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[Event] Tokyo Luxey Meetup at P.S Cafe at Harding Road & Product reviews
It has been a long time since I went for any bloggers event, even Karmun was surprised when I told her I was on my way to one last week! Anyway, since I promised you guys I will be back blogging properly and regularly, I guess the first thing I should do is know the new bloggers around, right? Afterall, I have been missing in action for over a year (laughs)

The event was held at P.S. Cafe at Harding Road

When I arrived, the sharing session just started. We were told what Tokyo Luxey about and how they hope to have more "luxeys" join the community and share more about what products you guys wish to see as well as provide feedback on what you think of existing Japanese products in the market. I am definitely excited about this as there are so many Japanese brands that are still not readily available here in Singapore that I go on a "panic stocking up" session everytime I go Japan (laughs). 

Also, did you know that Tokyo Luxey actually had a programme on FOX International Channel called A Luxe Makeover TV Series which does a makeover according to the theme of the episode? For those of you who know about it/ watched it, you will be pleased to know that Tokyo Luxey has a Beauty Box which cost just SGD$39 where the value of the goodies inside far exceeds that price! Oh, and you do get to see what you will get for the price you pay! I actually prefer this compared to "mystery boxes" as more often than not, I get so many sample sized products that are not even suitable for my face and I end up paying for absolutely nothing! I can tell you that any two items in the Tokyo Luxe Special Edition Gift Box already exceeds the SGD$39 you paid!

After a quick briefing for us Luxeys about what being in the community is about, we were given a goodies' bag filled with awesome stuff! I have to say, I totally squealed silently inside me when I saw the paper bag upon arrival at the venue because it was a bag that says "ALBION!" If you follow my instagram, you will know that I have been a huge fan of their skin conditioner and lately, my bottle is actually running out and....

They included a generous 110ml bottle of the Skin Conditioner inside the goodies' bag! Mind you, it is not some sample-sized but actually a size sold over counters in Japan for 3,500¥ (Approx. SGD$44)! Not just that, you can see a smaller sample sized bottle which is actually their Eclafutur which was snapped off the shelves upon launch in Japan September last year, causing a shortage of stocks and a total of over 35 million bottles have been sold so far. Upon seeing the statistics, I must say I was really anticipating how the product will perform for me.

Another product that I was glad to see inside is the 24H Cosme Foundation. They are a mineral line of cosmetic and the reason why it caught my eyes was because of Tackey and Tsubasa (laughs). They were endorsing them some time back and when I saw it in Japan, I was like in a total fan girl mode (I have a thing for Takizawa Hideaki!!) I learnt that this product is very popular amongst celebrities in Japan too!

After all the product introduction, we were served delicious pasta! The portion was huge that we all had a hard time finishing but we kept stuffing ourselves because it was sooooo good!

So many goodies, so little time. I shall give you guys a brief review quickly!

As aforementioned, I have been using the Skin Conditioner for about 6 months now so I can very confidently tell you that this product works amazingly for me.

See, I am not lying! I really have the Skin Conditioner and about to finish it so you have no idea how glad I was when I saw the bottle! The first time I bought it, I got the medium sized bottle (165ml) because it was not cheap and I didn't want to end up wasting money if it did not work out well for me. Thankfully, everything worked out well! I will be buying a new bottle and this time I intend to buy the huge 330ml bottle for use at home because I want to keep the smaller bottle for travel use! Since I started using this, my skin is more moisturized and I experience lesser breakouts. My makeup also goes on my face much smoother~ Overall, I really love this! They have a counter in Takashimaya Beauty Hall. I cannot remember the exact price but I paid around $80+ for the 165ml bottle. For working ladies, I will really recommend this to you guys and for younger girls, if you can afford, go for it!

Now, onto the Eclafutur!

After using this for a week, I cannot give a very in depth review but I do not have any negative reaction from this so far. No breakouts or bad reaction so that is a good thing! I do like how smooth my skin because after apply this and since this is a cell repairing product, I am actually very keen to purchase the full sized product to give it a try in a longer term.

Finally, the 24H Cosme Foundation.

Inside a pack, you will get the case, sponge and a refill.

