand I tried years ago!
Kudos to Kotex for improving heeeeeeeepppps over these years!

Okay back to topic (actually I was on topic, right?)
So they actually launched these design pads some time ago but not alot of
people are aware even until now.
I admit that I wasn't aware of it too until Lijuan from TheSamplestore mailed
me about it.
They come in 3 different dimensions:

32cm with wings

23cm with wings:

2 different (6s 23cm) mini packs with different designs inside (6 designs in total!)

Well, seeing the prints on the packaging is not quite accurate, right?
We know how things work with prints.
Kotex very smartly sent this Presenter book along:

I can't agree more with this statement.


*squeals* Look at the details!

It's ultra soft!

So pretty right!

How the 32 cm look like, with the blue zone (supposingly where it* is to

How it looks like from my camera:

Equally soft and thin!

All the types (packaging/ pieces) that are available:

Saw that big address on the presenter book?
Yes, there is a contest going on now on their facebook!
You can stand to win a brand new Ipad and shopping vouchers!

Visit their facebook page HERE,
Click on the "Create your WOW" tab and design away!
Contest is open to Singapore, Malaysia and Phillipines!

Don't think you want to design anything or creative enough?
That's okay too! You can win shopping vouchers by voting too!
I see alot of pretty designs~
Mine is kinda simple~ Here it is:

Do cast your vote for me if you love me xD
Overall it was a great experience for me to give Kotex another shot and I really
love it!


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