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[Sponsored] Go Natural with Pinkicon!
Hello loves!
I promised I will do a post soon and I was actually intending to get this up yesterday but I was way too tired from school and work that I slept from the time I got home around 6.30pm till the next morning around 4am! I can't even believe it myself (laughs)

Around Mid-September, I received two pairs of contact lenses from Pinkicon.
I did a review for them last year too, you can view it here.
This time, they sent me:

1. Fairy Con in Natural Black [Daily Lenses] 

2. Venus Eyes in Mega Candy Brown [Daily Lenses]

I chose these two because I have been wearing very natural looking lenses nowadays so I don't look too out of place when I go out without makeup (which is very often these days...) I want to do a more natural looking makeup sometimes and 15mm lenses just make the look seem out of place sometimes since my eyes are very small. Also, I have never tried daily lenses before so I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to give these a shot.

Let's look at Fairy Con first:

Fairy Con is just 14.2mm in diameter, which only provides slight enlargement when worn. For girls looking for lenses that do not make your eyes look way too dolly big, this is a great pair to go with. 

In the picture above, I did edit it to make my eyes bigger overall but I retained the original size of the lenses on my eyes. As you can see, the enlargement of my iris is very slight, just a small enhancement to retain the natural look. A better comparison picture is the one below, whereby my right eye(left of picture) has the lens on while my left eye (right of picture) has no contact lens on.

I had expectations of the daily lenses to be more comfortable and I am glad to say I had zero discomfort with this pair of lens throughout a whole day of use. Also, I can just throw them away and not go throught the trouble of washing and soaking them! I always forget to bring my lens solution to the sink when I want to cleanse my face so I always have to make two trips from my room which irritates me to no end. With this, I can just remove, throw and proceed to wash my face!

It comes in a box of 10/ 5 pairs at just USD18.67!

Next, let's look at Venus Eyes:

I got this design because it's quite nostalgic for me. This design is one of the earlier type I wore when I just started wearing lenses.

This one is slightly bigger than the Fairy Con one, but still not over-the-top. 

Without gyaru makeup, it does look a little out of place even though it is does not provide great enlargement to the iris. I suggest using this pair at least a pair of false upper eyelashes to balance out your eye makeup as this pair really makes your eyes pop. At a diameter of 14.5mm, it stays comfortable in my eyes for the whole day; say bye to tired eyes after 3-4 hours. If you realise you feel your eyes getting tired easily on certain days, it could actually be due to your contact lens being too drying too. With this, no worries about such problems!

This pair cost USD$39.73 for a box of 20/10 pairs!

Thanks to Pinkicon, I realised that it's so much more convenient to bring daily lenses along when I travel instead of lugging along a bottle of solution and having to clean and soak the lenses after a long day. I mean, we all tire outselves out during a holiday and the last thing we want to do is clean up when we get back to the hotel, right? I have to confess that sometimes, I am soooo beat from a day of shopping that I do not take much effort to clean my lenses properly when I return to my hotel, which is so bad for my eyes! I always thought that it is more economical to get monthly/quarterly/yearly lenses because they last so much longer and is comparatively cheaper but now I finally understand why people still purchase daily lenses - just throw away after use and you are ready to wash your face and sleep, save so much more time!

I definitely see myself stocking up on boxes of daily lenses in the near future for travel use! We can bear to spend so much money on air ticket and hotels plus stash aside another sum of money for shopping/ delicious food so why not spend a tiny bit more to ensure better health of our eyes and even greater convenience?

Stay beautiful and healthy everyone!


GEO WMM305 Princess Mimi in Apple Green (15.0mm)

Yes, the holy pair of contact lens I've been searching HIGH and LOW for!
Imagine my happiness when I finally found a shop that sells it at a reasonable
I've been eyeing it eversince I first saw Tsubasa Masuwaka doning it.
Then when GEO finally produced the Angel Color Bambi Series under the
repackaged name or Princess Mimi, I was overjoyed!
However, for overseas orders, they only have Chocolate Brown and Sesame
Grey in degree, up to 600 degrees!

