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Food Tasting at Wàn Hé Lóu / 萬合樓
Back with another food review!
I know I said the next post was not going to be about food but something went wrong with my hard disk and I cannot get the collages from it thus the delay. Anyhow, I am sure you are not going to be complaining about seeing pictures of delicious food, yes?


*Sorry, I just checked and I made a boo-boo. It should be "Exit the mall and walk down" and not "Exited"

They do have a facebook page so please click HERE to check it out!


「ただ食べ物の為に」Just For Food : Tsujiri Review
Hello :3
I am doing my second food post for this year [I really hope to do this more often!] and it is on Japanese food again!

Looking at this picture, do you have an idea of what the place focuses on?

Seriously, I'm so addicted to Japanese food. I think my food reviews will focus mainly on Japanese food! [Yes, I just decided this while I am typing this]
I have so many places to share with you guys so I shall just start with my absolute "cannot live without" first!

Always digressing - this terrible habit of mine has to stop!
Today I will be introducing to you guys my favourite Matcha/ Maccha place in Singapore:

Singaporeans (or rather, Singapore residents), you are so lucky to have Tsujiri on our sunny island! There are only 2 countries outside of Japan that has Tsujiri branches, one being Taiwan and the other is, obviously, Singapore.

I have never been a fan of green tea but when I first tried this, my impression towards green tea completely changed - I was converted.

Tsujiri hails from Kyoto, the "land of matcha", so to say. When I was in Kyoto, I had the chance to have all types of matcha in all the the different forms (I meant how Matcha is used in Wagashi that Kyoto is famous for.)
No amount of Matcha I had will make me feel "Ahh, I think I had enough that I will not eat this for some time" at all! No amount of Matcha was too much, I just cannot get enough! I will not talk about the History of Tsujiri because those information can all be found in English on the Singapore website so I will just be copying information and I shall not insult you readers like that.

Tsujiri opened its first shop here in Singapore in 100AM. Such a great place for me as I teach tuition around there so I have the tendency to head over before or after for my perk me up! Despite being there so many times already [ I believe I've been there close to 10 times soon], I always order the one thing,

Tsujiri Shaved Ice [O-maccha] / 都路里氷(お抹茶)- SGD $7.80

This was the first thing I tried on the menu and I always go back to it because it's such a safe choice for me - I love it and I am never sick of it because it is a "satisfaction guaranteed" item for me.

Don't be turned off by the shaved ice - this is not the type where they just use ice made from drinking water and just drizzle syrup over. Well, I can't be 100% sure about this but from my many visits there, I do believe the ice that they use to make the shaved ice itself is probably made from a block of frozen o-matcha. 

The ingredients in this item includes [Anti-clockwise from top]:
Sweetened Kuri [Chesnut], Azuki Bean Paste [Red Bean Paste], O-maccha Ice, O-maccha Soft Cream, Shiratama [Sweet Rice Flour Dumpling].

As you can see from the above picture, this is made with a layer of o-maccha ice, followed by o-maccha soft cream, then another layer of o-maccha ice, o-maccha soft cream again and finally topped with sweetened chestnut, azuki bean paste and shiratama dango.

The maccha taste sweet but not so sweet that the maccha taste is being overshadowed. Having eaten from Tsujiri in Kyoto too, I find that the maccha here in Singapore is sweeter, most likely made so to cater to the palates of locals here. In Kyoto, the maccha taste is actually stronger and you can taste slight bitterness. 

I really love the Kuri! I have always loved the way Japanese make their Kuri in their Wagashi [Japanese confectionery] and so I make sure to save my Kuri for the last! 

The Azuki bean paste did not taste too sweet and I believe it is probably because the O-maccha is already fairly sweet so the Azuki bean paste does not stand out that much in terms of sweetness. 

The Shiratama dango is chewy and has the mild sweetness [the dango flour sweetness] that a dango should have. 

I've tried a few other maccha parfait/ soft cream in Singapore first so I can make a comparison and I always find myself going back to Tsujiri at the end of the day. 

I will give this a 9.25/10 and definitely the best maccha I have had so far in Singapore and the price is actually not considered expensive [in terms of Japanese dessert pricing]. I paid a much higher price for the one I had in Kyoto and the serving size was about the same as Singapore! If not for the fact that the shop is pretty small and can be hard to secure a place to sit and enjoy, I would have given it a 9.5 instead.