Just pop the refill and the sponge in and you are done assembling your pact!

However, the shade of the foundation given to me was quite dark; pretty far from my skin tone =/

Such a pity because I was really excited about this :( Nonetheless, for you guys, I tested this out by wearing it when I am home (laughs) Don't judge me! Just so you know, I don't put on make up when I am home because I like to let my skin breathe. The staying power of the foundation is actually really good and the fact that it is a mineral makeup makes me feel less guilty about putting it on despite being at home (because I really want to let my skin breathe on my laze-home-days.) It doesn't cake up either, which is a huge plus point, and it is also very blendable. Overall, a great foundation but pity that it doesn't have a wide range of shades available in Singapore yet. Also, this does not come cheap (5,122¥, approx. SGD$63), which was the main reason why I eventually didn't buy it back from Japan last year.

There, my review of the products I received from the Tokyo Luxey meet-up last week!
If you are interested in purchasing products from them, do shop HERE for Singaporeans and HERE for those outside of Singapore.

See you guys very soon for my next review!


[Event] LoveMore Private Event at Oasia Hotel
Hello lovelies :3
I know I stated above that it's a private event post but unfortunately, by the time I go to the venue after my class, the presentation was already over...
I have to apologize to the people from Secretive and TSS who put in so much effort to organize the event ):

Anyway, I will just show you guys the stars of the presentation that I missed.
[Thankfully, they gave so much products that I can find everything I need to show you guys.]

Oh before I go to that, do you know that Jiro Wang is also LoveMore's spokesperson now?
^ My huge paper bag with him on it

Anyway, inside the bag there were so much goodies!
Firstly, there were a piece of each of their new series' masks

There was also a whole box of one of the masks! [I got the Soymilk Enzyme one]

The My Melody ones have been launched some time back if I'm not wrong.
There are 2 types; the Moisturizing and Whitening. Both mask are Oil Free!


Next, we have the latest collection of LoveMore Masks!
Snail Healing mask [Healing & Hydrating]

Gold Pearl [Anti Aging & Brightening]

Black Caviar [Anti Wrinkle & Firming]

Diamond Super White [Whitening & Moisturizing]

Pomegranate [Lifting & Whitening]

Soymilk Enzyme [Moisturizing & Soothing]

Finally, for this line below, I don't seem to see it on their website any more so I'm not too sure if it is out of stock or they no longer carry it.
LoveMore Taiwan Masks
Wine Yeast [Brightening]

Loofah & Aloe Vera [Hydrating]

Mountain Tea [Anti - Oxidant]

Pearl Barley Milk [Clear Complexion]

So much love, right?
I've been using LoveMore & SexyLook masks for a really long time now. I guess that is the best proof that it performs up to my expectations, which is the reason why I keep going back to these brands (:

I highly recommend you guys to try the new LoveMore Series - So far I've tried the Snail Healing Mask as well as the Gold Pearl - both gave me satisfactory results and no breakouts!

Don't forget to "like" LoveMore Singapore's Facebook Page for the latest promotions and product launches!


[Event] Launch of BYS Nail Polishes

Still on a roll.
Thanks to Catherine for inviting me along to BYS's launch!

BYS stands for Be YourSelf.

BYS is actually a hot selling brand in Australia due to its good quality and being very economical for our pockets.

Before I go into the polishes, BYS actually has a lot of products!

That's right, make up products too! [Girls, you can squeal now.]
These makeup products will launch some time next year so you guys are actually getting a sneak peek here!

Look at how shimmery the cream shadows are!

I think these are really pretty~ A little hard to carry off but looks so gorgeous, don't you agree?

I love eyeshadows, they are so full of colours... makes me happy just looking at them.

So cute right?

They have mineral make up for face too.

Not forgetting the very essential eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, etc!

Before the presentation, look at the spread the very wonderful ladies prepared for us.

Colourful and delicious, yes? [I hate myself for posting this at 4am. Now I'm so hungry!]
Sushi for us!

Happy girls are happy upon the sight of food.

Little sandwiches

Gyoza! [Been craving for some for quite a while!]

