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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Malaysia: 2012/09

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Cups (Pitch Perfect) by Anna Kendrick
So I know I am slow but hey, this thing is really cool.
Okay, it was very cool when I first saw it but the routine only took me like 10 minutes to master so come to think of it, it's okay actually.

Haven't been uploading in a while because of my skin so I decided to go with the iphone camera. I don't have to go through setting up my ring light, tripod, etc etc so yeah, what the hell.

I have a post coming up soon so hang in there!


Mini Kit Kat Review so far
Good morning!
it's 14:31 now though (笑)
if you follow my Instagram, you will know that I have already opened my Kit kats and tastes quite a few of them!

I've tried Uji Maccha, Sweet Potato, Azuki Sandwich, Shinshu Apple and Wa Ichigo so far. Therefore, I will give you guys a tiny insight to what I think about them right now while lazing on my bed.

I loved all of them except the Shinshu apple; felt that it tasted a bit below my expectations but then again, I don't know how Shinshu apple taste like so it might just be me and my over familiarity with the commoner's apple I always eat. I definitely will try it again soon and see how it taste. Oh, this is the Shinshu Apple by the way:

I realize that the wafers are actually not that crunchy - initially I thought it might be just a packet but every single Kit Kat I tried, regardless of the flavour, had a softer wafer compared to the regular Kit Kats I've tried; even the Dark Chocolate 大人キットカット that I gobbled right after I got back to SG had a crunchier wafer than all the unique flavored ones. In case you don't know which one I'm talking about, it's this one here:

So anyway, I conclude they are all like that (?)

I really liked the Uji Maccha one, probably the best of all I've tried so far! the Maccha tasted rich and nicely blended with the chocolate (:

The Sweet Potato tasted great, though I feel might be an acquired taste for some. It managed to capture the unique aftertaste we get after eating sweet potatoes, which was what that really made me love it.

The Azuki Sandwich had a very strong Azuki taste upon taking my first bite and I thoroughly savored that richness, only realizing that the sandwich taste was actually very mild and overshadowed at the end when I was staring at the wrapper.

Finally, the Wa Ichigo! It was one of the earlier ones I've tried and it tasted like milk chocolate with strawberry bits. I felt that the bits of strawberry in the chocolate made this Kit Kat have more texture in a good way.

Okay that sums up all that I've tried for now. I am off to do my revision alone!

J-Obsession 2013 at The Grand Cathay Building
So, I have pictures but I did not go there to join/ see the cosplayers.
I went there for...

Uh huh uh huh~ Tony Tony Chopper!
If only I can take this home T.T

Anyhow, just a few pictures with Aki, who was with me that day.
A lot of our pictures came out too yellow so I decided not to try editing them because I am really lazy. That's a valid reason, all else is irrelevant.

I've been informed by my reader that she was unable to get me the Tokyo Bananas! She saw it but because she will be traveling elsewhere after Tokyo and that will mean by the time she gets back to SG, my tokyo banana will be about 5 days to expiry. But anyway, I'm really grateful she tried to look for it for me. Also, the Starbucks Japan Sakura 2013 Card is OOS too... WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME! First, their tumblers. Now, even their starbucks card?!

Anyway, she is incredibly nice to even agree to helping me grab the stuffs. I know how troublesome it is to help people buy stuff and I did tell her to grab it at the airport [because I thought she was coming back by Haneda/Narita] so it was only normal that she did not buy it for me when she saw them at Tokyo Station. 

Anyhow, I made a request to change Tokyo banana to Osaka banana! I heard that Tokyo banana is over-rated and Osaka banana actually tastes better. Well, understandable since the place people always want to go when it comes to Japan is Tokyo and thus, the Tokyo omiyage is more well known. Osaka is like the "food capital" in Japan, thus I am very hopeful about Osaka Banana! [I kinda regret I didn't know this earlier else I would have grabbed it when I was in Osaka!]

Okay, abrupt ending for you.
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed about my Osaka banana and Shiroi Koibito!

Sighing off [yes, SIGH],


Finally, a new Vlog with Tsuriki on binbobimbo channel.