If you are a maccha addict, they do sell tools essential for you to make your own maccha [the chawan / tea bowl and chasen / tea whisk] and of course, maccha powder [30g for SGD $22, 100g for SGD $60]. If you are not big on making your own matcha and prefer the convenience of tea bags, they have Sencha, Genmaicha, Houjicha [SGD $15/bag of 10 tea bags.] I loved the Houjicha I drank from Tsujiri in Kyoto but have yet to try it in Singapore yet. I will definitely try it and let you know guys know!

I'm sorry I can only share an item here with you but I'm pretty much a "cold dessert" person and this was the only item that enticed me on the menu, even after so long. My friend [Karmun, my travelmate for January's trip to Japan] love their Parfait though so you guys can give that a try too! I always order Shaved Ice while she always orders Parfait - we are people who stick to what we like and can keep eating the same thing without getting sick!

I highly recommend this to everyone, even if you are not a Maccha fan - you might be converted after this like me (: 

100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours : 10AM - 10PM
Telephone Number: +65 6543 6110

Cooking with Aki & Himeko Episode 02 - Udon
Another cooking session ^^
This time, we decided to get proper utensils for presentation.

It's really easy to prepare Udon~
These are all the things you need:

Oh, Ice cream is for our dessert!

Sidetrack: Ice cream addicts

You need Udon~

Naruto Maki

We didn't make our own dashi this time because we got the ready ones.

We didn't get Unari this time but usually when I cook by myself, I will add Unari. I LOVE the taste of Unari! In case you've forgotten, this is how Inari looks like:


We hard boiled the egg and then I used my heart mould to make it into...

CUTE RIGHT! [Accident while chopping the egg ): ]

We had some tempura left over from last session so we decided to add into the udon!


You will need a little bit of spring onions for garnish. [Optional]

Defrost the Naruto and chop it up!

Naruto is also for presentation purpose so you don't have to use too much.

Cook the Udon alone FIRST to get rid of the sour taste. If you cook it in with your soup stock, you will end up with sour tasting soup!

Now for the soup~ Boil some water.

Get the Dashi Stock and throw a pack in!


Simple and easy to prepare meal! [Quite healthy too, if you minus the tempura and change to Inari instead!]

Oh yes, you need a piece of seaweed too but that's also mainly for garnish purpose. This meal probably only need about 15 ~ 20 minutes to prepare!

Alright, any ideas what should we cook next?
Leave me a comment!


[Sponsored] ChocoGoji, Chocolate covered Wolfberries
It's chillaxing time with your bed. I'm not sure about you guys but for me, it is almost always accompanied with the need to munch.

Not news to many, I'm a chocolate addict. I have to eat some chocolates everyday. I prefer dark chocolate because of the richer taste and it is healthier too! Don't lecture me about the sugar, I hardly take very sweet/ salty food other than those in snacks [and I've cut down on snacking - ALOT]

So, here I am, introducing this all new product in our market.
ChocoGoji [with a sweet note from Elfaine!]

Goji berries is actually what many know as Wolfberries or in Chinese, 枸杞子.
A lot of Chinese soup recipes make use of Goji berries as they can "sweeten" the soup and have great nutritional benefits like being rich in Vitamin C [50 times that of the Vitamin C found in Oranges] and Anti Oxidants [15 times that of the Anti Oxidants found in Cranberries]
Personally, I love to eat Goji berries in the soup because of the many tiny little seeds inside!

There are 3 different choices for this interesting combination of Chocolate and Goji berries:

Dark Chocolate [My favourite!]

Milk Chocolate

Sugar Free [There, no "too sweet/ high sugar content excuses anymore]

I was really anticipating how they will taste like [trust me, I was so so SO close to ripping a pack off to eat them but I kept that urge in me because of the need to take photos]

As I've mentioned above, I love dark chocolates so it's no surprise that the dark chocolate one is my favourite of the 3.

^ It has a slight sweet taste [it's dark chocolate afterall] and I think some of the bitterness was masked by the taste of the wolfberry inside. Suprisingly, the wolfberry tasted close to raisins! 

The sugar free one tasted similar to the dark chocolate, except less sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, I doubt you will like this as the sweetness is really very mild. This is my second favourite; though I like the small difference of calories between dark chocolate and sugar free, I still like my chocolate a little sweet.

Finally, the milk chocolate one! I will be lying if I said I didn't love it. Sure, I do enjoy the occasional sugar rush but my expanding face and waistline is battling with my mind so I am more conscious about what I eat lately. I'm pretty sure most people will prefer this to the other 2 but for now, this will be the 3rd choice for me!