Oh, the awesome, delicious donuts.

So much colour in the spread in conjunction with the nail polish launch!

Awww, marshmallows! [Okay, I'm completely being out of the blue here]

Happy girl is happy to be eating all those happy food!

I really love how cosy the whole event was~ It felt like a chat over dinner with friends than attending an event/ product launch. They did the powerpoint presentation while we were eating dinner and then chatted with us!

See, everyone is happy!

After we were all full, we went over the the other table to have a seat and...

So much selection right?
Excited to start!

Not sure if you guys heard of such a polish before but these actually changes colour according to your mood!

They have "mirror" polishes and matte polishes too!

They have over 700 colours in total, but from what I remember, they are launching about 200 in Singapore first~

So after the dinner, we were given time to play around with the polishes.
I have to say, I really love how easy it was to apply the polishes given their very economical prices! [Polishes selling for SGD $6.90~SGD $8.90]

There was a friendly competition for the best nail creation with their polishes and Ju Ann won! [Sorry, no photos T.T]
If you are interested, here's what I did for my nails.
^ Before I got to clean my nails~ I love candy stripes!

Finally, before the night came to an end...

So sweet of them right? Birthday cake for the birthday girl!
Happy & surprised (:

Wheeeee, make a wish!

After the event, they gave each of us a goodies' bag~
We all went home with these:

Here's the box of polish I got!

Happy happy~

I can't show you guys swatches because I still have gels nails and I don't want to paint over them yet!
Here's a closer look at the eyeshadow though!

All in all, I really enjoyed my evening a lot thanks to all the wonderful ladies who prepare everything~ I really loved how colourful the food was to match the wide range of colours that the polishes they were going to launch have (:

You can grab a bottle of the BYS Nail Polish are Watsons stores Islandwide!
Prices range from SGD $6.90 ~ SGD $8.90, depending on which type you purchase [E.g. Neon, Matte, Mirror, UV, Mood Change, etc.]

Don't forget to like BYS Facebook Page for the latest promotion and news!
[A lot more colours will be coming as well as make up so go like it!]


[Event] K-Palette Makeover Session with Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu
K palette, a brand that is no stranger to most girls.
During the 2nd week of September, they held a makeover session by Japanese Makeup Artiste Miko Yatsu [K Palette especially flew her down to Singapore!] for free at SaSa NEX!

I was a little late because I've never been shopping at NEX so I don't know where the stores are [I can't even find the directory] but by the time I arrived, look at the crowd they attracted!

Sidetrack, look at some of their popular products!

I have most of them from last year's K Palette event that I blogged about HERE

Picture above from last year's goodies' bag by K-Palette. MEGA generous right?

Anyway, back to present.
Miko San busy with her makeup kit! [So... mega... pretty...]

Her secret weapons all from K Palette.

While getting the makeover done, tips were given too!

I shall share with you some pictures of Miko san while working her magic!

Some of my favourite products from K Palette will have to be their Eyeliner [I'm using the Super Black one now] Super love, looking for an Eyeliner to stay whole day? Try this!

One of their newer eyeliner for the series is the one in blue packaging.
Super sharp brush! This is very good for drawing designs and filing in gaps.

Oh yes, their best selling Super Black Water Proof eyeliner also comes in a limited edition PINK packaging!

Another favourite from K Palette is their Lasting 2 way Eyebrow! [Extreme left in picture below]

This is their latest product; 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara
This product can lengthen and keep your lashes curled! [Detailed review will be given again in another entry dedicated to it]

Of course, I have to take a picture with them before I leave!

Thanks to SaSa SG & K-Palette SG for these products:
1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H Waterproof.
Tip: To check if the brush of your eyeliner is really good, press it flat down on the back of your hand. If the bristles split, the quality of the brush is not very good!

1 Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara
I'm quite excited to try this! Haven't been using falsies and using a lot of mascara now!

K-Palette Kuma Concealer

I hear quite a number of good reviews on this product when it was just launched. I've been meaning to grab a tube to try so I'm extremely psyched to find this in the goodies' bag!

