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Popteen August 2011 Scans
I am super duper angry.
Because I did a super long blog post [like, WORDS] and google chrome
decided to crash for no reason.
everything was GONE.

So I will do that long naggy post another time.
But one thing I will say again is


Thanks for the comments.
I stopped looking at my blog statistics for some time because I don't want to
be unnecessarily stressed by it.
Argh, annoyed. I did a long long post earlier on talking about this and the
reason behind but *grabs hair* I am not in the mood to retype the whole thing.
So let's just leave it at here now.

Popteen August 2011 Scans!
I tried my best to narrow down but I can't.
Ended up with 85 pictures.
I will do a Popteen August Scan part 2 after I get a Popsister August 2011
scan up.
I don't have a scanner, but these will do if you wanna see how the inside
of August issue looks like.
If you really want details and read it, GO BUY THE MAGAZINE!
Support them ^^

Here we go [again -.-]

Colourful summer!

Cover girl~

Pink style! Marine fashion back in trend!

Close up on the eye make~
Neutral upper lid x pink at the outer corner of lower lid

Blue style!
Trust me, blue eyeliner is definitely a MUST HAVE and the next big thing!

Close up on her eye make

Yellow style, retro-licious!

Add a yellow line at your crease line so it can show when your eyes are open!

I love this orange style, she looks so sexy~

tri colour for the outer corner of upper lid on top of neutrals!

Purple style [personally, I find this colour the hardest to rock when it comes to eyes!]

Close up on the eye make~

I should have gotten the Diamond Beauty glue T.T
I thought it ain't raved so I didn't get it and look what made it to popteen!
Also, the mascara is currently being raved by both Japanese magazines as well as
some youtube beauty gurus~

Canmake's new releases!

Tsu-chan! <3

Renamed as Milky Bunny for her debut. I glanced through the article and it says 
something along the lines that she have always wanted to be a singer, eversince the
start of her popteen modelling days~

I'm glad she is going to have her debut!

She worked so hard and where she is at now is really~~ Epitome of gyaru!

Pretty pretty <3

Trust me, she rocks any look!

More colours for summer~

See how eye makeup and hair makes the biggest difference?

Details on the style they doned above
Resort Style

See see, blue liner again~! And I love the nails!

Strengthening Style [I think they meant by a strong look]

Blogger Style

Flower Girl Style

Marine Style

I cant make out the words T.T

More Marine style

Popteen had a survery back in June about which style would their readers like to see
in Summer. here's the results after compiling the response from 500 people!

1. White top [those somewhat see through? I don't know how to explain >.<] with

2. Mickey T shirt with... a-me-ka-ji? *scratch head*

3. Blouse + High waist bottom

4. See through? [I think something like translucent] top + able to see their legs
[I.e short bottom I think]

5. Floral One Piece + ... something [sorry I can't understand this either T.T]

6. Black off shoulder top & 7. Marine!

8 & 9, I can't understand again.
Sorry, I really need to go learn Japanese properly T.T

10. Checkered Girly Style

I'm getting lazy T.T
Hair stuff!

Fireworks x Yukata festival is coming~ Hair to compliment your yukatas!

2. Beach hair

8. Back to school hair

You can't see the brands they use...
If you want a close up on any of the eyes below as well as the brands of lashes used,
let me know (:

Told ya blue is very "in"!
Even nails~

and pink!

I will end this entry with a kickass huge Kumicky!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed the scans.
Sorry, I never took Japanese lessons before, I learnt all my Jap online so it's worse
thab mediocre T.T
I resolve to take it next January!
Anyone wanna go together? ^^
Beginner intensive course is what I'm looking at~


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