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Nicer shots of recent Hauls from Japan!

Hey loves.
Okay so I am rushing entry before clock strikes 12 again!
Here we go with the pic spam!
[sorry but I lost my self made white backing for taking pictures, so I had to just
lay the items on the floor ): I will make another one soon!]

Candy Doll Liquid Foundation in shade #01


Product shot

They stated the amount this time!

Tada~ Can't wait to try it. So gonna wear it tomorrow!

Candy Doll Powder Foundation in Shade #01


Product quantity

Product Shot

2 sections

Mirror inside!

Candy Doll Makeup Base in Shade #01


Product Shot

Can't wait to use~ Sanitary packaging is love!

Toujours Eyelash by Marimo [Popteen Model]
No. 01

No. 02

No. 03

Fairy Lash by Sakurai Rin
1st Series:
Wing Eye

Doll Eye

Koakuma Eye

Jewel Eye

Fairy Lash 2nd Series
Celeb Eye

Bright Eye

Sexy Eye

Barbie Eye

Okay, for you to feast your eyes only!
*off to bathe and do some fund transferring plus mailing items!
way way WAY overdue and I'm feeling terribly sorry to all spree-ers.



Candy Doll Base Items, Fairy Lash , Toujours Lash Haul!

BIG BIG THANKS to Carissa, who recently went to Japan and helped me haul
these back!
Huge huge HUGE regret on not getting Eyelabo!
But then again, being a "series" collector freak, I will need to buy all 24 trays
and that will cost like $400 so... I'll just wait till someone else goes Japan soon
to help me bring them back!
Eyelabo [actually it's called Eyelash Laboratory] is fairly new, thus the price
that is being sold online is crazily high, especially to people who are not in Japan
like myself ):
So I cannot justify buying them yet~
Anyway, I'm planning to blog before 12 so here we go!
[Btw, I have realised alot of pictures in my blog are MISSING.
something is wrong with my 8flo webhost and alot of pictures are actually
being hosted there, which explains why there are so many empty boxes replacing
the pictures]

Candy Doll New Base Series Items!

Liquid foundation in shade 01

Powder foundation in shade 01

Makeup base in shade 01

Toujours Eyelash!

Fairy Lash first Series

Fairy Lash 2nd Series

Looks so little eh~~~
but that cost me about SGD $300 already!
I hope someone will go Japan like... 2 - 3 months later so I can get them to bring
back the whole Eyelabo series for me!
Kind souls, anyone? :3
I'm actually considering to buy Eyemazing 70x series some time mid this month
to kinda "complete" my eyemazing collection too.
I'm hopeless, I know I know.
At least that is accessible for me to purchase!
*grumbles about eyelabo for the 99999999999th time*
sorry, a little rant =/

Can't wait to try the base series items!
Weekend, come quick :3

My Jugem is NOT working properly now, I can't even go into twitter!
I wanna downgrade back to IE8 can?! ):

oh yes, hauled on behalf of karmun too.

They are RIDICULOUSLY HUGE. Compare with my face please.



I love Chupa Chups~

Once again, thanks to the ingenious minds of Japanese, this surface in the makeup world.
kekeke, I remember sucking the lolis during secondary school days~

Just that this one is not for sucking. It's lip gloss ^^

Swatches and review will come soon.
Just to show you guys my haul, hah.
Oh yes, I bought 2 lipbalms out of the 4 available too.
[Strawberry Cream & Cola bought, did not purchase Pudding & Cherry]

Oh yes, bought extra Jill Stuart brush to do a giveaway ^^

Because I love you guys!
And I will be opening the giveaway worldwide because I have an equal amount of readers
from other countries and Singapore itself [Overseas like US, Australia, etc makes up 45% of
my readership for both blogs while Sg makes up the other 55%]

So yep, I will ship it whereever (:
Just a quick post to show ya'll since I will be home pretty late tonight.
Going for movie with Jane darling.
I will do the swatches of gloss when I get home tonight (:
[Why an I so motivated to do the post for this line is because they smell and taste so good
on my lips so it's not considered a hassle for me xD]



When a "Chupa Chups x Kiss Me" Collaboration happens, ヒメコ goes broke.

