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[Sponsored] Dress Me Mask Review

Hmm, dress me?

Wearing beautiful clothes is one factor that contributes to overall outlook, but
we all agree that face plays a huge role too, yes?

If I were to rate dressing/ dress sense VS face/ looks, it will be a 50:50 importance!
These are extremely important in making the very very first impression.
Afterall, when people SEE you, the real first impression actually lies visually
before it extends out to attitude and everything else.

Skincare is very essential for us, be it guys or girls.
Well, guys might think it's too girly to care about that, but GIRLS!
If you are still not doing anything for your skin, your skin will age as you age,
even faster than that!
That's why we get people looking older than they really are.

If you observe closely, many girls these days don't look their age.
We always exclaim how much younger they look compared to their real age.
That's because their skincare regime is helping them repair/ nourish their
skin, slowing down the aging of their skin
Bear in mind that skin is the largest organ in our body, not just our face!
But well, when people look at us, they dont actually pry about other parts of
our bodies right... (laughs)
Oh, and if they tell you they don't do any skincare, they are lying.
Some girls just want to dupe you into believing they have naturally flawless
skin (and trust me, that's impossible, at least not without help.)

So I'm sure I've shared my skincare regime a few times, and the occasional
mask shots of me.
Today I am going to introduce you guys a mask called "Dress Me!"
Yes, dressing your face!

Alright I might not do all these steps everyday but I try my best (I'm a lazy bum!)
I will only show you the skincare regime for night because I only use mask
every now and then at night.
Basically because I have not heard of people doing their facial mask early in
the morning, or in the middle of the day and well, you get what I mean.

So here's my whole skincare regime for the night:

[x. If I use a Peeling Mask like Kose Mask White, I will use a cleanser like
Aqualabel [blue] cleanser or Loreal [Acne Prone] cleanser before using the
mask, followed by those below]

1. Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub (once every 2 days; e.g 1, 3, 5, 7)

2. Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel (once every 2 days; e.g 2, 4, 6)

3. Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser

4. Ginvera Jade Eye Roll

5. Hada Labo Hyalurauric Acid Lotion

6. Aqua Label Whitening Range [Blue] - (S) Lotion

[x. If using Moisturizing/ Nourishing Mask, I use it at this step!]

7. Aqua Label Whitening Range [Blue] - Bright White EX

8. Aqua Label Whitening Range [Blue] - (S) Moisturizer

9. Aqua Label Whitening Range [Blue] - Enhancer

10. Aqua Label Whitening Range [Blue] - White Up Cream [Night Cream]

So when I am using a moisturizing/ nourishing mask, I will use it before the
Mask is very important as it acts as a "super charge" to our face!
Apart from the daily routine, we have to use mask once a in a few days
(or if you are lazy, maybe once a week) to power charge our face, be it
moisturizing or brightening or reviving, whatever!

Dress Me & The Sample Store kindly sponsored me these 3 lovely mask:

1. Dress Me Soften & Clarifying Mask

2. Dress Me Oil Control & Purifying Mask

3. Dress Me Whitening & Brightening Mask

They have a total of 7 different types of mask, you can see it HERE

Getting ready to use my first mask from Dress Me~ The Natto one!

[mixture of pictures from using natto & gigawhite, so happens that both nights
I was wearing the same top T.T]

Opening it~

Fresh from the packet~


Peeling the plastic off~

Behold~~ ^^

Well, you can use the computer or watch tv while doing this~ [Just dont watch

Or stare at air~

Or the ceiling...

Or maybe just rest for a lil while [don't fall asleep and forget to take the mask

After about 15 ~ 20 minutes, peel it off from bottom to top!
This is to create the lifting effect! If you peel it from top to bottom,  you are
pulling your skin downwards; Hello, sagging motion, not smart!

Now, the residue still remain on your skin right?
Don't waste it!
Pat the residue in a circular motion into your skin! Every drop counts ^^

Notice my mask is on my neck?
While patting in the residue, don't forget the mask is still quite moist and
soaked with the awesome goodness, so I will put it on my neck to "super
charge" my neck~
Neck is an area that many people miss out. My colleague once told me that
neck is the area one should look at to see how old the person really is! So
let's cheat our age as convincingly as we can! (laughs)

my skin feels so refreshed!
[Yes, as you blog more, the more you don't care about appearance...]

Continuing with my regime after this~

& When I wake up the next day, my skin still feels very supple and might
Never underestimate that 20 minutes of mask on your face.
It can make a difference!
If not immediate, it definitely will when you are doing it as a routine.
Something must get into your skin if we are being so diciplined!

My personal thoughts on these 2 mask?


There's this Y-PGA (Polyglutamic Acid) thing that is found in Natto that reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity which impressed me. I never knew Natto have something good in it [I tried eating natto once... not a very good experience.] It says that its function is softening & clarifying, but
dont be fooled! It contains ingredients like Arnica Montana Flower Extract (anti-inflammatory properties, enhances blood circulation while repairing damaged skin, helps to tighten pores, prevent skin sensitivity), Citrus Medica Limonum (helps whitening & brightening the skin) and also Sodium Hyaluronate (binds & retains moisture within skin 500 times more, thus increasesing moisture level in skin &boosts skin’s natural collagen formation)!
I really feel that my pores tightened and skin feels very supple the next
morning! Also, I feel that I look alot more awake the next day, probably
because of the brightening effect! This one doesn't break me out either (:
And I love how I feel after the mask!


First line I saw- Gigawhite that reduces age spots and inhibits pigmentation and has skin-barrier functions. Woohoo, totally sold! I am having pigmentation
problems with my acne problems now ): While using it just once did not reveal
any immediate effect, nor I think it will in the near future but I'm hopeful that
prolonged usage might have some changes on my skin over time. Same as the
natto mask, my skin was able to stay supple till the next morning! It also
states that it has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that whitens the skin and also reduces redness
and skin sensitivity. I do realise my skin being brighter the next day too and
again, like the natto mask, my skin did not have any adverse reaction towards
the usage! Other ingredients include Morus Nigra Fruit Extract, Azelaic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Glycyrrhizinate Glabra (Licorice) Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate!

Well, after my few cents, here are some promotions going on for those of you
who are interested to give Dress Me Mask a try!
Firstly, the good deals in buying Dress Me!

1. Retailing at HERE
      - 50% off all dress me mask 

      - Buy any 5 pieces of Dress Me mask and get 1 Dress Me Moisturizing n Refreshing Mask free
      - Buy any 35 pieces of Dress Me mask and enjoy free delivery + 1
 Dress Me Moisturizing n Refreshing Mask free

 2.  Retailing at SaSa
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% off  

Now, after you've gotten your mask, do enter these awesome contest to, well,
win more mask!
Head over to Dress Me's Facebook Page HERE.
3 winners with the best reviews will be selected weekly and you will win
ONE BOX of Dress Me Mask! That's right, a box of mask!

Submission period: 
Week 1: 15/12 - 21/12
Week 2: 22/12-28/12
Week 3: 29/12- 4/12 
Week 4: 5/12 - 11/12 
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