You can purchase a pack of 60g from:

  • OG Departmental Store
  • Yue Hwa Chinese Products Pte Ltd
  • Four Seasons Gourmet Market ( Marina Bay Link Mall )
  • NTUC
  • Cheers Convenience stores
  • Cold Storage
  • Buzz – Selective outlets 
  • SPC – Choices

Definitely recommend people to give this a shot, especially those who love chocolate covered raisins!

You can redeem a free pack from ChocoGoji Facebook Page.

Enjoy your chocolates and stay pretty!


Cooking with Aki & Himeko Episode 1 - Chicken Teriyaki Don x Tempura x Tamagoyaki

I actually edited this video over the weekend but was unable to upload it due to the weak internet connection in Malaysia. Trust me, I tried at least 10 times before giving up.

First thing I did when I got home was upload this in HD!
After like... many many hours later, it was finally successfully published!
Here it is:

I am going to show you the pictures though most of them are in the video because I forgot to film the sushi making part.

Took this before we began shopping

All the om nom nom we bought.

Before cooking... picture first~

The Ready Made Ebi Fry we bought

Before cooking


Looks yummy already right~

Yes, looks damn good hurhurhur

Now for miso soup~

Comes in a pack of 8, bought it from Daiso.

Idiot proof way to cook this. Just add about 200ml of water per pack.

Mix the paste in and bring it to boil and we are done!

Rice! About 2 cups for 2 of us.

After it was cooked, we added the powdered sushi mix

The rice became very sticky and thus the volume shrunk.

Mix accordingly, though they stated one packet is for 3 servings, we only used barely half a pack for 2 servings.

Now for the Teriyaki Chicken~
We need Chicken breast.

Settled on this Teriyaki sauce instead because we felt this looked better~
Can be used as marinate or glaze.

Chicken boobies ready for marinating!

From what we learnt from our google search, poke holes in the chicken and then pour the marinate sauce over it and marinate well.

Yep, this is about enough.

Into the fridge for 15 minutes!

Easy right?
time to pan fry!

I feel so shy for the chicken cos it looked so naked.

Looking decent!

Sizzle sizzle

It will take a while before the chicken gets cooked so be patient.

And we are done!

Lastly, Tamagoyaki.
Of course, we need eggs.

For the seasoning, add a teaspoon of mirin, soy sauce, sugar and a pinch of salt. I think Mirin is probably the only one you need a picture of so here's the one we used.

I used a tamagoyaki pan [can be found in daiso as well], oil the pan with a paper towel and pour a thin layer of beaten egg (with the seasoning added).

Basically, repeat and keep rolling the tamagoyaki until you are done!

See my sneaky dog!

still eyeing at our awesome food~

Sorry the eggs look a bit charred... wasn't in my best form that day >.>

Want some?

Yes, it taste as good as it looks!

Cheeeezzzuuuu before om nom nom

Hungry just blogging about it~


After we were full, time to make sushi!
We have rice and tamagoyaki ready already, our other ready ingredients include:

Chuka Hotate

Sorry it's blur, didn't check the pictures properly




Of course, we have seaweed too but that's pretty idiot proof so I didn't take a picture.

All set and ready to make Sushi!
Pretty easy for Inari; just open the pockets and stuff the rice then top with whichever ingredient you fancy!

Okay I just realised I didn't take any pictures of the seaweed rolling part cos both our hands were too dirty -_-

But anyway... we soon ended up with a ton of sushi!

Le awesome food.

Well, fast forward, after dinner we grabbed our ice cream again!

I love the soft serve one!

Om nom nom

Okay abrupt ending!


Date with Deziree & Clara, Cafe Exploration Vol 2.!
Been so long since Cafe Exploration Vol 1 right?!
Because I haven't had the chance to meet Dez & Clara!

But well, finally managed to meet them and now it's my turn to bring them to
a Cafe!
They were both late...
Shame them on my facebook page!

Revealing the cafe this time....

Ngak ngak ngak~
Browsing the menu by myself first~

Unfortunately, all the items under Mac 'n' Cheese were not available that day.
bummer =/
Been wanting to try the food here for a long time since I first saw the place.
Almost had it with Tsuriki the other time but *cough* were on tight budget that day so
we skipped this.

Still waiting...

Finally, someone came! Guess who~

Both of us ordered their Iced Chocolate [SGD $7.50]

Yes, creepy girl photobombing me!