I hauled.

Before you roll your eyes, I'll show you the piccies first.
I went to Watsons with intention of just looking around.
Was aiming for some Kate stuff.
Then I saw this something mad cute and I got distracted.
Here you go:

First, I took 1 Strawberry Cream flavoured Lip Balm.
Then I walked around, went back to take the Cola flavoured too.
I told myself, NO GLOSS!
Then I decided, no harm trying the tester to look look, since I'm not buying.
Then... the smell was SO NICE that I got it T.T
I'm such a loser, I swear!
The only thing I got as planned was the Kate Brow mascara~

It's already the lighter colour~

Here are my chupa chups x kiss me items.
I can't bear to open them yet, sorry!

I think the Melon Soda smells the BEST!

Followed by this~

& this!

I didn't really like the smell of this... I got it because I thought it will taste like
Caramel. [totally in a "this is food" mood, I got it without thinking T.T]

I loved the loli in Cola flavour, so how can I not get this!

Strawberry again~

Yep, that's all my damage.
Somewhere around $90?
*palm face*
& I still have to pass Carissa $200 + to haul stuffs from JP.
[Toujours lashes, Candy Doll Base series items, Fairy Lashes by Sakurai!]

Kill me.
I really want Eyelash Laboratory lashes [there are 22 types....] and Princess
Tiara Eyelashes too.....

Poor girl here, what to do =/
Oh yes, 3rd day of the Starbucks Happy Hour promo, I got another Venti with
whipped this time ~ Caramel Frapp (:



Recent Hauls [again?!]

ikr, I talk about hauls SO OFTEN, it seems like a routine already.
Like haul after haul after, whaddaya know, more hauls!

Anyway, I finally caved in and got this glue for using my mezaik fibre.
the shu uemura squeeze tube one is kinda hard to work with on eyelid fibre.
This glue has a scent, not the glue smell but a SCENT! [Think it's rose with something]
Oh, you genius tsu-chan.

Oh remember my nail polishes mini haul? [I'm totally going into the "nail girl" craze again]
Here are better pictures now that I gotten my camera-chan back (:

OPI NLB91 - Rumple's Wiggin

OPI NLR49 - Who Needs A Prince?

This green is SO PRETTY! [tiffany green, albeit slightly brighter and darker]
OPI NLB53 - Hey! Get In Lime!

OPI NLR45 - Your Royal Shyness

OPI NLD15 - Just Groovy

OPI NLE53 - Black Shatter

China Glaze 681 - Golden Opportunity

China Glaze - [sorry I have NO IDEA what this is]

So I'm going to be shameless and pic spam you guys. (laughs)

Aye, so blur ):

Just because I tried a very bold [at least for me] style that day, I sipc spam-ed xD

Apricot blush colour works really well with this look!

I should try to work this with orange blush next time

And a little more contouring... [too lazy]

meow~ last one

See you guys in another entry tonight ^^



Great Hauls at Incredible price!

You won't believe it.

Here are my loots today:

6 OPI (including 1 Black Shatter), 2 China Glaze

E.L.F Face Primer

E.L.F Studio Brushes

I only spent..... Below $100!

I know, my workplace don't allow polishes but... Let's just say I'm preparing
the pastel colours for my school in August.
Need to start learning how to do some gyaru nails!

Okay so excited about them.
I know I have a million brushes but.. I'm too lazy to wash them so.....
I will use them tomorrow for my makeup to the mother's day dinner!



Hauls from my Spree #3!
Wokay so here are the promised shots of products that I bought!
Not very well taken because it was in a rush but it's better than nothing yes ^^
No swatches shots yet though~

I will take better shots when I get my camera back from my brother~
Sorry it's kinda sloppy, I didn't managed to properly label my stuff
and I'm kinda sleepy nao ._.
Will redo this when I'm home!



Dolly Pink

Apricot Pink

Honey Orange

Gold Jewelry

Creamy Pearl


Liz Lisa False Lashes



Candy Doll Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk

Okay that's all nao.


Jill Stuart Mini Perfume Bottle and Jill Stuart Mini Blush Brush
Before we go to that, a little personal stuff to blog about xD
Went to Rebel yesternight with Hun & Ruby.
Ruby is mad tall, ):
& I had more things to laugh at hun about due to last night.