Yes, that was a TOTAL BUMMER.
I emo-ed for the longest time.
I even contemplated getting plano lens just to curb the desire of owning the
pair in apple green.
I tried browsing many sites but I only managed to find 2 which are US/ Canada
Though the sites are trustworthy, but the prices was pretty pricey (After
shipping, each pair of lens cost about SGD $45~ SGD$50)

Just when I lost hope and almost clicked the buy button from those webs,
this website poped up!

That is Circlelens2u
Yes, it is a real life saver.
Each piece of lens cost only SGD $15.90, meaning a pair will cost me just SGD
Most of the lenses only go up to SGD $16.90 per piece~

Furthermore, I found this site just in time for their contest of winning free lens!
So before I clicked that purchase, I thought, why not just try my luck?
and guess what I saw after 2 days?

I won! I can't believe how lucky I was!
Oh yes, as you can see from the above print screen,
circlelens2u has ready stock which can be shipped within 48 hours.

Internation buyers, fret not.
The flat shipping rate of SGD $5 worldwide is unbeatable!

Local buyers, don't start yelling "unfair" because you get free shipping when
you spend above SGD $80!

Honestly, this site offers the best international shipping rate I've seen thus

Honestly speaking, I was not expecting anything from just entering the
I thought I will just do it since it's simple and if by the day the winners are
announced, I will just purchase it anyway on my own if I fail to win.
Not even for a second did I believe I will win!

And what do I mean by "simple steps" to winning your free pair of lens?

Step 1: Like their Facebook Page

Step 2: Share and

Step 3: Shout out their slogan in your message box!
Slogan is:, Give me a free pair of circle lens!
[Here I did not do that because I've already won so I am just sharing the
awesome news and that the giveaway is definitely no hoax/ gimmick!]
Then you are ready to click that "Share"!

Yes, it is THAT EASY.
There's really no harm in trying, you might be unexpectedly winning something
just like I did?

So after sharing the good stuff, I am finally going into review proper!
So they shipped the lens to me on the promised 12 April!
I didn't expect them to go all the way and do registered mail for me!

Excitedly ripper the envelop and it revealed~

When I first saw the bottle, I was a little afraid.
Because of how almost impossible it is to purchase Apple Green in degree, I
wanted to make sure that my lens are indeed authentic.
There are many ways you can check the authenticity online, and through the
help of net resources, I can safely say my lenses are definitely authentic,
right from GEO Medical!
Well, has been in business since 2006 so creditability wise,
it is surely there.

So here's how the lenses look like in the bottle.

How the lens look like

Wearing it on both eyes

Close up of the lens in flash in my left eye

Close up of Lens in Natural/ low light

So here's my take!

GEO WMM305 Princess Mimi in Apple Green (15.0mm) *:

Wearability/ Versatile [9/10] - I am extremely biased. However, truthfully
speaking, though it is green, it can actually blend with my eyes really well
and look fairly natural! Green is a pretty hard to rock color and I'm pretty sure
I did a fair job!

Design [10/10] - I already adore the design. Now it's in the color I totally
am DYING to get my hands on. Though I always try to leave some room for
improvement, but I don't think a pair of lens which I will come to like better
will come anytime soon so the very first 10/10 in history for contact lenses

Comfort [9/10] - I NEVER ever have any problems with GEO, so I can
 never understand why people keep complaining about it! I wore it for 17
hours straight [I know, I pity my eyes, really] after 1 day of soaking in solution
and no discomfort or dryness experienced!

Enlargement [8.5/10] - Like other Princess Mimi from GEO, it is also 15mm
and The enlargement is no exeptionally prominent or very huge. I still think
Super Angel Series gives off the best enlargement effect despite being just
14.8mm compared to Geo Princess Mimi's 15mm. 

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

*I am TOTALLY in love with this. I can just wear this everyday and neglect
my other dust attracting lenses!.



GEO WMM304 Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey (15.0mm)
Here's another review! *laughs* Okay, I just simply had to do this because the morning that I was having these on, the sunlight made the lens look so pretty and I thought I just HAD to take pictures in that great lighting!