Shameless Clara, arriving SO LATE though she works in town!

Since she keep telling me I'm damn scary [cos I'm pissed off what!], I shall forgive her,

The Iced Chocolate tasted too bitter, even for a chocolate lover like me =/
It tasted really rich and thick.
Frankly speaking, I was looking to enjoying a sweet cup of iced chocolate but when it
came so thick and strong [apparently the cocoa % was pretty high, def above 60%]
I was kinda... ugh.
Unless you are a huge pure chocolate fan, don't try this.
Clara was overwhelmed and she actually asked the waitress if there was any syrup or
likewise to be added to the drink to sweeten it.
She advised to eat the marshmallow while enjoying the drink to counter the bitterness.
Clara and her bimbo-ness starts here../

Waitress: We advise customers to eat the marshmallow with the drink.
Clara: So I'm supposed to take 1 bite of marshmallow then 1 sip of the drink?
Me: ....................................................
Waitress: *eyes at me* Er... Ya.
Me: Just ignore her. -_- *hides in shame*

Clara ordered the Hot dog with Bacon


While I ordered the Tokyo Connection under cheese burger [SGD $9.50]
This is the only burger with Chicken filling if I did not remember wrongly.
I am not a huge fan of beef so =/

The time lapse from when Clara's food came and mine was huge.
By the time mine came, Clara's food was almost finished.
I would say, about a 15 - 20 minute wait in between hers and mine.
Halfway through my burger, Deziree finally arrived!
Sorry, I don't have a shot of what she ate.
I was too busy gossiping and noming my food!

For the Tokyo Connection, the fries that came along tasted like... fries from Mos 
Burger; in other words, not very special to have that distinctive "Pique Nique" fries vibe.
The burger was HUGE. I couldn't finish it despite only eating the chicken.
Okay, fact: I am not a huge fan of bread. So I only ate the lettuce and chicken. 
Yes, I don't eat tomato either.
So why am I ordering this? -_-
The chicken tasted pretty good for the first half.
There's mashed potato on top of the chicken, sandwiched between the chicken and 
the top bun. I am a chicken & potato fan so this was a huge plus point for me.
However, about halfway through the food, I started to feel the chewing process a little
tedious; left a little bit of chicken, couldn't finish it!

Okay so after gossiping and laughing like crazy [Dez and her running from camp
stories + pigs were EPIC], we went over to Cineleisure cos I wanted to check out
some caps.
Didn't have any that caught my eye so we went to Artease! [I'm like psychoing 
everyone into loving Artease!]

So lucky that someone left when we arrived!

Deziree - Grass Jelly Milk Tea
Me: Vanilla Milk Tea
Clara: Caramel Milk Tea



We sat there and chatted till almost 12.
Suddenly, Deziree mentioned she wants to watch Captain America and I'm like
"Yea, me too! But none of my friends seem interested" and Clara was like "Yea, I
wanna watch too!" then off we went to check the movie timings.
We decide things on a whim like that, lol.
Lucky for us, there's a Digital Captain America showing at 12:45am!
Went to the restroom before heading up to laze on the couches and we saw....
Steven Lim.

*palm face*

Our luck was really... daebak!
He intentionally walked pass us twice.
Okay, so gross.
He's so damn full of himself, I really wonder where all that confidence came from.
-_- rock?

Anyway, headed upstairs, bought 1 more ticket for Deziree's brother as he wants to 
watch too and we were fine with him joining us. [cough* cos... he can drive us home!]
*rubs duffy's hands tgt* ngak ngak ngak!
Dez was like telling us how we should react when he comes to get on his good side.
Clara & I went crazy over-reacting, hahaha! [before he was actually here, of course!]
Finally at a quieter place, camwhore for my blog's sake!

Didn't bring geek specs out D:


Taken by Clara

she #fail. SO BLUR


Tried to catch us off guard. SPOTTED!

Clara's like some little baby lying on me!

I know you love us... look so happy LOL.

My duffy and shelliemay!

Everyone, do my signature ngak ngak ngak please *rubs hands*

Very good!

Shameless girl, cam-napped my camera and took pics of herself -_-

Trying to catch us off guard again. BUT I CAUGHT HER! [Dez was caught off guard LOL]

muahahaha, she's forever taking blur shots!

Photobomb her again

Okay, back to steady hands ME

Shelliemay looking at camera while Duffy kept looking at Shelliemay!

Tiko Duffy!

Long forsaken wink shot!

We look like controlled mess.

