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[Sponsored] Naruko Classic Brightening Night Gelly - Marjoram and Lavender Review
Remember some time ago, I talked about another product from Naruko [Raw 

Well, here's the second product's review!


I think I mentioned before when I attended a essential oil workshop that
Lavender gives calming effect.
*rips the wrapper*

Comes with a little spatula! *thumbs up*

Once again, Niu Er's Naruko promotes recycling (:
Follow the directions and cut the cupboard to reuse it and store your stuff!

Closer look at the actual jar [60ml]

Upon opening the cap, the smell of Lavender and Marjoram was pretty prominent!

Not disliking it but if you are someone who don't really like your products scented, you
might not like this.
Just scoop a teeny weeny bit like this~

It's actually a lot when transferred to your hands! So always remember, don't be greedy
and scoop bit by bit instead of taking too much out [because I'm sure you know it's
not the most hygienic thing to do to put the product back into the jar]

I don't think I need to teach you how to apply on your face, right?

However, I do encourage you to take your time and massage the cream into your skin!
Skincare cannot be rushed!

This is how part of my left face looks before applying the Night Gelly

After applying all over my face, here's how my face looked the next morning.
Here I'm just showing you the overnight effect the Night Gelly has on your skin; notice
how it is supple and full, not having much shine on the face too?
[Shine = oil. Oil can be released when we over moisturize, a futile attempt by our body
to combat the lack of moisture.]

Now, let's talk about the effect and what I think after 2 weeks of daily usage:

The reason why I took so long to do this was because I decided to do it after I stopped
taking all my derma medications. [Seeing derma is a long term commitment. I already
know my skin condition, thus I don't think I want to continue the oral consumption of 
anti-biotic for fear of my skin becoming even worse than before when I stop relying on
the drug [which suppress outbreak by killing the acne bacteria]

After 2 weeks of use, I can see myself waking up with brighter and smoother looking
complexion; this shows that the Night Gelly did a great job and keeping my face
moisturized while I sleep and let the cells repair itself! With my previous night cream,
sometimes I do wake up with slightly oily skin despite the smooth texture of skin.
But looks like I've found a new holy grail product to pamper my skin while it repairs [
while I sleep!] I also noticed that my make up goes onto my face much smoother!
[Which I suppose is partly because my skin is well hydrated]

Overall, I will give the Classic Brightening Night Gelly Marjoram and Lavender a 4.5/5!
I had to take 0.5 points off the the smell as it is indeed pretty strong for most people
whom I had asked opinions from.
But.. it's has calming effect so it's really no big for me.

Oh yes, before I forget... Naruko can be bought offline at the Watsons Store [as listed
HERE] and online at

I can't really go into details about close ups of product or someething similar because
I believe the only close up that's useful when it comes to skin care product is using a
microscope or something, which is clearly not what we are looking at here. Thus I
decided to do this review in such a manner, kinda like a "narration" instead of my
usual "Visual Easy Rating" (:
Hope it is working for ya'll!


[Sponsored] Naruko's Raw Job's Tear Toner Review
So about a month ago, I mentioned that I received this parcel from NarukoSG

I remember Karmun harping about Naruko products non-stop to me when she saw me 
about 2 or 3 months back.
We went to Malaysia together and when she saw it on sale there, she almost bought it!
Eventually, she bought it back here in Singapore as it is still slightly cheaper here.
I was wondering, why does she love the brand so much?!

Inside the parcel laid 2 items!

Today I will be reviewing one of them for you; 
红薏仁超临界美白化妆水/ Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Toner -150ml

Now, before I go further into the product review, I have to warn you guys about the
product authenticity!
All Naruko Products MUST come with this sticker with Niu Er's face one it!

If you see the sticker with a "bee-hive pattern", it means that the sticker has been

Here's the official photo from Naruko.
It's a product under the whitening series.

My own shot!
Notable ingredients include Raw Job's Tears & Vitamin C [Whitening... my favourite!]

They are really environmental friendly!
The box that was used to package the product can be cut according to their guide to
recycle it into boxes for you to put your things!

Thankfully, the NarukoSG staff have been really patient and nice, not rushing me at all.
I took a good month to test this product out!
When you unscrew the big red cap, there's a little stopper to prevent product from 
making a mess on the cap/ leak.

The stopper is easy to remove so no worries about that!

Now here's how my skin looked like a month ago. [Taken in early July]
Very dull, tired, blah blah blah *palm face*

After a month of usage,
my skin tone looks more even! [pardon the red spots, I was having some
sensitive skin issues prior to taking the photos ^^'']
Another notable mention is that the product gets absorbed by your skin
really quickly!
Within a minute, I can no longer feel any toner lingering on my skin surface.

When I first saw this video, I was very skeptical.

Guess what? Tried & Tested; it really works!
Now I'm going to show you the IMMEDIATE effect of the Raw Job's Tear's
My skin is look slightly dull after an entire day out.
I have already cleansed my face in the picture below.

Just pour some of the toner onto my cotton pad~

& After wiping my skin with it...

A lot brighter, yes?
I look much more energetic almost immediately!
Now for the most shocking part...

See how much dirt remained on my skin even AFTER I've cleansed my face?
This is why using a toner is so so so important!
I never knew the importance of using one as I've not used toners prior to this Raw Job's
Tear from Naruko!

Do you know that all that dirt which you cannot see with your naked eye can reduce
the efficiency of all the other skincare products you nourish your skin with?

To be honest, I had pretty extreme skin which fluctuates from being ultra dry to
oily in just 1 day. I believe that this toner really helped to thoroughly remove all the
dirt which I never thought existed [since I can't see them] as I can really feel the
efficiency of my other skincare products [lotion, moisturizer] being optimized.
My skin no longer flakes/ dries and is now constant on the normal/ combination [e.g
sides of nose will be oily] state.

Better state of skin allowed me to get a better grasp of how I should apply my 
makeup too!
Which is probably why my photos with make up look a lot better now even without
photoshop :3
I used to have to fix little flaws on my skin, as I can't get the make up to properly
cover certain obvious spots/ bumps, with photoshop. But these days, all I do is 
brighten the photos that are taken in unfavourable lighting and Viola, I'm done!

Great news for all of you, the Niu Er's Naruko Products are easily available in Singapore, be it the on-line or off-line!

On-line shoppers:
You can purchase Naruko Products from their website [Raw Job's Tear Toner here]

Off-line shoppers:
Naruko Products can now be found at selected Watons [listed HERE]

Lovelies, don't forget to "Like" NarukoSG's Facebook Page for the latest news and


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