Closeup. See how pretty the details are?

Both Eyes

Natural Light [like 8am!]


I did not take any pictures with flash because I think the morning light showed the design really well! So here's the review:

GEO WMM304 Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey (15.0mm) *:

Wearability/ Versatile [8.5/10] - I am biased. It's exactly same as mimi brown and the intricate design is HUGE love. I took 0.5 points off because I prefer brown to grey. Grey is kinda, not very my colour [grey contacts often done with sexy look *palm face*]

Design [9.5/10] - ADORE IT. I've been lusting for it eversince I first saw it on Tsu-chan [as pointed out by Shiyun darling!] I was more for the brown and green only but decided to get the grey too since I am getting 2 out of the 3 colours available for this design, might as well get all 3 [there's another almond brown from angel color which is not included in princess mimi]

Comfort [8.5/10] - I know how people have not so good opinions of GEO, but I NEVER had any problems with them since my Angel/ Nudy Brown ones a year ago. I don't have dry eyes so I guess that kinda helped in comfort level?

Enlargement [8.5/10] - It's 15.0mm, the largest from GEO yet! As you can see, my eyes are really HUGE. If I do not wear any makeup with these, I look like an alien [you will see an example in my next post]

Overall Rating: 9/10

*You can see alot of similar comments from the brown one because, well, they are from the same company and series.


GEO WMM-304 Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown [15.0mm]

So, few days ago a whole bunch of contact lens arrived for my colleagues and myself.

I bought these - Princess Mimi series!

Overview of both lenses:

With Flash

Normal Lighting

Both Eyes

They do appear pretty nicely in photos, but definitely not as obvious as what
Tsubasa/ Kumikki's photos show.

Phailed attempt at winking again.

GEO WMM304 Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown (15.0mm) *:

 Wearability/ Versatile [9/10] - I am biased. Okay, not really. It really is very versatile and I love it! Brown is a colour suitable for everything and anything! And this screams gyaru too!

 Design [9.5/10] - ADORE IT. I've been lusting for it eversince I first saw it on Tsu-chan [as pointed out by Shiyun
darling!] When I first wore it, I thought the design looked really light but when I took pictures with it, it totally shows!
by far the highest rating for design I guess?

Comfort [8.5/10] - I know how people have not so good opinions of GEO, but I NEVER had any problems with them since my Angel/ Nudy Brown ones a year ago. I don't have dry eyes so I guess that kinda helped in comfort level? I wore
this pair over 16 hours the very first time and I still didn't feel much discomfort. Probably a little tired [which is like a "duh"
thing] but other than there, it's perfect!

 Enlargement [8.5/10] - It's 15.0mm, the largest from GEO yet! As you can see, my eyes are really HUGE. If I do not
wear any makeup with these, I look like an alien [you will see an example in my next post]

Overall Rating: 9/10

*I absolutely LOVE this pair! I've been eyeing and drooling over it since the very first time I saw Green Apple on Tsubasa!
But it's hard to get it since they only have it in Japan and it's forever out of stock in Japan too! Scream "YEAH!"


EOS G-202 King Size Barbie Blue/ Light Pop C (14.5mm)
Hello dearies!
Yet another lens review because I have so many lenses right now that I
absolutely love love love!
Before that, prelude to my preview for my next post~

Here we go!



Normal Lighting

With flash

EOS G-202 King Size Barbie Blue/ Light Pop C (14.5mm) *:

 Design [8.5/10] - I LOVE this design! If I did not remember wrongly, this
design came out within top 5 in popteen's ranking (can't remember if it's
actually number one!). I think this design really makes my eyes super duper
dolly~ kya ^^

Comfort [8/10] - Sigh~ this is getting silly >.< I don't have dry eyes problem
so it seems that lenses always fit me well~ I wore this over 12 hours and
no dryness nor irritation occurred.

 Wearability/ Versatile [7/10] - The blue is pretty prominent, so you might
not want to wear this pair if you are going for something formal/ serious~
(more like a comment geared towards OL, kekeke) Other than that, it is
suitable for all occasions for youngsters like us (cough)! Be it dolly gyaru,
casual gyaru or sexy look!