I haven't posted in a while...

If you haven't already seen it, go watch.

The first part of the subtitles are correct.
The moment you see weird stuff, that's the "auto translation/ voice detect" function on youtube which, obviously, suck.
They are mostly subbed by Tsuriki so far because I've been very busy with school.
Hopefully the back part of the video will be up soon too.

I know we are very unglam, but that's how we always are. There are a lot of blank moments but trust me, we had already edited out A LOT - there was even a portion that we just stared blankly into space for about 30 seconds without realising it. I guess we are so used to doing our own things and being lost in our own world that we don't realise we have a lot of those moments. Well, it's unscripted and unplanned, we just shoot our mouths with whatever that comes to our heads first.

I saw that I tend to move nearer to the camera unknowingly, probably because I can't see very well [the screen] and I have the tendency to look at the flip screen just to check if we look okay, that's why you will see me moving backwards every now and then whenever I realised I am getting too close to the camera.

I also realised that I like to make weird noises and ad-lib -_- 
[Yes, that second yokoso was from me because I kinda forgot what we were supposed to say for intro, I think I almost killed Tsuriki cos it was just such a short line to remember and I kept forgetting!]
I also realised that I only do this when I make a video with Tsuriki... 
I am usually very normal on my own videos! [Okay, I say a lot of "erms" but I'm trying to work on that!]

Oh yes, I've never went for any Japanese classes, so my Japanese are all self learnt, mostly from watching Anime and drama [which, by the way, is quite seldom too... watch the video and you will know why I don't really watch anime]. Therefore, I don't really speak well; I can understand much better than I can speak. So just a disclaimer in case you want to bash me about my limited vocab. I tend to be VERY forgetful and since this video is totally impromptu [we didn't even plan to do it in Japanese... you can see from the start of the video we mentioned it's hard to do a video in Japanese and wanted to switch back to English but somehow we ended up speaking Japanese all the way till the end -_-], I kept stumbling on my speech and many "cat got my tongue" moments.
Tsuriki only studied till she completed the Beginner level I think?
So yes, disclaimer in case you want to bash us, think again first!!

Finally, try not to be distracted by that huge pimple on my nose. It JUST appeared on the day, I swear. In the morning when I met Tsuriki, it wasn't there but when we recorded at evening, BAM.


part 1 coming right up!
So, I was going to blog about my Japan trip part 1 (trust me, there will be SO MANY PARTS cos I took over 700 pictures) which is basically a short post with pictures which I took the liberty of making into collages. I don't want to spam pictures like my last September post for my Malaysia trip so it's gonna be really short and sweet for each part, or rather, chapter. But as you can tell from the way I am blogging, it is mobile blogging again. My bro took the laptop with him and so I can't possibly upload with the mobile app because the pictures will become so tiny that you can't read or see (well, since collage means the pictures are all pretty small). Just a word of warning though - I did my collages purely in Japanese so far but I will write the English translation below each picture! I thought it looked better in Japanese since it's, well, photos from a Japan trip.

Anyway, here's a photo which I've uploaded on my Facebook Page (or was it my personal account?) from part 1 so you get an idea of what is coming.

See you guys really soon!



just a really quick update before I head out.
gonna be having a string of post over the weekend holiday.
The pictures were taken before I went Japan so I still sport dark hair color for the top half of my head.
Currently, I am...

if you follow my other channels, you would have already know I went back to being a blonde because I get mistaken as a small girl less often and some how I keep getting associated with the "small, kawaii" image.
I was quite surprised when I was in Japan that I still keep getting comments by retail assistants as "Kawaii/cute" when the way I dress is nowhere near that T.T
I know it's like very thick skinned to say this myself but seriously, I was quite sad! I mean, I was dressed like this and still get recommended cute stuff!

So I figured since I am short (which I believe is one of the important criteria to being "cute" since petite size gives a natural advantage to that image), I should not stay with "good girl" hair colors or style -_-

Okay, I'm heading off to school for revision. Just wanted to rant a little since I am waiting for my sunscreen to be absorbed into my skin!


