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[Sponsored] Ginvera's New Launch - Aqua Whitening Cream & Nude BB Cream Reviews

Hi loves!
[Read till the end for how you can redeem the items FOR FREE, NO POSTAGE TOO]
I've been blogging about Ginvera products for sometime, haven't I?
I'm absolutely in love with their Ginvera Marvel Gel!
Been using them for a good few years now.
So I am very excited when they actually informed of their new product launch and sent me these babies:

Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream [With Oil Control]

List of ingredients if you are interested:

Freshly manufactured! [in March this year!]

So looking at the product

Here's how it looks like:

After using it for 1 week, here's my verdict:

Oil Control: This aspect, it does help to add another 1 or 2 hours before my face starts to oil up. Due to recent medications that I
apply on my skin, my skin have been in a crazy state, 1 day it's dry till it threatens to peel, the other it will be as oily as hell! This
also help in the consistency of my condition, keeping it at a moderately oily state, which is much more managable for me!
[Usually I oil up like within 3 - 4 hours on "oilier" days, this helped to stretch the hour to about 4 - 4.5 hours]

Whitening: After application, I do see a slight brightening and whitening effect to my skin. However, that's all I am gonna say for
this aspect as I don't think 1 week if enough for me to tell you guys if this product really works for long term whitening or not.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream with SPF 30

Ingredient list

Freshly manufactured again (:

di bi di bi do~

I couldn't help but notice the strong smell!

I can't really describe the smell [I suck at this, I swear!]

Upon application, I realised... It was too dark for me T.T [Thus, I did a EGG x Ranzuki look that day >.>]

You can see I took these freshly upon application [I haven't even done my lips!]

It does tone down a little [the "darkness"] after about another hour.
And yes, it definitely helped to even my skin tone.

But it's something new and fun to play with [adds variety of makeup look]

Here are some closeup before & after pictures of my pathetic skin [don't be grossed out!]

Verdict: The coverage is around medium, and it is buildable. Oil control wise, It kept me oil free for about 4 hours. However, if it
came in a slightly lighter shade, I will definitely be more pleased. But still, this adds to my BB Cream collection as an "alternative"
look bb cream (笑) Some days, when I wanna pretend looking hawt... [you can punch me here] Oh yes, it is lightweight and the
SPF is a plus point since I don't like to put sunblock on whenever I put my makeup [I feel that I am slapping too many products
on my face that way]

& since it's a new style, I camwhored [that's beside the point of this advert but heck I love myself!]

[Disclaimer: Reviews are 101% honest. I do NOT advert for products I do not use]

Now to share this awesomeness with ya, you can redeem the samples of
the menitioned products from Ginvera's Facebook page HERE.
Hurry up, go redeem your FREE SAMPLE with no conditions attached!

End off with the pic I love most:



[Sponsored] Zero Blackheads in 1 Step; 一步骤 零头!

Guess what came in!

That's right, the highly raved Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel and Ginvera Green
Tea Jade Eye Roll Away!

Read on and find out how you can win them both!

A little background:
I've been using Ginvera Marvel Gel since a long time ago~ (at least 3 years or above)
Before they changed the packaging about a year ago, I am already an avid fan of it!

There are 10 great benefits of the Marvel Gel!
Yes, TEN!

The price of the marvel gel is really reasonable!
You only need a pea size amount for the whole face, and a tube can last you
really long considering that we only use it twice to thrice a week!
Squeeze it~

A little pea size

Just rub rub rub in a circular motion~ And Viola!

Just look at all the dead skin that has been exfoliated!
The gel helps to soften the cornified layer and gently remove the dead skin
barrier to instantly reveal a brighter, finer complexion!
Do you know that dead skin cause your skin to look dull?
Thus, removing them makes your face brighten up and has a whitening effect
in the long run!
See how my hands instantly brighten up after just one use?

The Ginvera Marvel Gel effectively reduced my blackheads and makes my face
smoother [because all the stubborn dead skin are exfoliated]. As I use, I
realise that lesser blackheads develop and my some of my pores are getting
smaller [which is because there are no impurities clogging them thus the pores
can gradually reduce its size].
I used to have blackheads everywhere [even between my brows!] and the
amount on my nose was a total disaster.
Now, there are only a few very deeply set blackheads that keeps recurring!
A definite VAST improvement from the past!
[Which explains why I am still using it after 3 years!]

Besides the exfoliating properties, another great thing about this is that it
helps to regulate and control sebum secretion for a shine free complexion
whole day long!
Below are pictures for you to compare [Taken at night]
Without makeup
[Left: before using marvel gel                                           Right: After using Marvel Gel]

With makeup

See how the controlled sebum secretion makes my face less oily by the end
of a long day, and how the makeup actually stays on better?

Take a look at statistics!

Now, let's not forget there's another product I want to talk about!
Compared to the Marvel Gel, this is farely new~ [okay not that new, been
around for almost a year at least]
The Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away!

The use of product? [freshly manufactured too!]

The bottle is made of glass I think, so please be very careful when handling!
You don't want to break this and hurt yourself~ [and your wallet.]
They even teach you how to use it!

What makes this so different? Instead of metal ball as roller, it is a JADE BALL!

So pretty~

See the Jade roller! Do you know that each of their jade roller is hand carved?

Just roll in an angle [about 80 degrees] and the contents will come flowing
out onto the jade ball~

Roll it inwards and up! You don't want to do it the other way and cause a
downward motion to your eyes!

Use your fingers [prefably 3rd or 4th] to massage till all is absorbed!

See the instant brightening effect on my eyes area?
The eyebag is less "severe" and panda eyes lighter than before use!

Before [left eye]

After [Right eye]

Now, all these are actually part of the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Range!
All the products from this range are:

Whitening complete Cleanser

Whitening & Refining Fluid

Intensive Whitening & Spot Corrector

Whitening Marvel Gel

Refreshing Brighten-Up Day Craem SPF 15

Repair & Nourish Night Cream

Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away

They can be purchased from many many places!
Watsons, Guardian, Supermarts and Hypermarts! [Giant, NTUC, Cold Storage,

Do you want these, lovelies?
(I bet you've been waiting for me to say this since forever]
It's simple, really!
All you have to do is head over to Ginvera's Facebook Page and post a review
of the Ginvera Marvel Gel and you might just win a Ginvera Marvel Gel and the
Jade Roll Away! [Yes, they are giving TWO full sized products!] 
Chances higher because not 1, not 2 but 3 winners will be selected EACH WEEK.
3 best reviews will be selected WEEKLY!
That's right, EACH WEEK.
That means they have a total of 12 sets of Marvel Gel and Jade Eye Roll Away
to be given away!

You never used Ginvera Marvel Gel before and you can't post about a
product you never tried [unwilling to buy because you are skeptical?]
Well, here's where I come in useful! (笑)
You can redeem your FREE sample from my widget here from TheSampleStore!

If you do not have an account with TheSampleStore, it just takes a minute or
so to sign up and you can enjoy endless goodies from there!
That includes SALE [christmas sale is on now too, up to 80%!] and sampling
many other products which you have always wanted to get but afraid it might
not be suitable for you!

Come'on, there's no harm in sharing your views about this great product
(Good things are meant to be shared!) and at the same time you stand a
chance to win more of them for your use!
Contest period is from 29/11/10 - 27/12/10
Yes, by the time you see this entry, the first week's winners have already been
Fret not as you still have 3 weeks left! (That's 9 sets to be given away!)
So hurry up and share your honest review about the product HERE!



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