 Enlargement [8.5/10] - While it is only 14.5mm, it appeared to have a
better enlarging effect, probably due to the thicker black rim compared to
other 14.5mm lenses!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*I absolutely LOVE the blue!

To reward you for reading all the way here, a little more preview for my next
blog post ^^

Watch out!

Kira Kira in Pink - Ex Dia 16mm

Hi guys, just a post for you while I upload and photoshop my logo onto my
photos I took for today!

Lens shot:

Normal Lighting both eyes:

Normal Lighting:

With Flash:

Kira Kira in Pink - Ex Dia 16mm*:

 Design [7/10] - I was quite skeptical when I saw the design. I thought
they will look odd on my eyes but fortunately, they were not that obvious.
Have this subtle effect which made it kinda natural too! Really very pleasantly
suprised (:

Comfort [7.5/10] - I wore it for over 10 hours and there was no dryness
(as usual with all other lens) but when I removed them, my eyes felt kinda
deprieved of oxygen and was trying to suck all the oxygen it can when I
relieved it from the lens so xD

 Wearability/ Versatile [8.5/10] - The pink is really pretty and not very
obvious! Definitely suitable for all events/ situations! Don't worry about the
pink making you stand out because it won't! This pair of lens did a great
job in terms of "blending" the colour into our eyes!

 Enlargement [9/10] - This is amazingly HUGE! When I saw the 16mm
on the bottle, I thought it was a flat measurement (well, Japanese are very
concerned about diameters of lenses and so they can publicize a lens to be
17mm and all that but that is actually the "flattened" lens measurement) but
when I wore it, it really felt very huge! I think it is actually slightly larger
than GEO's 14.8mm Angel Brown! Probably around 15mm or so when worn!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*I am impressed with this pair!

Alright, stay tuned for my next post! (:
Thank you Lea, I really really absolutely ADORE this pair of lens (:



GEO XCM-214 Super Angel in Brown (14.8mm)
Hey guys!
This pair is going to be thrown away soon (actually later) so here's the
review for it!
Okay wait, actually I got another same pair to replace...
Oh well, shall do it anyway xD

Normal view~

Closer look at the lens:

With Flash:

Normal Lighting (sorry a little blur):

So here's my take:

GEO XCM-214 Super Angel in Brown*:

 Design [8/10] - Not the most natural but I like the overall dolly effect ;D
the design is quite prominent despite being in brown and the black ring
is pretty thick! However, it "blends" into my eyes well!

 Comfort [7.5/10] - Like my other GEO lenses, I can wear them for up to 12
hours with no dryness problems but when I remove it, I will feel the dryness
surge in and slight discomfort for eyes. But then again, I have been wearing
it for 12 hours so that's explainable.

 Wearability/ Versatile [8.5/10] - Awesome pair of lens! It's so so so
versatile! I can wear it for everyday look, be it with whichever/ whatever type
of makeup/ style! And to to that off, brown is a colour (in terms of contact
lens) that is wearable with almost every type of eyeshadow colour (:

 Enlargement [9/10] - 14.8mm with a ring that thick just screams huge in
all directions. There is a super duper obvious difference and if you search
through my blog for a picture of my eyes without contact lens ( I think I posted
one in Feb), you will see what I mean!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*My eyes are naked T.T

Okay, I am feeling sooooooo tired and feverish.
Back to work nao.
See, I'm catching up my blogging momentum again xD


Freshkon Colors Fusion in Romantic Violet
Hey guys!
Here for yet another lens review!
My whole review got deleted for this because of the stupid mouse at work
which has this irritating button at the side of the mouse that refreshes the
FML orz

So here we (or rather, I) go again.

Closer look at the lens:

I love how well this picture came out; captured the design perfectly!