Actually, only Clara was in a mess. [she forever trying to walk the "siaozhabor" route]

Dez's bro came at 12:45, just in time!
& we did not carry out any of the planned (over)reactions.

Thanks to Deziree's brother for driving all of us back!
Let's go movies tgt again next week okay!
Ending off with fail wink shot by 3 of us.


Cafe Trip Vol 1: Hong Kong Cafe

Yes, we started off our "Cafe Exploration" with the most common cafe that
many consider as a restaurant instead; Hong Kong Cafe!

I'm sure most of us are not new to this place, it's everywhere!

I went with Clara & Deziree

My #bimbopartner [Photobombed by Deziree]

So what I had was Seafood Horfun

Well, I will probably give it a 6/10.
Reason being: The portion was too large for me. That aside, the amount of
"horfun" in ratio to the ingredients was kinda like 6:4, while veggie to prawn
was like 7.5:2.5. One big question mark for me was that being a "Seafood"
horfun, it had none of the familiar sliced fish. So the whole "seafood" horfun
only had Veggie and Prawn.
I think it should be called Prawn & Veggie Horfun.
It tasted okay, not exceptionally awesome or delicious.
In fact, I thought it tasted quite generic...
The gravy plays a big part in horfun and there was nothing notably
outstanding about it (and to top it off, it lacked sliced fish!)
So yea, a 6/10 for me, they can do much much better.

Had their Milk Tea

Milk tea wise, I will give it a 7/10.
The milk tasted very rich, yet it does not overpower the taste of the tea.
Pretty balanced!

Clara had Black Pepper Chicken rice or something...

& Deziree's noodle (I didn't take note of the names beside mine!)

Well I can't comment for their food since I didn't taste them~
Personally, I'm sure there are better Hongkong styled cafe around.
I rather you head to a dimsum place if you wanna have a more "hong kong"
kinda cuisine since Hong Kong is also famous for Dimsum.

Should you go Hong Kong Cafe to eat if you haven't?
Well, it's not a recommended eatery in my opinion, since there's nothing
very special about the experience (not really a concept cafe) nor great

Well, I could be wrong, all I had was 1 dish.
Revisit in future; maybe, just so I can confirm my verdict.

Okay, review aside~
After food, we went to toilet at Ion Orchard to camwhore, hurhurhur!

Be warned

There are so many shots!

I can sense BP grabbing photos from me already

That shameless girl!

Okay, we are damn #shameless to camwhore like this.

We camwhored really long...

Like... 30 minutes?

They kept copying my pose because they didn't know what to do, hurhurhur.

Random candid of them

Wink again!


LOTD (ignore my ugly shoes!)


and again!

Okay, last solo shot (for now)

Deziree is TOO TALL.

See how much she had to bend to accomodate me? (emo)

Then, something caught our eye.

It's Clara doing something Bimbotic (as usual!)


I'm pretending to be the tallest

Deziree's favourite pose (she looks so cute!)

I'm not focusing.

This is cute~ I told them there are 2 consect shots and they forgot!
So I'm the only 1 that changed my pose!

We wanted to do the typical "ah-lian" pose with numbers.

and two

I love you! R to L, that is.

Tried to do it the other way round but Dez was slow! (Clara's mouth, HAHAHA)

Okay succeeded!

I love this shot!

#laughs at Clara yap wei wei

She's always making epic faces!


Clara is stoning again.

Wink shot again

We wanted to do a funny shot but when I looked at Clara, whose supposed to
be looking blankly upwards, I just had to laugh.
Her face was TOO EPIC

I swear she does the funniest shit ever! (tried to stop laughing but failed)


Clara laughed too much.

hurhur after our series of camwhoring shots, we went to Mcdonnies at Lucky
Plaza to chat (read: gossip & bitch)
Chatted till we missed the timing, no more buses to go home!
My lovely bro drove down to fetch me home!
I was feeling bad about leaving them behind to wait, so I told them to come
over my house to wait for the first bus instead.
And when they arrived...

Yes, they raided my cupboards.
Each taking a side.

Followed by reading my popsister and magazines.
I feel like my room is some sorta beauty relaxation place.
They said my room is better than Watsons, LOL.

So stayed up with them till morning, then they cabbed home!
& that concludes my day with them.
Didn't have any sleep for me because I had to rush down to *Scape after
they left for a shoot!
Will blog about that in my next entry!
I already edited and uploaded the pictures too!
#hardworking blogger

See you guys again tonight!


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