To keep you entertained.
I am sick ):
After getting back from Japan, I am swamped by so many things.
Finally packed all my stuff and settled the spree items as well as friends' items.
so anyway, I regret not buying more Kit Kats but... Kit Kats are really expensive in Japan! those big boxes cost me about SGD 15 dollars each?
The Sakura Matcha, Uji Matcha and Ea-Ichigo only came in premium packs, each box cost about SGD 25 dollars, kinda regret not buying them to add to my this Kit Kat Collection!

oh well, I bought enough stuff anyway!
So much unexpected purchases~
I have a lot of photos to process but I don't think they will be up soon. Firstly, I have to clear my overdue reviews, then it will be time for my Prelims ):
probably after my Prelims, that small frame of 1 week break will hopefully allow me some time to blog about my trip!

Okay, enough nagging. See you in my next post very soon!
Picture from Tsuriki:

Happy New Year!
Happy new year everyone!
I know I'm kind of late in this post but my first new year greeting was...

So.... I got a deep wound on my right below my chin around my jaw.
I can only say... it's damn mother painful.

Even with the alcohol in me, I already felt the pain. once the alcohol wore off, the pain was so excruciating that I couldn't even cry. The staff at Butter factory insisted on calling the Ambulance for me but I strongly refused to. To be honest, I was hoping it will magically heal after my sleep but well, they told me the wound was pretty deep and needed stitches. I was terrified so I avoided at all cost.

C & V tried hailing a cab for me but to no avail (waited over an hour) so I SOSed for my brother who immediately came down to butter to bring me home.
He told me t get cosmetic stitches (I don't even think there is such a thing?!) if possible cos he don't want my face to be ruined and he will bear all the cost, lol.

I stubbornly waited till this morning but there was still discharge from my wound so I had no choice but to go A&E anyway.

so here I am, blogging on my mobile after my dressing. I got a jab too (hate that)... the cleaning process of my wound felt like someone digging at it. It hurts so bad I can't even talk properly or eat solid foods. I think I will probably be eating porridge for the next few days...

Anyhow, I will have to head to poly clinic everyday to get my wound dressing done. So far I've managed to avoid being discovered by my dad but with the dressing on my chin, I don't think I can run anymore, lol.

so that was how I kick started my new year!

how about you? (:


are you ready
to see animals judge me?

no really , apparently quite a few animals were judging me during my trip at the zoo with my B1, Tsuriki.
more coming, yes it is finally a non review post.
anyway since I'm mobile blogging, some pictures from my phone.

from butter factory the other night

more weird sleeping position from Hikaru

yes he is cute, shuddap.

And here's the forever disturbing Hikaru, Himeko's mimi.

^ likes to bring Hikaru up onto her bed and then keep disturbing him.


Before I go into a few reviews...
Yes, I still have a few more review posts coming up.
Before you accuse me of only blogging when I have product reviews to share, I shall bribe you with my handsome Hikaru.

Hikaru is changing coat very slowly so he is not very handsome!
I still love him, hurhurhur.
Most important thing is that he gets healthier soon!
I have no idea why but he knows he must pee at the pee tray yet he likes to sleep with his upper half of the body on the pee tray and the lower half on his mattress -_-
Super annoying because he is like lying on his pee!

Since most of my pictures were taken for sponsored post, I don't have much "spare" shots.
Have I shared some of my old drawings from my Polytechnic days yet?
Okay, I will just throw them in.

Back when I was still into Kpop and 2pm.

Wooyoung [still my favourite!]



When Jaebum was already out of 2PM, but the fans still did a chibi version of him if he were in.

I drew this before I quitted my job at Build a bear workshop.

Don't know why I drew this.

This was done during my intern-ship at my workplace, lol.

This too... Okay so I drew and slacked during my intern-ship but I still managed to become the first student (in their history) sent to the company to receive an "A" so don't judge me! Quality and action speaks louder okay!

I think this was done during the 3rd year in Poly.

I think I drew these because the day before I was watching some anime with lotsa cakes... Maybe it was Antique Bakery? [Yes, that's yaoi.]

Okay can, abrupt ending for you.


Himeko x Hikaru
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