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[Event] Skylanders Spyro's Adventures Presentation
2 weeks ago [don't throw stones at me!], I went for a game pre launch event 
with Tsuriki & Michiyo :3 They brought me along~ kekeke

All of us donning our geek specs!

Was a little late for the event but....

Late also must camwhore, hurhurhur

Sorry we were late T.T

It was held at the Hilton Hotel!

meow meow~

Upon arrival, the figurines greeted us!

Or course there were refreshments too

However, this was the limelight!

I shall keep you in suspense with regards to the figurines~
Show you guys more at the end of the post!
ngak ngak ngak

The many consoles available for us to try the game out!

One of them was already engrossed in the game when we arrived :3


The 3 of us were pretty lost, so we decided to sit through the presentation and know
more about the game before trying it!

The very hardworking guy who flew down to give this presentation!
So dedicated, he came straight to this presentation without even checking in his
luggage first! [We know this because we saw the 2 of them with their luggage, heading
up to the hotel rooms after the presentation! *2 thumbs up*]

Well, from the title of the game, you will know that it's actually taking your character
through an adventure!
There will be a total of 32 characters to be released [not all are out as of now] by next

Now what do these cute figurines serve as?

See how they are on this cute "portal" box?

That's right, they serve as a MEMORY!

Best part?
It can work in any of these gaming platforms!

That's right!
From your computer, 3DSi, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii....

So what does that mean?
It means that for any of the above mentioned/ shown consoles, you can just drop the
same character onto any of the "portals" (each starter pack will come with 3 
characters and a "portal"] and all the data that was stored from your previous 
gameplay can be brought into the next console you play the character on!

Simply put, say if I play it with a figurine [Spyro] on my Wii console up to level 6, I can bring Spyro to my friend's house and put it on her portal for PS3 and Viola, my level 6
Spyro and whatever upgrades it has will be readable and played right away! I don't have
to use a new figurine or start from level one! It's a 1 memory figurine for all consoles!
^ That's spyro ^^

Cool or what!

Each of the "portal" can hold up to 2 character figurines and 1 "add-on" [e.g. a pirate
Since you can have 2 characters, this means you guys can

1. Play together and crack levels/ unlock areas!

Some areas can only be unlocked by characters of a certain element.
So if you have a Water element figurine and  you reach an area which requires a fire
element figurine to unlock the area, your friend who has a fire element figurine and drop
his figurine onto your portal and unlock it for you!
Thereafter, even without your friend's fire element figurine, you can still access the
area as what's unlocked will stay that way!

And of course...
2. you can play PvP!

*close one!*

Though this game is targeted at younger audience, I think the game play is something
that one will be able to enjoy regardless of age!

Oh, did I mention the AMAZING team behind this game?

That's right! You get people who worked with our favourite movies like Toy Story,
Star Wars, Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean working on this game!
Not only that, they are planning to take this game to the big screen in the near future!
^ Pixar style quality! Now I'm excited already!

The game that they were using for this presentation was a developer's game, thus...
The 2 VERY NICE gentlemen cheat upgraded our characters for us!

You can "show off" your characters online too!
just plug the USB and put your figurine on the portal and all the upgrades/ level/ profile
of your character can be shared to everyone in the community! [coming soon]
*cough* I can show of mine fully upgraded and at level... 1. *laughs*

A total of 7 elements, 5 characters in each element class!
[Magic, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Undead, Tech]
Here are some figurines that have been made!
^ Can't remember your name T.T [wind]

Er... Zapzap? [water]

Teeheehee I can't remember this either [Earth]


My favourite figurine of them so far... Whirlwind!

WHIRLWIND *screams* 
The birthday hat can be obtained from missions ^^
Yes, that means you can customize the looks of your character :3

I don't have any console mentioned above [Of course, I have laptop] and I'm so getting
a Wii for this!

[okay, I've been wanting Wii for the longest time ever but this just made my want more
justified! *laughs*]

They gave us a random figurine each!

What's mine~

I got the main character! [you know, like how Pikachu is like the mascot of Pokemon]


Huge ass Spyro!

I'm so excited and can't wait for the official launch!

Lemme end this post with a trailer


Yes, us.


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