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Eyelash+ Laboratory キューとプリンセス007 [THEYL-BBB07] (Cute Princess 007)
Since I will be utilizing the same pictures, thus the next review is up so soon!
Another of my favourite lately;
It's from fairly new Eyelash+ Laboratory!

Close up on the lashes on the tray

Upper Lash: Liz Lisa Eyes Nature-Liz Kei
Lower Lash: Eyelash+ Laboratory キューとプリンセス007 [THEYL-BBB07]

Right Eye

Left Eye

Visual Easy Rating for Eyelash+ Laboratory - Cute
Princess 007 「 キューとプリンセス007」*:

 Volume (6/10) - Pretty dense on itself but it is only a small segment to be
worn so it does not end up looking dense when worn.

 Length (lash strands) [6.8/10] - The lashes are not too long, still
managable. I don't feel it poking/ touching my lower eye area~

 Length (lash band) [4/10] - This is the segmented type, thus it is obviously
short! Can cover about half of your lower lid.

 Ease of Application [9/10] - Since it's just a small segment, it does not
require much of adjustment/ placing. Also, it is long enough to be worn on
it's own at the outer corner of eyes.

 Comfort [9/10] - I honestly can't feel it there!

 Reusability [9/10] - Yes, yes and YES! I've used it about 6 times so far
and it's still looking as good as new (:

 Availability [2/10] - Extremely difficult to get, unless you reside in Japan.
Or have a friend in Japan to buy for you. Or don't mind the hassle of using
online agent + pay for shipping.

 Price [8/10] - Priced at 1050 yen, It comes in 5 pairs per box. Same price as
diamond beauty's diamond lash.  While some might argue that this one comes
in a short segment, thus not as worth the price, I have to say.... It's made in
Korea, not China xD So I'm not complaining~

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

*This is actually more versatile than I thought! Can be used with many
different types of make (:

That's that!
Update again when I get home yo~
off to work for now (: 


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