So here's my take:

Freshkon Colors Fusion in Romantic Violet*:

 Design [8/10] - I like how bold they are with the design for this lens! The
intricate design really grabs attention! The fact that it's tri-color lens makes
it "blend" with my iris nicely (though not natural~)

 Comfort [9/10] - I wore it for 12 hours (yes, eye cruelty T.T) and there was
absolutely ZERO redness nor dryness! Need I say more? It's outrageously
comfortable! (But I did not give it a 10/10 because I have not tried many
brands/ enough brands of contact lens and I think there should be room for
improvement given xD)

 Wearability/ Versatile [7/10] - I have not tried this pair of lens with dolly
gyaru look yet, but if it's for everyday/smouldered/ sexy look, it works well!
(however, do select your eyeshadow colours wisely or you will end up looking
weird as purple is a pretty unique/ rarely used colour for lens so you gotta
put a little more effort in eye makeup). I am doubtful about dolly gyaru with
this though, but maybe a casual gyaru might work?

 Enlargement [5/10] - While there is indeed a black rim (it's barely visible),
don't expect enlargement from this; if yes, there is very little enlargement
only. I think the black dotted rim is just to help blend the lens with our iris
only. Besides, it's 14.2mm only. Don't get your hopes up on this one!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*My eyes are naked T.T

Argh, annoyed!
See you guys later tonight (:
I'm still trying to get my mflo site skin up!
It's actually quite pretty, the skin I chosed!
Anticipate it!

Also, just wanted to double check if you guys know how to see my replied
You can either check the left column, under comments, if you see my name
appearing beside yours, it means that I've replied.
Another way is that you can go back to the post you commented on and click
on the comments to see if I've replied (:
Trust me, as much as I love jugem, this is one thing I don't like too.
Many people miss the comment button because it's all japanese everywhere!


Eye Of Seduction (EOS) G-208 Jelly/ Jewel Series

Hello dearies!

Just a quick review and some pictures of a pair of lens that I opened last

When I got the lenses, I kinda expected myself to ripped the seal off this pair
already (laughs)

It's EOS G-208 Jewel/ Jelly Series in Pink!
Right after I bought this pair in 14.8mm, they came out in 14.8mm! (cries)

Closer look a the lens:

The eye picture on the left is with flash while the right one is under normal
room light.

Now let's see~
EOS G-208 Jelly/ Jewel Lens in Pink*:

 Design [7/10] - I like how bold they are with the design for this lens, really
bringing the "circle" lens design right in your face!

 Comfort [7.5/10] - I wore it for 10 hours (I know, advised to wear for only 6 - 8 hours maximum but I'm always out of house for long hours!) and around
the 9th hour, my eyes started to feel a little tired~ but no problems with
any dryness (:

 Wearability/ Versatile [5.5/10] - Unless you are going for dolly look, I think
this pair of
contacts probably won't be very suitable or you will look a little
weird? Definitely nowhere near natural or being able to "blend" in nicely with
your eyes, but it is really attention grabbing and enhance the dolly look too!

 Enlargement [8/10] -
Somehow doesn't seem to be that prominent for the
enlargement as compared to other lenses like my Geo Super Nudy. Maybe it's
because of the prominent black ring which actually emphasize how small my
iris actually are >.<?

That's my first lens review! *throws confetti*
Hope I didn't do too badly~

Talk to you guys tonight!



Contact Lenses

I figured since I wear so many types of contacts, I should have a category
dedicated to it.
That means lens review?
We'll see about that.

So here are my new lenses!

Travelled like monkey!
Bus-ed down 40 minutes to sembawang hill food centre, followed by
bus-ing down to Ang Mo Kio to train over to Farrer Park Koolook to get my
Freshkon lenses!

At least I met cute Koreans on the way (笑)

I love taking pictures in natural lighting!

Lenses I got:

Dollywink/ Tsubasa inspired Jelly/ Jewel lens in pink & brown (EOS G-208)

Candy Magic/ Sweet Barbie in Purple & Green (EOS G-205)

King Size Blue (EOS G-202)

Freshkon Colors Fusion in Baby Aqua

Freshkon Colors Fusion in Romantic Violet

Lastly, some useless camwhoring.

bibi everyone, I'm gonna go bathe and procrastinate over which pair of lens
to open!

Help me click on the nuffnang ad on the left bar too!



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