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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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TKB Trading Part 7 - Reds/ Coppers

I have no idea the exact tones/shades of these are.
*palm face*

So anyway, here are the swatches with the names (:
Similarly, the bottom right boxes are how the colours look when swatched on
skin. This time, it's alot clearer than the browns (:

As you can see, though the pigments look different in the containers, when
swatched they look very similar!
I guess it's really a mood thing to choose which to use (:
& though I've been buying so much cosmetics, it's still not enough.
I'm going to do some shopping later, like in store and not online.
Ahh~I  am buying more things online too T.T
What should I wear/ use later?



TKB Trading Part 6 - Browns

I had the hardest time arranging/ grouping the pigments.
Because... so many colours look similar to each other and I end up having a
25 container high stack *palm face*
So... This is the best I could do after alot of readjustments.
I could have grouped the colours wrongly, so please bear with me.

Here we will be looking at the browns!

Colours true to picture

Ultra glittery and pretty, yes?
I have like a gazillion brown shades now but brown is never too much!

Here's the names to the corresponding numbers. The little box on the bottom
right is actually a close up of how it looks like on my skin. [sorry for some blur

Hope you guys enjoyed the swatches!
Been some time since the last TKB mention.
Next up: Princess MiMi in Sesame Grey (:



TKB Trading Part 5 - Planetary Series "Travel to..."
Hey guys, a little late but not that bad right!
I'm still trying to keep up my blogging momentum ^^

So here's the next series from TKB Trading swatches that I am doing nao~
It's the Planetary Series (Also out of stock from TKB Site)

See how they all like like they are white?
Here's the cool part; they color shift!
See the swatches and you will know what I mean (:

Extremely pretty as a base colour/ inner corner lining (:
The fact that I spent so much time (okay not alot actually) to edit and label
the pictures means there will not be much words for me to say here xD
Well, look out for Tony Moly review coming up faster than you know it!
(p.s. I already uploaded pictures for TM review! kekekeke)


TKB Trading Overview
Hey guys!
I did this like 2 weeks ago.
MEGA RAW, beware.
I just simply don't have time to edit.

But as promised, I will upload it the way it is!

Look out for more TKB swatches coming tonight ^^
As well as tony moly product review probably tomorrow~
That's all for this morning!
Back to work ^^



TKB Trading Part 4 - Interference Extra Six

Here bringing you yet another TKB Trading series swatches!
This time, it's the Inteference Extra Six!

Swatches in normal light:

So sparkly and pretty!
I realised that these colours can smudge off if rubbed when used with UDPP,
but stay on strong when used on LASplash Splashproof!
So, when it comes to TKB, I have to say LASplash is the perfect primer for them!

I need to learn how to describe pigments.

I think this series make an awesome base colour for whatever you overlap
on top (eg. using purple from this collection as a base before using a darker
purple to overlap and blend)

Alright I'm going back to my new blog HERE to settle the html stuff and try to
familiarize myself with the new settings & blogging style.
I really really hate the fact that I have to use another host for uploading
photos because in jugem, everything is just mad convenient; just host
on jugem and you can just click on the right bar to insert the pictures i've
uploaded; it's THAT EASY!

Argh, inserting pictures with URL on top of uploading is a real real bitch!



TKB Trading Swatch Part 3 - Sparks Collection!

I figured I should blog today.
Keep up with my resolve of blogging everyday.
So, here I am with swatches of another collection from TKB - Sparks! Collection.
These are pigments that look white, which is why you will probably see no
difference (if not very slight) between all the 8 pigments that I took pictures of.

Under dim light

Under normal light

They are really pretty, I just can't seem to capture the real beauty of these
I think they are gorgeous and so so pretty to be used as a colour for
highlighting brow bones, accentuate the shape of your brow while blending
and softening the lines for shadows you use!
love love love them!
Look out for the next TKB Trading post; it will be the Inteference Collection!
A total of 14 pigments! (:

And because I don't have any picture of myself today, I shall end off with
one of the airplay garnier on my phone, Pink - Fucking Perfect.

Listen carefully to the lyrics.

And yes, I received a comment from bella about some blush choice question.
replied you bella ^^
& I will talk a little bit about that in my next blog post too as I think it's a
great question and how many girls tend to use the wrong blush for their
skin tone~ (subjective opinion though >.<)
Also, るうか I will try to get a post up by tomorrow (an excuse for me to play
with my lashes too, bought them for so long and yet to really use them which
is like a total waste T.T I spoilt so many of my pink and purple trays yet still
unwiling to utilize my new ones more!). Do check out the Diamond lash
category if you wanna see close ups on how the lashes look like on the tray!



Vote for me & TKB Trading Part 2 - Micro Fine Glitter!

Hi dearies!
Before I go to the pigments, I just wanted to ask for a really quick favour!

