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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Canmake Blush Swatches

Overview/Swatches of all the Canmake Powder Cheeks I own now!

Swatches for the 4 and 1 cream cheek:

As you can see, the oranges and pinks compliment their counterparts~
I bought a lighter and darker shade for each of the colours (pink & orange)
for the purpose of blending the blush and highlighting (:

Close ups as follows:

Pinks, you can never go wrong with them on your cheeks!
Essential for every gyaru!

The lone ranger cream cheek of mine~



Orange is great for summer! Get that healthy/ sporty soft gyaru look ^^
This one is great for highlighting!
(P.s, I accidentally covered the code, it is PW05)


The price of these are probably one of the more reasonable (albeit cheap)
ones out there.
I will do a review on them separately, this is just an overview with swatches (:
Just want to say, overall satisfied with pigmentation~ Will purchase them
again for sure (that is, if I even manage to finish them before they expire.)

That's all~



First time for everthing - LilyLolo, a brand to take note of!

Hello guys,
I am here with a review for you!
First time doing a foudation and blush review.
Also, the first time I tried a powder foundation,
or rather first time using mineral products!
So this review is packed with lots of virgin experience with the products!
Pardon me if I said anything incorrect!  

LilyLoLo Blush in Candy Girl

LilyLoLo Foundation in Barely Buff

So to try out the foundation, I used my brush from Coastal Scents.

I like to put my brush over the little holes and shake it to dispense the powder!
This way, I don't over dispense and whatever that comes out is on the brush.

Tap off the excess~

Swatch for you to check out the colour.
Love this colour, it matched my skin tone perfectly!
Much to my suprise, really! I expected it to be slightly lighter or darker.

Before putting it on my face, I applied concealer (Mac Studio Finish in C20)

2 pictures from my previous Kanebo advert to show you the difference
Just look at the before, ignore the after!
(I was too lazy to keep taking the pictures of my bare face.)
Right Side:

after applying concealer and LilyLoLo Barely Buff Mineral Foundation:

Left Side

after applying concealer and LilyLoLo Barely Buff Mineral Foundation:

Gosh, my blemishes are SO well covered!
Frankly speaking, I had a hard time telling which is the left and right side of
my face from these shots. (because they look the same!)

Now for blush, load some onto my brush.

Tap off excess again~

I can't seem to get the camera to capture right but it looks really gorgeous!
Best part; it is very long lasting!
I always have problems with blush because my Majolica Majorca PK133 can never
last more than 3 hours.
And I don't like to touch up so I'm left blush-less for the whole day.
This really solves my problem, since mose of the time I'm out the whole day!

My verdict on the products?

LilyLoLo Foundation in Barely Buff
 Coverage: 3.5/5 (when used alone, can cover mild imperfections
like little bumps or spots but not my huge huge blemish, which is why the need for

 Blendability: 4.5/5 Just see how well it worked with my concealer!

 Ease of Application: 4/5 All you need is a brush! They do not give you any puff,
which does not really make much of a difference because I don't really like to
use puffs (quite unsanitary...) If you love makeup, you definitely should get
brushes anyway! The holes are not too big and dispense just right if you shake
it right.

 Total :  4 anpanmans out of 5!

LilyLoLo Blush in Candy Girl
 Lasting Power: 4/5 Awesome! I can leave house in the morning with this and it
will still be there when I get home around evening!

 Blendability: 4/5 Love it! It has this metallic sheen which I though is quite
strange at first, but it suprisingly blends out very well and the metallic sheen
gives just the right amount of shine without being too outrageous!

 Ease of ApplicationL 3.5/5 I think the holes are too big (and many) which
makes dispensing the powder a little difficult. I usually dispense too much.
But still managable, not a huge problem posed.

 Total:  4 neko out of 5!

Well, afterall these are my first mineral products so that's kinda like a first
impression of such type of makeup. Rating is to my own scale, this rating might
change (for the better or worse) if I use more mineral makeup in future and
understand them more!

I hope I was useful~


That aside, I thought since I am putting on makeup anyway, I shall play with
some colours on my eyes too!
I tried some greens and here's what I got~
Green funky midnight smoked

Before eye makeup, my eyes were....

you can laugh now
Which is why I always like to do eye makeup!
I think they make such a huge huge HUGE difference!

And I actually did a tutorial for this look.
Like in video
Can't believe I did it, being such an amateur and all.
the video turned out pretty funny, I'm thinking if I should upload it.
Let me know what you think!
Kudos for reading till the end of post!



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