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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


Korea: 2014/06/20 - 2014/06/26 (TBA)

Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

Japan: 2013/01/18-2013/01/24

Malaysia: 2012/09

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Something big is coming...
Yay, I'm back!
This time, the collages have no Japanese, just English so read away!

So sorry this took so long. The shoot was a little over a month ago but I had a lot of other things to do first so I took my time with this since it is a "slice of my life" post. However, by the time I had the little bit of motivation to do this post, it is already so long after the shoot so I just kinda threw the pictures together and didn't do much editing just to get this post up ASAP.

Anyhow, I forgot to input Sample Store's website in the collages so CLICK HERE to head over to their website.

I have a new review post coming up after this!


Night out with Elfaine & Tsuriki
Way overdue but I met up with Elfaine for dinner some time 2~3 weeks ago.
We met at Bugis and shopped around for a bit.
It has been so long since I last went there!
I'm kinda bored there though.
I'm so used to buying stuff from Korea and Japan online and have them delivered to my doorstep.

Anyhow, we had Japanese food for dinner!
Ever since I got back from Japan, it seems that all I ever eat is Japanese cuisine.

Serving is MAD HUGE.
I couldn't finish it. First portion of my meal was pretty decent but soon the saltiness caught up. The serving was really generous though, with the ingredients and all.

After that, Elfaine drove us down to town to meet up with Tsuriki after her work ends at 10.30pm.
Well, we fell down once [because of our ridculous heels] and then a few more "almost fell" before we finally got to Starbucks at Liat Tower to meet Tsuriki.
Such a treacherous journey...
Anyhow, we reached early and so we decided to take a few pictures!

I got one of my favourites, Iced Hojicha!

Then goofed around a little

And what's a girls' night out without some juicy gossip and updates of our lives?

Anyhow, after Tsuriki arrived, we didn't take any pictures because she was without make up so I didn't ask her to camwhore together.
So, just us again!

After being done with our first cups, we moved into the cafe [because there were finally some seats vacated!] and Tsuriki and I both ordered another venti cup. I think it was already around 2am that time.

We chatted till around 3+ then Elfaine left first because she was really tired and still had to drive home so we told her to leave first.
After that, Tsuriki and I stayed and continued chatting till around 4am+!
I told her that I must have really grown up because I no longer club till 4am but actually hang out at a cafe till 4am.
I'm finally a fine young adult now! 

Okay since I can't tell you what we chatted about, I'm going to end abruptly.



Hauls Video for my Japan Trip
Did a quick video about my hauls.
Forgot to include my Glad News outer though...
Shall wear that in my next video to show you guys!


Back to Singapore in under 22 hours!
I said I was gonna blog...
but time is really tight in Japan!
I have to wake up mad early, only sleep around 2-3am daily. therefore totally no time to post!
if you've been following my Instagram/ FB/ twitter, I do quick updates daily and my buys. So here they are, just in case you missed then though I have so many channels you can follow!







tomorrow will be my last day in Tokyo!
will be heading to Tokyo station for the tokyo bananas and shokoku gotachi for kit Kats! can't bear to leave and so many places I didn't get to visit...
I wanna go back again this year end!

blog with proper pics when I get back! (:


Yay, new video!
I am going to do more of such videos, yay!
Anyway, first video to kickstart my resolution of making videos more frequently in 2013.
If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH.

Let me know if there's anything you want me to talk about/ know!


An ad you can't miss and I caved

I've done quite a bit of shopping lately.
Instead of sharing everything with you in one shot, I've decided to show you what I got locally first, mainly because a lot of the stuff that I got from Korea and Japan are still in their bags and since I have more things coming, I'm kinda lazy to take pictures...

Anyhow, I'm going to talk to you about this website called
I've been seeing so many ads on that website - it's everywhere!
I think it's actually very smart of them to use google ads to advertise because let's face it, google ads are just everywhere. 

I bought 2 items from them at an unbelievable price [below SGD $50!]

Firstly, let's see the top in the first picture of this entry! 
I got this Colourblock Slit Sleeved Blouse from Evie at $32.90 [I think?]

I saw this item in blue and white in a google ad and I was attracted to it right away! I started browsing around the website under the blouse and tunics section I saw that the top also comes in this beige and green so I decided to get it since I don't clothes that are actually in happy colours. [Yes, most of my clothes are black/ white/ blue]

Mad love it, so pretty right!

Another item I got was this Casual Scalloped Romper!
This only costed me... SGD $13!