Okay, then I reached home at around 6am, managed to force myself to send
hun home before I went home.
God, felt so crap, I'm amazed I even made it home!
And I'm proud of myself for being able to walk properly in front of my dad
[ikr, what is he doing at 6am other than sleeping?!],
took out my contact lenses before going into my room & closing the door which
immediately followed with me slumping on my comfy bed.

I'm hopeless, I know.

Then I woke up at 9am the next day with a bad headache.
Still, had to force myself since I arranged for TA-Q-BIN to come over to my house
& get some items to be sent out to spree-ers.

Then Karmun texted me to meet up for lunch,
so instead of the "stone at home and do video" plan, I ended up going out.

Outfit of the day:

Mad love my wig (:

See how natural it is despite being under light!


And another~

& This was my brunch. The yucky feeling still lingered in my GI Tract so I can't seem to eat anything. Didn't finish this anyway.

Oh yes, I bought my green screen today! But I will have to wait till next
weekend to have the time to test out the video. Kinda packed with lotsa
things to blog about since my hauls are here again (:
Okay, here's what you've been waiting for~
Just a warning, the following items are mad pretty.
& the Mini Perfume bottle actually belongs to Shiyun, got for her and she
allowed me to take it out and take some pathetic shots.
I'm SO gonna buy the perfume bottle too.
Okay so here are the babies:

Jill Stuart Mini Perfume Bottle

It's so 姫!& the pink jewel is to die for! Comes with a little funnel for you to pour your product in.

Removed the cap, and it looks like this!
Pull the body out and you will see this! I was suprised to see there is actually
product inside!
So unscrew it and you are ready to pour your contents in! [or at least till you
finish what's inside]

Okay, mad pretty. I'm TOTALLY sold. It's so simple and sophisticated (:
Jill stuart really has one of the best packaging out there!
Now for the Jill Stuart Mini Blush Brush I got!
Jill Stuart Mini Blush Brush:

Opened [It's so sanitary!]

You can actually lock it in position! 「ピンク!」

It's very soft! I can see myself buying another 2 for backup/ lazy to wash days!

Yep so that's all for the Jill Stuart stuff! I'm gonna go take pictures of my other hauls!
Later (:


Prisila Wig TAN x LiYE

I'm posting this under makeup haul cos it has no where to go!

Okay so I got this prisila wig which is not the real thing [real one cost up to
SGD $300 and I'm too poor], but it's very close to the real thing and I am
totally BOWLED OVER by it.

It comes like this:

Nice bag for you to store your wig (:

So one very HUGE plus point:

See how it is not shiny under direct light?
It looks SUPER natural, totally cannot tell!

As you can see, it is not silky smooth for sure, but definitely is very soft.
[I mean, who have shiny and smooth "plastic looking" hair right?]
But it is mad soft!
I'm not sure if you know the difference between being smooth and soft but...
it looks a hell lot more natural than the other orangey long wig of mine!

See how nice the highlights are being spread?
Mine is TAN x LiYE by the way (:

Unfortunately, the wigs don't come with wig cap or comb or anything at all.
Luckily I have them myself~

This is how long it looks.
OMG I finally have butt long hair!

And Behold~~ Here are quick camwhore shots of the prisila wig I took upon
request of quite a few of my spree-ers!

It's really MAD NATURAL.

I wish this is my real hair T.T

Alot of wigs have very sparse fringe. This one is mad thick!

As well as the hair volume, omg super super LOVE!

I know I'm so boring but I really like this SO MUCH!

I don't think I can bear to curl it!

I will definitely buy 2- 4 wigs the next round... xD

Ahh *squeals!*

And here's a hint as to what the next post will be about (:

Off to club now!



Spree #3 arrival!

Mad excited, just showing you guys 2 pictures while I sort things out!
Will be home really late today because I have a activity packed day today!

Spree #3 only took 2 weeks ^^

Almost all the items got captured

And here are mine!

Can't wait to try the wig omg!
and shiyun, your jill stuart perfume bottle is MAD CHIO.



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