Finally, thanks to SaSa SG for inviting me to the makeover and all the very friendly staff!
I will do a review for these products soon and let you guys know how it works for me!

Do check out SaSa SG Facebook Page [They always have contest to giveaway awesome products] and K-Palette Facebook Page for their latest promotions and news!


[Event] Vanity Trove x Phillip Wain

Last week I went for an event for Vanity Trove with TTJ at Phillip Wain (Novena)! [Thanks to Catherine for extending the invitation to us]

As usual, picture before entering~

Guess what? Vanity Trove actually has a "Tangs" July Trove!

It goes by the tagline: Destination Beautiful.

That was also the idea in which the event was planned around.
First, we registered at this counter and "Check in" on Facebook.

Our "passport" for the evening.

After checking in, we proceeded to the garden area where there were food for us.

The prawns were so fresh~

Not a Tofu lover so I didn't have any of this.

TTJ took this dish but not me~

I took A LOT of this because I was so hungry ^^ It was chicken!

This is something like the cake pop sold in Starbucks.

Gyaru make for the day; been so long.

After filling our tummies, we went on our journey - destination beautiful.
I apologise for the lack of photos because I was carrying way too many things and I was busy paying attention so I forgot all about snapping some shots!

Anyhow, at the end of the event, I managed to collect all 6 stamps!

With all 6 stamps, I can redeem a Lipo8 treatment from Phillip Wain worth SGD $580!

That was not all; We were each given a goodies' bag.

Contents inside were generous.

In the pouch:

Of course, not forgetting the Vanity Trove!

A really heavy box!

I really like the design of the box; it opens up like a drawer, very easy to recycle this box!

There are a ton of vouchers/ coupons!

Here's my version of the Tangs Edition Vanity Trove!

A closer look at all the products - There are SK-II, Calrins, Paul Smith, Jurlique, Suki Face, Laneige and more - for just SGD $30/box [Normal Trove cost SGD $25], what you get inside is way more than the price you paid for!

I really enjoyed myself during this event - it was very "free and easy" with friendly staff from Phillip Wain teaching and helping us in any questions we had. When I needed the restroom, a staff actually walked me all the way to the restroom, right in front of a cubicle! Service attitude - Two thumbs up!

I guess you can say I concluded my destination beautiful with a very pleasant journey there (:


[Event] An evening with Red Ken
Okay honestly, I do not know what to call this.
It's not exactly an event, but I had to categorize it somewhere so there you go.
It's going to be brief with pictures everywhere [I love it when there's no obligations]
Anyhow, TTJ invited me to go with her for this session with Red Ken at their office [somewhere around Lavender]
We were extremely late, but just before they started ^^;;
We missed food because we were late ):

For this session, they actually have the Jorge Joao, the Lead Stylist for Red Ken from the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto with us!

Jorge actually has his own hair studio back in Toronto! [If my memory did not fail me, it's called Koi Hair Studio]
He first shared with us his experience during the Toronto Fashion Week.
I was very entertained by his stories~ things they do to the model, haha!

In this session, I learnt quite a few stuff about hair care from Jorge.
For example when you curl your hair...

Do you curl it towards or away from your face?

You should curl it away from your face!

Also, we were taught how to create a simple look under 5 minutes [note: this look is actually used by a lot of stylist when creating looks for the runway]
Firstly, when you tie your simple ponytail, always look up instead of down.

This is because when you face down, when you are back in the normal upright position, there will be this "bump" at the bottom.

So remember, UP is the right way to go!

After you are done with the pony tail,

Conceal the rubber band with your hair and a bobby pin.

Now, tease/ backcomb your pony tail!

Tease a little, then secure parts of your hair with a bobby pin.

Repeat the pinning...

Until all the hair is up!
^ This gives texture to your hair. The contrast between the simple and neat look from the front and the spiced up texture at the pony tail itself is what that brings out this hairdo. All done in just 5 minutes!

Also, we all know how braids is in trend now, yes?
but what happens if you are bad at braiding?

Our head stylist here HATES braids, which caused him to come up with a way of "braiding" that is easy to do.
Firstly, take a section of your hair,

Split that into 2

You know how you tie knots? Yes, do that to your hair.