While it fit me very well, I felt that it's kinda not really my style.

Also, I think while the size is okay, my boobs are kinda... uncomfortable.

Anyway, so I emailed Zalora's helpdesk about the exchange and in about 3 days, everything was settled for and they sent me an exchange label to return the item absolutely free of charge!
It was a bit of an hassle for me as I needed to print the label and well, I don't have a printer at home or a post office within walking distance ): Still thinking if I should do the return and then purchase another one...

I'm sorry I can't give you the links to the items I bought cos they have all been removed from the listing but it so happens that the items I intend to exchange the romper for are also from Evie! I think I really like that brand, check out other items from Evie here!

Anyway, these are the 2 items I'm thinking of exchanging the romper for:

Which one do you think I should go for? I think I'm probably going for the Kelly Keyhole Blouse because let's face it, my arms are just too fat to be shown and I won't do justice to the Sweetheart Bustier dress.

Okay, I shall end this entry with their commercial! 

Update you guys again with more of my shopping buys soon~ 
I just need to find motivation to take photos first (笑)
Okay, another reason I can't find motivation is because I still have more things shipping over. Motivate me please?

Finally, can't believe I'm going to head to Japan in 2 months! Can you guys believe it? It seems like just yesterday I told you about my impulsive purchase of plane tickets!

Alright, I have another entry for you tomorrow too ^^ Make up for my hiatus~
Meanwhile, go do some shopping [So I feel less guilty about my splurges!]

September Malaysia Trip
I've spent a lot of time editing the photos and so I will not put words in this entry and leave all the attention to the photos.

Zoo Trip with Tsuriki Part 3
Firstly, I've finally finished editing all my photos!

Secondly, I really ought to finish up this entry.
Here are all the remaining photos from our trip!

Oh yes, this is what happens when I wear white and my boobs are obviously too big for my size.
I look like a giant puffer fish.

Apparently, there are parrots in zoo these days.

Adorable Otter!

Whacha looking at?

Oh, NO.

I didn't mean to catch all their lovin'

Heyo, new signboard in the zoo next to Otter.


Catch the naughty kid.

Just hangin'

and just climbin'

I don't want to know what you are doing dude.

Om nom nom time with Tsuriki!

My phone cover is incredibly dirty and I tried cleaning it but nothing works!

My neko mimi hat

We decided to share a banana split!

Where to start...

I haven't had banana split in the longest time.

Incredibly happy!

Let's tuck in!

Clearly we are both happy!

So bummed we can't ride this because it was raining ):

Just chillin'

Where's the prince that was supposed to come with my white horse?

That tummy.

I'm not even sure it that's a male or female.

I like this monkey; the forever alone monkey.

Just eating alone.

Totally cool.

Naked Mole rat aren't cute like those in Ron's pocket in Kim Possible.

In fact, it is really gross.
I don't mean to sound crude but this picture reminds me of an orgy.

Please, just eat them T.T

Lion, just lying there sleeping.

Timon and Pumbaa anyone?


I have no idea what's this.

This is a...


Silly Rhino, having leaves on his/her face.

Doesn't help that its appearance ain't smart looking either.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming~


White tiger~

I have no front shots. They were shy ):

Why ):

Anteater... I think.

I will end this abruptly with this picture.

Anyway, next post will be a review and then I will post all my collage photos!


Zoo Trip with Tsuriki Part 2
Less words, more pictures.

Let the judging begin.

Angry Otter judging me.

Orang Utan (I think... I didn't bother looking at the signs) rolling eyes.

Monkey giving me the o.O

Big nose monkey thinks I look weird. Oh, look who's talking!

Hey, stop it. Enough staring!

Leopard wants to eat me.

Cheetah is curious about me.

Still very curious.

Okay, enough! Just eat me and stop judging!

Even the hippo looks angry at me.

Monkeys love to judge me.

The next post will be all the remaining photos I've taken and yet to post.
I shall end this post with ...

Yes, yet another monkey judging me,


Zoo with Tsuriki part 1
It's all going to be pictures. 
I will not bother to caption because Part 1 is all going to be about butt.
You will be amazed at how many butts we seen that day instead of their faces...

Here you go, a butt-mazing experience.

^ I think this is one of the best shot I've EVER taken.
Caught it right when the otter was diving.

^that is one pretty butt!

^ 3 big sexy butts.

That's all for Part 1!
Part 2 will be all the pictures of animals with their side/ half covered view.
^ 2 August 13 babies going to zoo because of the August babies free entry!


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