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[Sponsored] Kanebo BB Cream Review

Hi guys, yet another post about BB Cream!
A bb cream fanatic here xD

So like I've said before, BB Creams first originated from Germany to help patients
who underwent laser skin surgery to sooth and regenerate their skin!
I prefer bb cream to foundation because they save me alot of time; I do not
have to slap on sunscreen or concealer!
It also blends into my skin very well, giving me the "natural good skin" look!

Today I will be talking about a bb cream from my favourite country, Japan!
On top of that, it is from one of my favourite Japan makeup brand: Kanebo!
I love love love love LOVE Kanebo makeup!
Bought both their loose powders in natural and glow, eyeliner, considering their
neutral shadow palette now! (All from Kate, a line under Kanebo)
Okay, back to topic.

The product is............

It is the Freshel White C W Cream UV!

It is part of the Freshel whitening and moisturizing skin care series!

So when I first got the bb cream~

I didnt know what to choose when I got to nuffnang because I did no research
about it beforehand! So looking at the packaging, I decided to go for the silver
one (not a brown fan xD)
Luckily I did, because it has higher SPF and I am a total lazy bum when it comes
to applying makeup. If my makeup does not contain SPF, I will not be bothered
enough to put on sunscreen most of the time and since I am always out in the
sun, SPF is very very VERY important! (you don't want dark spots by the time
you are 25, right?)

No weird small! I thought there will be a collagen mixed with fruity smell which
might result in something unthinkable since it is formulated with adhesive
collagen for moisturizing effect and fruit mixture acid for exfoliating and
moisture care.

The texture is creamy, neither too runny nor thick.
The colour is pretty different from other bb creams that I have too, slightly

Frankly speaking, this is the FIRST time I heard of a bb cream containing an
ingredient which have exfoliating properties! Amazing~ Expected from the
masterminds of Kanebo! (I'm everything Japan biased!)

After blending it~

See how it blended in with my skin tone perfectly?
Completely flawless!

Here's the magic it works on my face:
Right side of face, attacked by blemish monsters!

Left side of face, scars and redness.

See the difference it makes?
Concealer is not needed at all!
Saves me so much time ^^
I can also skip the step of loose/face powder when I'm short of time!
Here's how I look with Kanebo Freshel BB Cream and after applying blush
directly without loose powder (as well as smokey purple eye revisit!)
If you are interested in what products I used in the next picture, read till the end!

I look so flawless, no photoshop needed! (laughs)
And as you noticed, I found a new awesome spot in my room for taking pictures!

See how good the coverage is?
That's just the bb cream alone with no loose powder or concealer!
The description of product says it can be used as a makeup base; that is just
too humble! You can use it just as it is!

It is retailing at only $33!
I saw it being sold at Watsons as well as ALT @ Heeren!
Actually, I am already thinking of getting the other BB cream of this series, the
Moistlift W Cream!

Though slightly lower SPF, but it is still sufficient.
It also contains the very popular hyaluronic acid which is a rich moisturizing
My skin tends to be towards the dry side these days, I think this will work
really well for me too!

Interested in these products?
Do find out more from their website HERE

Definitely one of the better bb creams I've tried in terms of coverage and
wearability (is there such a word? Anyway, I basically mean that it is not heavy
on my face!)
Which will you get?
W Cream UV or W Cream or Both? (Both for me!)

Products used:
Bob Wig in Caramel Color
Kanebo Freshel W Cream UV
LilyLolo Blush (Review will be up next post, awesome blush!)
Urban Decay Primer Potion Professional Size
Shadows from 120 Eye Shadow Palette
False Lashes from Diamond Beauty - Diamond Lash
Romper - "Taurus" from Polkadotpigs

Yes, it is that little product I use on my face! Just the bb cream and blush (:

Be Confident with Kanebo!

^ Pardon my arm muscles, they are annoying T_T



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