No, it's not painful, I tried it. Just keep repeating the step above by picking up a new section of hair from whichever direction you want your "braid" to go.

And then, Viola!

Can you see? It's so pretty and easy to do! [Come on, you all know how to tie knots, right?]

From the front

Another notable mention from this session is their new chromatic dye that contains zero ammonia.

Look at the wide variety of colors available!

Oh yes, at the end of the session, we were given a goodies' bag.

Inside there were:

Fashion Work 12 hairspray

Look at how huge the bottle is! It says that it has humidity resistance, looking forward to see how it will perform on me since Singapore is fairly humid.

Powder Refresh 01 [what some of you might call "dry shampoo"]

I have used this and I got to say, I LOVE IT!
I used to wash my hair everyday but now that my hair is getting way too long, it takes up to 2 hours for it to dry naturally so it's kind of a hassle. On days I skip washing my hair, I will use this; it makes my hair baby smooth!
I don't know how but it does! Also, no white residue left on your hair and it absorbs oil, making your hair look fresh.

I raised a question on volumizing hair and they gave me this
Body full instant bodifer
^ Always annoys me because my hair is extremely fine. I learnt a few tips to volumize my hair during the session too, can't wait to try them with this and see what difference it will make.

Last but not least, there's a Rough Clay 20.

I have not tried this product since I don't use clay or things like wax...
I'm thinking of letting my brother try and see how it works.

Overall, it was a very fun and somewhat educational session for me. I definitely learnt a bit more about hair and haircare.
Oh, all the above products are from RedKen.
If you are interested in any, do pop by any salon that carries RedKen product and ask them about it/ for reccomendations!
[I'm sorry but I do not know the prices of all the products]


[Event] Heroine Make Princess Ball
Hello lovelies~
Today I will be sharing with you an event I attended 2 Saturdays ago~

That's right, the Heroine Make Princess Ball!
Upon arrival, there was a table full of charms and a form to fill in our "before" eye measurements. A lovely lady was there to help us take the measurements and issue the bracelets.

And here we are!
^ I have to apologise for being terribly late. I was waiting for my bimbo partner Tsuriki T.T
Nonetheless, thank god they were very nice and wasn't angry with us ^^

Look at the amount of products on our table, all from Heroine Make!

So what was the event about?
Well, it was to find the princess with the biggest difference in the size of the eye before & after eye makeup!

So clearly, I went there with no eye makeup but unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture... [I was still too angry about my lost phone back then, I didn't even want to step out of me house]

Anyhow, here's my personalized bracelet!

Pretty pretty~

So what's in the heart shaped box that the bracelet is sitting on?


Pretty cupcake with marshmallows ^^

Anyhow, after their quick presentation on their products [mainly on the eye related products since that's kinda like the theme for the day], we were given ample time to doll our eyes up!

Notable mention: Though this event focuses on the eyes, I have to say I really liked how their Heroine Make BB Cream went on my face! Blends very easily and gives a pretty good coverage. Also, I actually own their pressed face powder too!

Anyhow, of all the eye products I played with, I have to give a huge hueg shout out to this:

I'm telling you, this Impact mascara is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
I have pathetic naked looking eyes [i.e light and sparse eyelashes] and this mascara really lengthened and volumized my lashes! Also, the mascara colour is darker than any other mascara I've used!

Upon the first application, I was lost for words - literally! I told Tsuriki in a super amazed tone and when she saw what the mascara did to my bottom lashes, she returned me with a "WAH!"

That's how amazing it is!
I'm sorry the camera didn't capture well T.T
Seriously, half my mind was still pre-occupied at that event so I don't really know what am I doing... [Insert remorseful expression here]
But I can definitely see myself buy the impact mascara in the near future!
With Tiphanie

I like how their packaging is simple with little details like the design on the wand of their mascara

They are so smart to do that because girls do pay attention to intricate things like such!

After all the princesses were done with their eye make up, everyone went to take the eye measurements again~
Guess who emerged as the winner with the biggest difference in the size of eyes?