Just wanted to shout out here and try to get some votes!
I hope to win the mask hamper so I can do a giveaway together with the
dupe mezaik fibre that I am ordering this weekend!
Do help me garner some votes~
Also giving away some of the other skin stuff that I never really used~
So do vote for me daily, thank you dearies!

Cast your vote for me HERE now!

P.s: Yes, That's pikachu on my towel xD

Okay so firstly, here are the pigments!

1. Blue

2. Black

3. Chartreuse

4. Green

5. Holographic Holla Glow

6. Gold

7. Lavender

8. Mauve

9. Orange

10. Purple

11. Rose

12. Red

13. Silver

14. Sugar

I cannot seem to master the technique of taking swatch pictures T.T
So, I'm sorry but this was the best I could do:

Sorry typo (and brain fart), not hollagraphic is HOLOGRAPHIC.

Look at how pretty the holographic is!

See how glittery they are?

I can't wait to do some looks with these!

Shoutout to EVON LOW/ ALPHA HOO (笑)
Don't worry, she's not turning les~
Even if she is, I will not!
I club almost every week, if not every other week.
SO, There's NO WAY I will turn into a les xD



Funk'd Smokey Green Eyes and TKB Trading Part 1 - POP! Collection

Hey guys.
Finally managed to export and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.
It's ultra hard but things get a little simpler once you get the hang of the
Very intimidating interface for beginners, I must say.
Somehow I zoomed in on the video, which is why my mouth is missing for
the whole video T_T
I don't know how to undo that and I didn't save an export before uploading
SO, screw it.
I will try again for my next look.
Doing a smoldering look next!

And the first Series I am gonna introduce from my TKB Trading Haul~
POP! Collection! (Most colours sold out in TKB Trading)
Here we go:

1. Raspberry Pop!

2. Strawberry Pop!

3. Tangerine Pop!

4. Lemon Drop Pop!

5. Green Apple Pop!

6. Blueberry Pop!

7. Grape Pop!

Swatches from L-R is 1 - 7

Swatches colours are very true to the picture but the pictures of
micas/pigments in the jars are not all true to picture. Most of them are darker
than what they look like in reality!
I can't wait to do looks with them!
I wanted to do the glitter series first, but I don't have a primer for glitter.
UDPP can't work very well... ended up like this

I wonder if watsons is open tomorrow...
I wanna get LA Splash Splashproof sealer for these glitter.
They work amazing!
Okay, time for blog advert after this!
Look out as it is a product I totally love and definitely will continue to buy
and use in future too (:

Show me some love and drop me a comment alright? ^^
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
I hope you guys had a great feast for your reunion dinner!



MASSIVE TKB Trading Haul

Hey guys!
I am so excited about my pigments so this gets a priority queue!
MASSIVE Haul from TKB Trading!
Mentally choosing pigments for my next buy already!
this is supposed to be entry 4 out of my overdue posts!
But I'm sure you guys are more interested in this too, right?
So here are the overall pictures, me unboxing and first look.
Also, shots of the first series I am gonna introduce.
I grouped the Micas according to "series" so I can store them in a neater manner!
I got these from Calvin (thanks for ordering for me!) at like 2am last night,
then we stood around and chatted till 4am (笑)
Then when I came home, I started pouring and packing my pigments right
away, all the way till 11am!
I'm the kind of girl that have to finish what I start or I can't sleep.

So after doing all that and helping mum with some chores, I finally got to sleep at
about 4pm (That's 34 hours awake T.T)
Woke up at 7pm for dinner~
Okay digressing too far!
Pictures are probably what you are dying to see after those wordy posts

Bought about $60 worth of containers from Daiso!
Super pretty containers~
I love the cube ones better as they are more strudy.
The round ones feel like they will break once you drop or even without
dropping =/
But cube ones low and stock and I pretty much travelled 3 daisos to get all of
that I can find before settling for the round ones at Vivo.
(round ones comes in 5 per pack while cube ones are smaller and comes in 3
per pack)

Alot of hard work labelling.

The box of goodness!




I felt they could have repacked it into a smaller box for me (can't remember which
agent I used) as it would have been alot cheaper for shipping...
See how much space is wasted and stuffed with paper?!

sigh! I am only using like 1/8 of the whole huge box!

These are the ones I will touch on today~
But yet to get swatches.
They are the Micro Fine glitter!

^ These are the only micas that comes with jars and sifters.
All others do NOT.
which is why I had to buy so so so many jars!
They all come in really good ziplock bags.

Planetary Series

Inteference "Basic Seven"

Inteference "Extra Six"

Sparks Collection

Reflecks Natural Glitter

Pop Collection

After all the crazing pouring, spilling, falling asleep while pouring...




Reflecks Natural


Horoscope (Prelabelled jars as I will get them in my next buy~)



Sparkle (These sparkle don't include the sparkles from Inteference "Extra Six"
because those Sparkle; blue and turqoise, are white base while these are
whatever colour they indicate)





Pinks/ Reds




Want more pictures?
check back later for the first series of TKB Trading - Micro Fine Glitter!



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