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Kose Cosmeport Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek PK01 - Strawberry Pink 「コスマジックスウィートでこチーク PK01−ストロベリーピンク」 Review

Kose Cosmeport Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek #1, ストベリーピンク [Strawberry Pink] (Endorsed by Kumicky!]


When used on cheeks

Kose Cosmeport  Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek PK01 -
Strawberry Pink
「コスマジックスウィートでこチーク PK01−ストロベリーピンク」:

Product Weight : 3.5g

Product Ingredients: Not stated

Blush type: Shimmer [Lotsa!]

Packaging: 8.5/10 - I simply love the packaging! However it hurts when the top
casing gets scratched [which is inevitable since it will be in our Makeup pouch and
abrasion with other products is bound to happen ):] It might look very bulky but
do remember that it comes with a brush, so the extra space between the surface
of the blush powder and the top of the lid is for us to keep the brush inside ^^

Pigmentation: 8/10 - The color payoff is awesome! I normally use my flat top
powder brush with this and one swipe was all it took to get the right amount of
product on my face. For the cream blush (the little heart shape), I use it as a
base so my powder blush can actually last longer (it serves as a "base" for your
powder to adhere itself on)

Texture: 7/10 - Smooth but I do experience fallouts and alot of wastage when I
sweep my brush across the blush. *insert heart breaking sound* Not sure if the
fact that my brush is pretty huge makes a difference to that but the fallouts/
excess makes my blush pact pretty messy and I will have to clean it up after that.
[I'm paranoid about such things. I don't have god blessed good skin so I try to
eliminate any possibility of bacteria staying.]

Blendability : 8/10 - It blends nicely and does not have patches/ uneven
colour distribution on my cheeks. The 2 tones are meant for highlight & cheek
colour. I usually use them as they are and seldom blend the 2 colours together
[which can be done to create a new colour]

Lasting Power: 8/10 - This blush last pretty darn long! At the point when I took
the above pictures with BFF, I already had it on for about 4.5 hours (:

Availability: 4/10 - It is not being retailed in Singapore stores  anywhere and not
alot of online sellers brings in this line to sell; if they do, they mark the price up
by a whole lot. I do have it in my cosmetics spree though ^^

Price: 7.5/10 - I was debating between the fact that it has 3 colours (1 cream
pink, 1 powder pink and 1 near white highlight] for the price and It's pretty darn
affordable! Since we are talking about buying it online, price may differ
depending on currency exchange rate/ shipping fees/ handling fees incurred.
Price range from SGD $24 - SGD$37 [info aquired from online researching!]
You can join my preorder [I'm retailing it at SGD$24] when I open one HERE

Repurchase: Yes. I absolutely ADORE this blush! I think it is so underrated by
many and if you asked me which blush you should try, I'll recommend this first!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I'm feeling better now so I thought I should do a review, been some time since the
last one!



Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Blush Swatches

To make up for the lack of post, here's another one right away!
Check below for Mezaik Fibre post!

Here are the 2 Blush from Cosmagic [Endorsed by Kumikki, Popteen Model~]

Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek #1,  Strawberry Pink
[picture didn't get uploade for some reason ._. will see to it when I'm home]

See how chunky the package is~
There are so many things inside.
Here are all the things from the package~

Before you go into a "stupid packaging" conclusion, there's a protective plastic for you to put your brush on [obviously!]

So here's the Close up of #1. Colours are very true to picture!
I like how the amount is stated [3.5g]
The heart shaped blush on top is actually a cream blush~
Bottom 2 colours are powder blush.

Swatched on hand. Colors true to picture, it's ultra super duper pretty!
Very unique colours, I thought it looked similar to some other blush colours that I have but
they turned out really different!

Another one from the blush is~
Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek in #2, Peach Pink

Huge package, same things give [I don't really know how am I gonna use the furry wand ~.~]

Idiot proof plastic.

Colours true to pictures!

Swatched on hand [I'm suspecting the light pink colours to be same, will compare and give a
conclusion when I'm home!

So here are the 6 swatches of the 2 blushes.

First impression:
The powder blushes are extremely soft and silky!
The colours are very pigmented as well, a soft swipe & I get loads of pigments ;D
However, I don't really like the cream blush because it is a little hard to get the colours on
[need quite a few swipes/ have to press harder]. But one plus point to make up for that is that the cream blush does have pretty decent staying power.

Right, that was my first impression + swatch.
Review will be up when I actually use it ^^'' [no promises, I have so many nao!]



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