^ My bimbo Tsuriki, yay!
So happy for her~

After the event, each of the princesses was given a goodies' bag with the following:

Eyeliner [I used this for my eyes]

Ultra fine tip!

Lengthening Mascara

Tiphanie was raving about this mascara as well as the volumizing one throughout the event so I'm pretty psyched about it too!

Mascara remover

This is pretty good to remove stubborn mascara formulas; no more tugging your eyelashes!

Last but no least, a Chupa Chups x Kiss Me Lip Cream

Have yet to try this though.

Overall, I enjoyed myself during the event because:

1. The presentation given was clear, quick and right to the point.
2. I got to meet up with my favourite girls
3. I got to play with eye make up products
4. Event was pretty much "free & easy", no one was rushing us to do this/ that or anything at all!

At the end of the event, I left with a much better understanding and impression of the brand Heroine Make and their products.
If there's a MUST HAVE item from the event, it is definitely this:

I cannot emphasize how much I love this mascara!
Finally, thank you to Heroine Make Singapore & The Sample Store for inviting me to this event!

Don't forget to like their facebook pages [hyper-linked above] for the lastest promotions!

[Event] [Review] Talika Media Launch for Skin Retouch and product review
Lovely ladies, I have a new product that is one of my March favourites to share
with you!
I was invited for their media launch back on 12th March 2012
^ Looks familiar?
Yep, he flew down from Hong Kong to "launch" this product here in Singapore!
Previously saw him for the "Talika Cream Booster Launch" which I've blogged
about HERE and reviewed about it HERE.

This time, he is here to tell us about this new exciting product from Talika;
Skin Retouch

How exactly do we use this product?

Upon removing the cap, you can see that the part where the product is being
dispense [the applicator] is actually made of silicone.

See the "Off" words embossed below the applicator? [note: the opening is at
the same side]
^ This shows that the product will not be able to dispense regardless how
hard you try. In order to allow the product to flow, you have to twist that little
plastic area below the applicator

Till it is on the side with the "On" embossed.

Now, you can dispense!

It acts as a make up base/ primer.
You can see an immediate effect upon application; fine lines get filled and skin tone becomes more even and brighter and matifies the face.
I tried it on my hand and was extremely impressed!

Before Application

After Application
^ Might not be the best pictures to support the claims but it was really
prominent when I tried it in reality!

What's so special about this Skin Retouch is that it uses small pigments to
create an optical soft-focus effect by unifying the reflection of light within lines
and pores while large pigments hide imperfections and redness on the surface
of the skin

It claims to be able to give an anti-aging and whitening effect in the longer run
[28 days], but I am unable to judge for this since I do not use this every day.
Some advantages of the formula:
- Non-drying moisturizing complex
- A truly transparent skin primer, both universal & unisex
- Long-term treatment effect

After a few use, here's my review for you!

Talika Skin Retouch [Anti-aging <Photo Retouch> Fluid]:

Manufacturing Country: France

Product Volume: 30ml

Product Ingredients: Aqua, Adenosin, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse 
Chesnut) Seed Extract, Alcohol, enat, Beheneth-25, BHT, Butylene Glycol, 
Carbomer, Chlorphenesin, Citric Acid, Coco- Caprylate/ Caprate, Dicaprylyl 
Carbonate, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 
Extract, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Lecithin, Methyl Gluceth-20, Methyl 
Methacrylate, Crosspolymer, Methylisothiazolinone, Neopentyl Glycol 
Diheptanoate, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Parfum, 
Phenoxyethanol, Plankton Extract, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Sorbate, Rosa 
Canina Fruit Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Sorbic Acid, Tocopherol

Product Type: Gel/Cream-like

Packaging: 8/10 - I thought the whole "twist to open" method of securing the
product from unwanted leakage was really intelligent. However, I do not use
the applicator directly on the face as this product is to be used after skincare
so I don't want any possibility of contamination. I always put products on the 
back of my hand before using them with a brush or my finger tips onto my face.

Scent: 2/10 - It is barely noticeable, unless you really put the product next to
your nose and take a strong whiff.

Rate of Absorption: 9/10 - It got absorbed extremely quickly, under a

Product Efficiency: 9.5/10 - As far as the immediate claims go, I have seen the
results with my eyes so I'm totally SOLD. I used it on my face on a few 
occasions, always fills in the pores/ lines and even out my skin tone perfectly.
2 thumbs up!

Moisturizing Efficiency: 7/10 - I don't get any issues with regards to my skin
drying out/ peeling after using the product consecutively for 2 - 3 days. I'm
only giving it a 7 because I used it with my skin care products too, so I can't
give it too high a rating.

Ease of Use: 9/10 - It's of gel/cream texture, therefore it spreads really easily.

Availability: 6/10 - It is available at selected BHG, Sephora and The Spa Lon.
See the list of stores carrying it HERE

Price: -/10 - I am not too sure of the cost for this product though, will get back
to this section once I've enquired about it!

Repurchase: Maybe. I really loved what it does for my skin! Gotta check out 
the price first ^^;;

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

The part I didn't really like was the smell. Product efficiency wise, it definitely

[Event] LEADERS Insolution Mask Launch
A little late in this but anyway~ I was invited to Raindrops Cafe~

What for?

That's right! The launch of LEADERS Insolution Mask!
Before I go any further, there are a few things you must know about this brand:

That's right! By Dermatologists~

Celebrities use it too!
[Top row, first from the left is Han Eun Jeong, First from the right is Han Ji Hye.
2nd Row, first from left is Daniel Henny]

I hope you are feeling more confident about the mask like I do~
That aside, I was served a cup of tea when I arrived~

Menu for the day

Sorry, this time for real

TTJ saved a seat [and protected it well] for me!

Guess whose our lovely MC for the day?

Then, TTJ left me...

She was the model for the day!
Now that our model is ready, time for demo!
Firstly, we have a mask from Brand X

And the Melatox mask from LEADERS

This is the one I'm referring to

So what they did was they halved both mask and placed a halve on each side
of TTJ's face

Oh and Tsuriki arrived~

Sat with me because I was lonely~

Placing Brand X

And the Mela Tox mask


While we were waiting for the essence to soak into her skin, appetizer was
Chunky Mushroom Soap! [love this to bits!]

Eat while TTJ starve!

After we were done with our soup, time for the mask to come off!
^ Can you see the difference?
There is a clear line in the middle!
The picture doesn't seem to show it at all but in reality, the side with Brand X
is actually slightly red!

After the demo, more food!

Anyone curious what these are for?

Before our main course came, we were told that with those materials, we
were to make a "poster/advertisement" for LEADERS Insolution mask!

While everyone was busy making their poster, we were...

Yes, we were eating. HOW CAN RESIST FOOD?!

So, we only started making ours after food, which meant we had lesser time.
Us in panic

Rush rush rush!

I'm sorry, I was rushing and too confused that I forgot to take a picture of my
finished product.... T.T
[It's kinda ugly too so I guess I'm saving your eyes]

After we were done making it, dessert time!
I chose the Chocolate one :3 [obviously!]

Tsuriki was the only one that ordered the Apple dessert.
Not just amongst us... she was the only one in the event that opted for that.

And I had the pleasure of tasting it *laughs*
It was super delicious too!

After the event, we were each given a goodies' bag



A pack of mask [1 each]

Hydrogel Eye mask
^ We were recommended to put this in the fridge before using and we can use
this overnight too!
Awesome or what~ I'm such a lazy person so I love such mask!

Black head kit!
^ Super need this.
My blackheads are ridiculous.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and to be honest, though I have yet to try
any of the mask/ products given, I can't wait to!
The only reason why I am putting it off is because my skin is still in a bad
condition and so I believe it is not going to be very accurate for me to judge
right now [I mean, if I do break out, it does not necessarily mean that it is
because of the mask of anything so just to be safe (: ]

Oh yes, before you rush off to purchase it, here's a chart that will be very
useful for you in the selection of mask!
^ Which one do you belong to? 
I will do the mask reviews as soon as my skin improves!

Oh finally,
don't forget that Watsons is having a promotion for the launch!
Buy any 3 and get 1 free!
Don't miss your chance to get the Number 1 mask in Korea!
[Promotion valid from 1st March to 28th March]
If you are residing overseas, fret not!
Drop cossy an email at (:

For more information, do visit the sole distributor,
Don't forget to like their LEADERS facebook page for the latest news and promotions!

[photos without my watermark, credit to]


[Event] Neutrogena-Cosmopolitan Dinner and Launch
Taking a tiny break from the influx of lash reviews.
About 2 weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend the Neutrogena x
Cosmopolitan dinner and launch of a new Neutrogena product.


Guess who else was there? (:

Cocktail we were served upon entry [Can't remember if it was Baybreeze or
Hydro Boost]
^Fat face

In case you are wondering about the unfamiliar names, these were concocted
to suit the theme of the event!

Pretty and cosy ambience


While waiting for the event to officially commence [and the food *cough*]

We played a mini game!
^Team work!

Le final picture

Shortly, the presentation commenced!
I'm sorry I didn't get shots of them because the lighting made it quite hard to
take clear, good pictures and I didn't want to post those over exposed/ photos
of slides.
I can, however, tell you that 3 people presentated to us ^^;;

1.... (?)
Sorry Doc, I forgot to take your picture >.>
His presentation was very interesting!
I was too absorbed in it and completely forgot about taking his picture.
He taught a lot about hydration and what products you should use for people
with different needs.
For example, do not confuse having oily skin as less need for hydration.
Oil is Oil. Moisture is Moisture!
Same for sweat!
They are NOT THE SAME!
Which is why hydrating products is important.
While paying attention...

The first course came; Hokkaido Corn Chowder

So cute and tiny!


Speaker 2.

Then came our 2nd course, Salad!
[Vine ripened tomato salad with pan seared haloumi, watercress herb salad
and lemon caper dressing]

Looks nice~

Ngak ngak ngak

Okay, still not a salad fan =/

Speaker 3.

Guess what came after the appetizer?

The new product from Neutrogena; Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack!

You know... I've always wanted to try a sleeping pack!

This one smelt good too, and the consistency of the product is very light and
fast absorbing!

I cannot wait to try it!
Posing with the pretty flower~

A little intermission

Though it's blurry, we just had to post this picture to annoy someone.

Oh, this mocktail tasted AWESOME. 
Cream De-Lite [Maple Syrup, Yoghurt, Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream]

Everyone else got served in that slim glass while I got the fat one T.T

After the presentation, there was a little question section~
[To share a beauty tip and they will give a neutrogena wave! Tsuriki answered
and got it ^^]
After that, our main course came!
Ballotine of free range chicken with fricassee of mushroom, pot roasted root
vegetables and duck liver emulsion.

Hickory smoked 200 day grain fed beef tenderloin, with truffle gnocchi, green
and white asparagus tips, sauce chasseur.

Oven roasted miso cod with minted pea puree.


After the hearty main course, we were directed to the back of the venue with
these laid out for us

I quickly spotted our star of the night!

The products were all opened for us to test

I tried the consistency of the hydro boost mousse cleanser and it sure looked
promising! Very fine mousse~ Possibly buying it!

See how there's a short and sweet description for every product?
No lengthy sentences, I like it!

We were called to return to our seats for dessert!
Warm milk chocolate tart with raspberry and butter scotch ice cream.

Pretty or what! [Best part, it's CHOCOLATE!]

Super love it! It's actually warm inside!

With nice food, what's left to want is an awesome company.
I've got the best of both worlds.

After dessert, there was a lucky draw and I won this!
^ See that little card with words?
They did the draw in a slightly different manner
Instead of reading numbers or names of who won, they made sure everyone
went home a winner; everyone had to draw a little card like that from a bag
and they will read out the cards for which prize and those ladies who got
that card will be going home with that prize!

By the end of the night, these were what I brought home with

I have to say, thumbs up to the way the whole event was planned and carried.
It was a fine venue too, very cosy and relaxing.
The flow of the event was smooth, a little talk here, games there and then 
food. It felt more like a gathering, very friendly atmosphere.
Thoroughly enjoyed my night and I went home feeling very much more
interested in neutrogena products than before the evening!


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